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Another one of brain jammer series, targeting Clinton worshipers whose psychopathic hysteria seems to have no end – as well as their completely groundless feeling of self-righteousness.

I just couldn’t refrain from provoking some more of special snowflake frenzy.

  1. Do you consider Hillary a pro-women politician?

  2. If so, what about her dreams to enforce gun control that would effectively leave most of women defenseless against violent assailants?

  3. Do you think that Hillary’s politics would have meant a bright future for the economy?

  4. If so, what about decay of American industry and loss of millions of jobs due to repressive environmental regulations, so favored by modern-day Democrats?

  5. Do you consider Hillary supporters really progressive, civilized, tolerant and enlightened people (and Trump’s supporters uncivil moldy chauvinists)?

  6. If so, what about multiple, systematic acts of violence, open incitement to commit pogroms, acts of terrorism and coup d’etat, let alone rape? Can you provide at least one example of Republican voters acting like that after their candidate’s defeat?
  7. Do you think that Hillary really cares for peace and well-being of the world?

  8. If so, what about bloodshed in Syria and Ukraine, where ruskies were doing just whatever they wanted thanks to democratic smart-ass policy of “red lines” and “resets”?

  9. Do you consider Hillary’s agenda anti-Putinist/Russian?

  10. If so, what do you think of her husband’s cozy businesses with Moscow, her uranium deal, russian reset already mentioned before and last but not least, giving ruskies full access to American nuclear facilities?