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Another translation of an article by Boris Stomakhin during his second prison term. For those who missed previous introductions, Boris Stomakhin is a Jewish Libertarian dissident incarcerated in Putin’s GULAG for his free speech.

While I may personally disagree with some of Stomakhin’s ideas found in this particular material and his overall Libertarian stance, I still consider it a must read without any editing or censorship. Especially for people of the West, whose naivety and carelessness contributed to the successful resurrection of zombified neo-Soviet Leviathan. For those who never knew an absolute despair, familiar to anyone unlucky enough to be born as human being in eternal Evil Empire currently named Russia.

What would have happened if the devil had overpowered the God (though neither of them actually exist)?

Russia sitting in UN Security Council alone, solving destiny of the entire world. An embodiment of triumphant devilry, it can boast a lovable potyomkin village look on the outside, but for those who live inside its true essence is unmistakable.

Now the victorious russian devil did not overcome the God ultimately. He simply became even with God, gained an official status and right to veto all divine decisions.

This country lives by an old Soviet joke: “Will the war happen? No, no war, but a fight for the peace instead, where everything will go up in flames.”

Those “WW2 winners”, as they’ve been boasting for about 65 years already (after being trounced by Germans in 1941) have managed to create a regime much more monstrous, ruthless and totalitarian, rather than Hitler’s one (which they actually fostered and promoted to power). While the main crime of Nazis was extermination of six millions of Jews (that number, based on Soviet “evidence”, is highly debatable as anything said by commies), but the Soviets have begun the war with deportation of Volga region Germans, and finished, when their “victory” was already close, with deportations (actually a genocide, with death rate more than 50%) people of the Caucasus, the Crimean Tatars and set of other people. Russians have subjected DOZENS of nations (including themselves – which, unlike all other nations, ruskies actually enjoyed) to their own Holocaust; it is enough to recollect Khaibakh massacre alone – a true Holocaust in literal sense. “Winners,” be they damned!

And today – the same principles. Pedophiles (not existing in reality, as there are only rapists and it doesn’t matter whether they rape adults or children), “international terrorism”, drugs, copyright infringements, etc., etc. – for any real or mythical world evil that Russians choose to fight against, their “remedy” turns out to be thousand times worse than the disease itself. A separate thing is how blatantly and super-cynically they justify any kind of their outrageous abominations, from the outlawing of sexual minorities to the total censorship of the Internet.

Is there such a cynicism somewhere else in modern politics? Doesn’t matter that one just can’t hide things from children, especially now in the age of Internet, and truthful information about the world does not harm them at all but indeed contributes to their development into reasonable, mentally healthy people. But no – even the next russian dirty trick intended to harm the Americans (but in reality, harming no one but Russia), so-called “scoundrels law” prohibiting adoption of Russian children by U.S. citizens was enforced under the slogan of “child protection”! Yeah, protection indeed.

In modern Russia, anyone can be labeled as the “pedophile”, “extremist”, “terrorist”, “drug dealer”, “copyright violator” etc. by any small-time corrupt pig from local “police station” just because the pig wants so. In this totalitarian (sic!) regime, completely deprived of an independent court, with all judges, prosecutors, cops, etc. obeying orders of a single center of absolute power, a human being is doomed as well as in the 1930s with its charges of article 58-10 and labels of “enemy of the people” and “capitalist spy”.

Without an independent court as institution and branch of government, there is NOTHING. And imagine if in addition to that, there are also congenital sadists, rapists and perverted, cynical falsifiers working in police, drug control agencies, penitentiaries, “investigation committees”…

This country is hopeless. It will never live in human way, according to civilized, universal standards of freedom and human rights. It will never become normal. This is our “special way” – forever. Fatum.

Russia can only be destroyed.

And it MUST be destroyed.

Just to save the rest of humankind.

Thinking and comparing, I can say that probably things have never been so bad ever before as now. At least in the 20th century. There is less hope than in the 1930s. Back then there was the most rampant Stalinism, a cruel monstrous regime without any restraints – but there also was Hitler’s Germany in Europe claiming to become another center of equal, alternative power (despite being a child of cunning Stalinist plans, totally dependent on the USSR). At least they seemed to be, if not really were. While European Jewry, witnessing Nazi doings, began to literally pray to the USSR (just to be consequentially “thanked” by it after the WW2), entire nations enslaved by Moscow have been waiting for Germans as salvation from “kolkhoz” collective farms, mass executions and deportations to Siberia; and in the first years of war, German propaganda didn’t lie about the “German Army of Liberators” indeed.

