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Not so long ago, both Russian and Western libtards have been worshiping human right activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva. Now they are definitely not happy with this video, showing their idol kissing hands of KGB thug Putin like a low serf.

Here is the full unedited footage.

And the actual moment.

Note that this very moment has been cut from the videos published by both official Kremlin propaganda and lapdog “opposition” outlets. Looks like ruskies tried to cover up a true relationship of their so-called dissidents and commie thug, too bad (for them) that truth has a persistent tendency to come out.

Like country, like dissidents. Such is the nature of “human rights” business in Russia – twaddle mawkish speeches, suck on some fancy grant from Big Politically Correct Organization (that in turn sucks on Western taxpayers’ pockets) and be a KGB b#tch.