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The land of Mexico (and most of countries to the south of U.S.) is highly favored by Western filmmakers as exemplification of crime and corruption. And now gringo tourists as well are adding their donations to the stereotype, coming there for cheap fun and often getting big trouble instead.

Well, personally I lived in South America for almost three years and had no problem with it. Of course those countries are definitely not for some pampered hippie-esque college freshmen, but if you have your brains in place, heart cold and hands steady everything’s gonna be alright. Even in Mexico that seems to be the land of Law and Order in comparison to Russia.

Here is russian untermensch named Aleksey Makeev a.k.a. Alextime or “lord nazi ruso”. His favorite amusement was wandering around the block and assaulting everyone who is weaker (in glorious traditions of russian bravery), filming the attacks and posting videos to Youtube. Currently both his Youtube channel and LiveJournal account are terminated, but you can find a lot of re-posts and compilations. This one for example.

Like many of his ruskie buddies, he bribed police and psychiatrists to avoid all responsibility. Note the bitch named Marina Kamalitdinova at 01:39 saying that Makeev was “absolutely normal” and had a “high IQ level”. The same “doctors” are labeling people as “mentally ill” and incarcerating them in insane asylums for opposing Putin’s regime of red thuggery – like they did in USSR. (BTW, Makeev himself was one of those “psychiatrists”.)

Yeah, normal indeed. Just like pedophile Putin is straight.

As it’s clear from the images above, Makeev liked russian Nazi ideology very much. It has a little in common with 3rd Reich Nazism though – any of such “Nazis” would’ve been bagged and tagged in no time there.

Trying to relocate to several countries and getting his ruskie ass deported each time, Makeev finally ended up in Cancun, Mexico. He continued his “fun” there, assaulting kids, teens, disabled and elderly people, yelling russian profanities (diluted with some English and Hispanic ones that his degenerate brain managed to learn) to his neighbors and boasting with all this on Youtube.

In one of his videos, russian scumbag claims that he raped a woman and stalked her afterwards with murder threats.

The patience of locals finally ended when scumbag stabbed a teen to death and the police did nothing.

Then things turned very ugly for scumbag and definitely not according to his plan.

Didn’t expect a little trouncing, huh? I hope that hurts a lot. There is corrupt police in Mexico, but there are also people who ain’t gonna endure subhuman escapades forever.

It’s hard to miss russian troll fire-farting for their comrade all over the world. Such is the nature of russian thuggery: assault someone who seems to be weaker, get deserved thrashing in return and scream with eyes popping out how evil enemies hate them.

News say that scumbag Makeev is in coma now. Hopefully he’ll stay there as little as possible on his guaranteed way to Hell.