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Recent events in Russia caused quite an uproar amongst progressive Westerners, always eager to support brand new democratic candidates for Russian presidency. (Especially with taxpayers’ money pumped to various Big Fancy foundations.) And any protest is good, isn’t it? It will make bad Putin very afraid and maybe even force him to resign, giving all power to some young, wise and just cute manager. Like Navalny.

Well, that’s what worshipers of democracy are thinking. Being familiar with their other beliefs like taking away guns to reduce crime, I’m absolutely not surprised; logic never was their strong side. And russian liberals seemingly inherited the trait, adding a mandatory genuine taste of their never-ending GULAG.

First of all, it’s hard to describe the amount of stupidity in idea to change one bad guy for another bad guy. Even sources like politically correct Wikipedia don’t try to cover up Navalny’s rabid anti-Georgian hysteria and his plans for another Crimean “referendum”. And you seriously think he’s gonna be more civilized towards his opponents than Putin is currently, especially after four presidential terms and 86% of support for each and every action (based in fact on percentage of serfs, who preserved their mentality since times of Tsarist Russia)?

Second thing, no wonders are gonna happen in KGB-ridden state. There was Boris Nemtsov who really opposed war in Ukraine – and he is dead. There is Alexei Navalny who regularly leads his followers to “get a whack on the bonce” – and the worst thing he can expect is a face full of brilliant green (one must admit here, running around green-faced can indeed attract a flow of crunchy green into pockets. But maybe democracy worshipers just love Shrek?)

And here comes again the most important difference between any people and the russians, fiercely rejected by democracy worshipers who are absolutely sure in equality of all nations (of course except for those who are even more equal). Here I don’t mean those 86% supporting any tzar, any politics and any war just because it boosts their chauvinistic feelings. I mean those very 14% that refuse to act even being ass-raped by cleptocratic elites, thuggish police and goons of current regime from aforementioned 86%. That choose mawkish slogans from the Soviet era (like “Follow the Constitution”) and will be the first to denounce their ally, should (s)he try to retaliate. A genuine Maidan revolution is likely feared by so-called russian opposition as much as by putinists, cause it is based on protection of national and personal Dignity by all available means, including armed resistance in case of armed assault. That’s how a free nation is made and there is no way around.

When ruskies are chanting “Shame” being repeatedly whacked by uniformed thugs, filming the process on their smartphones, they are right even more than they could suspect – if only they had such a feeling as shame.