The situation is even worse than after the WW2 and right up to the 80s, when for many people (under the influence of Soviet propaganda, of course) there was a hope for war with the US, even nuclear one, and secession from the USSR, even if only this way, through death. In his Gulag Archipelago book, Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn tells a story about how in June 1950, while waiting for another transfer to one of numerous prisons in GULAG train at the Yaroslavsky Station in Moscow he and other inmates heard the news about the beginning of the Korean War from the loudspeaker. And all they prayed to God for the beginning of the Third World War as their only chance of liberation…

And today, even in dreams, there is no such force in the world that a handful of normal, civilized Russians (and a progressive, nationally conscious part of other Russian ethnic groups) could have hoped for, being scattered across the ranges of 1/7 of the land interspersed one by one among the millions of drunk lowlife cattle.

Today there is only the European Union – an ultra-bureaucratic leftist organization, created by the European left on purpose of “integration” with the USSR and firmly hooked on Russian gas (however, even that gas is not Russian – Muscovites are stealing it from the Siberians). There is America with Obama and his “russian reset” (to tell the truth, with the world’s largest reserves of shale gas as well – albeit weak, but some hope at least, if not we, maybe our grandchildren will live to see the Justice…)

(The article has been written in 2014; now the Americans are showing much more common sense and toughness. Which BTW is completely unrelated to shale gas technologies.)

There is also China, which, despite being disgusting by itself (the number of political prisoners, is probably tens of thousands, no less) and not openly showing any hostile intentions towards Russia, is going to work on “natural penetration” and expansion to the Urals, which even Russian chauvinist propaganda is forced to admit. However, in any case the Siberia is not Russia, but a whole country once invaded and turned into a colony by Russia. And alas, with the “Chinese” scenario it may face the fate of Ukraine of the 1940s, where two foreign invaders were tearing each other’s throats…

Russia is rapidly degrading into primitive, archaic state – we are witnessing an unprecedented phenomenon of primitivization of the entire state and public life, based on the newest and increasingly sophisticated technology like computers, scanners, digital photo and video cameras, etc. Their last fashion novelty are paratrooper priests with inflatable temples (pity that their airplanes are still real) and “Cossack” patrols with whips on the streets of Moscow. The mythical Orthodox symbols have replaced Marxist-Leninist ones (those much worse and much more terrible, but still more complicated and modern, at least seemingly more scientific than russian “law of God”).

Maybe the civilized world, instead of leaning to the left, to Obama and Hollande, would also move back in time a bit? Just before the first half of 20th century, when there weren’t no UN and UN Security Council, when the USSR was expelled from the League of Nations for its military aggression against Finland, when wars were still possible in Europe, Ukrainians were fighting against Polish usurpers and Russia/USSR was not considered invincible and inviolable. It could be attacked – and it was more than once, for years troops of entire European coalitions have been freely residing on their land.

To make that possible it’s of course necessary to return to times where not only the EU was not existent, but also the UN as well. Times without that “soft”, all-enveloping total profanation and conformism, without that idea of “peace at any cost”, times when people were defending their own interests, their ideas and Honor, in wars if it was necessary, instead of succumbing to voting results of so-called “Security Council”; when they did not forgive such blatant crimes as the Russian attack on Georgia in 2008 – while the modern world chose to give its own fate to Russian barbarians and Chinese cannibals… Because, contrary to the basics of Marxist ideology and the Soviet school, no one can guarantee that life always means progressive movement only forwards and upwards to something better (although “better” is a relative concept as well). The Nuremberg laws in Germany have openly disproved this Marxist axiom, as well as “Doctors’ plot” Soviet campaign and the fate of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in USSR – especially considering that after the 1917 Russian Revolution, Jews gained equality…

… To feel what it’s like to live and suffer, when the entire life is one continuous torment, only because there is no one to help, no liberator, no hero, no knight-errant. Even in thoughts, in the most distant dreams those few decent people of Russia do not have a slightest hope that at least somebody, some force in this world would finally help them to get rid of Putinism – and of Russia itself, for they are one and the same, just like Stalinism and the USSR were. “We say Lenin, we mean the party…”

Because inside Russia itself there is not only no hope for the “people” as a source of liberation (greetings to the Narodniks, trounced by the very “people” they’ve been trying to enlighten), but on the contrary, those very “people” – rabble, drunken cattle, biomass, the population so to speak, are the original source of Stalinism, Putinism, dekulakization, the witch-hunt against “rootless cosmopolitans”, “give-up-freedom-for-safety” stance, and just everything that causes trouble for the few good people in Russia…

It wouldn’t be too hard to rise together and overthrow this criminal state, if… If only Russians were free people with at least some dignity, not slaves they are. If, for example, everyone who served in the military and knows how to shoot, had a personal desire to shot a corrupt cop in the back to make Freedom a bit closer… (Some brave guys in Primorsky Krai did exactly that, search the Web for “Primorsky Partisans”.) Without being afraid of all sorts of consequent troubles, arrest and prison camp, without trembling in fear, just go out and kill! Then trust me, Russia would have quickly ran out of cops… If the majority of Russians was… well, at least like the Egyptian Arabs… But alas, there is nothing even like that. There is only a “lost world” where the laws of civilized humankind (not considering China, of course) do not work. Sometimes it seems that even the physical laws can not work here – for a normal (not Russian) person, probably even floating stones would have been a miracle much lesser than the current Russian “justice”, where courts are made by European standards and formally use Roman law but work by “cuz-I-said-so” principle, rejecting all defense petitions.

So it’s necessary to kill representatives of this state to break its foundation and knock it down but there’s simply no one to do this. Slaves are humble and submissive. If sometimes they start a hullabaloo, it’s only because they want more free stuff, or just hate some “enemy” minorities that must be oppressed even more. One should seek the savior and deliverer outside of this country but even there, he is nowhere to be found. Who will come to our rescue? The situation is hopeless. Dead end… Even Russian chauvinists (Limonov followers) chose to “protect Russians” in the former Russian colonies instead of fighting against the regime (albeit they are very ideologically close) because nothing could be done with it already…

Yes, in a pure theory, within Russia nothing can be done except for simple physical elimination of all representatives of state without exceptions, simply on criteria of wearing uniforms and shoulder boards of “law” enforcement agencies. Russian cops, security officers, narcs, judges, prosecutors, bailiffs, FSIN, FSO, all military in rank above private, etc., – all of them must be slaughtered! Nothing else will work against enemy’s brute force, the backbone of mafia state living by well-known principle “for my friends – everything, for my enemies – the law”, openly mocking and harassing you.

Russian Constitution of 1993, still acting formally, from the very beginning contained an open ban on legislation of laws that would undermine the rights and freedoms of citizens. However, the very essence of the Putinism that began in 2000 (accompanied by jubilant cries and rapturous howls of those very citizens) was exactly the outlawing of all rights and freedoms, the return of Russia to its traditional totalitarian form. Not in a single moment – Putin was the genius of dosage just like Stalin. Then, in 2000-2002, it begun from amending laws regarding mass media, for example, or the “regime of the counter-terrorist operation”, let alone the infamous “countering extremism”, legislated in 2002 summer with help of rogue football fans who made a pogrom provocation in the center of Moscow. And 10 years later, this crazy state has come to outlawing of any street opposition activity (rallies, picketing, etc.), laws that classify any word of criticism as “libel” or “blasphemy” and the sentence for the Pussy Riot members, based on medieval Church rules. And what will come next?

The regime that has been formed since 2000 and has now decided to formalize all its lawlessness and totalitarianism in written European-esque laws, has managed in those 14 years to create a legal defense so strong, deep, entrenched and totally invulnerable that only suicide bombers can do some at least noticeable damage to it. Any legal challenge against it, being so favored by an Old Guard human rights activists (Putin’s ass-kissers), on its ground and by its rules (laws) is doomed to be lost. And always thus will be. Shoot, waste, and blow to Hell them all! But that’s just the point, this damned country of slaves has no one to fight mafia state goons! There are only slaves around, obedient, cowardly lackeys, stupid and drunk good-for-nothing trash. A congenital one, from their birth. Well, there can be exceptions, Nazi thugs for example, which sometimes amuse themselves with killing cops instead of beating some Tajik or Uzbek janitor to death. In a proportion about 1 cop per 100 Tajiks. That’s all what ruskies are capable of…

The last, strongest and the most glorious heroes of Resistance against Russian genocide are CAUCASIANS that have bombed Moscow subway in March 2010 and Domodedovo airport in January 2011. (Who REALLY did that is highly debatable, considering russian and particularly, Putin’s love for false flag provocations, demonization of Chechens etc. What can be said for sure is that some Caucasians continue their fight against Russian invaders in free Ukraine and on their own land. And those very people deserve the highest respect indeed). After that, as we know, Dokka Umarov, made an order to cease attacks, witnessing “white ribbon” protest campaign – dead, rotten and miserable. In a hurry maybe?

And some courageous, heroic singles from Russians – Victor Ilyin who tried to shoot Brezhnev in 1969, Alexander Shmonov who tried to do the same with Gorbachev in 1990, Andrey Borodin, who nearly killed the “judge” that prolonged an arrest of Pussy Riot girls. Their fate of those single heroes here is terrible! Usually, if they (all of those three named above, at least) are not getting jailed or killed on the way to GULAG, they end up in insane asylum – and better not try to imagine, WHAT happens then… Regarding Andrey Borodin, our heroic contemporary who tried to save the honor of this nation (without any luck though), one can say only one thing: that is exactly what a real human rights activist should do! But alas, there is no one, NO ONE, except for loners doomed to torture. And from the outside, no one is in a hurry to save us too; even the Chinese red plague doesn’t hurry to openly deal with the Russian one to give us at least such a bleak chance as in 1941.

What should we do? Suggestions, anyone?