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“What is communism? What is socialism? For me personally, it’s worse than Nazism.

Nazism was in plain sight, and communism was covered up. What was done, let’s say, in [Nazi] concentration camps was known to everybody. What was done in NKVD concentration camps and prisons was known to no one, it was locked up. Unknown, covered up, lied about and so on. But I don’t think it was better. And I don’t think that there were fewer victims. I think there were more, much more.

I don’t have no rainbow-colored words to say here, that’s why communism, Nazism, whatever… Germans were following orders they were receiving. And ours [Russians] did it even out of personal desire, cause it was just pleasant for them – to do some torturing, some killing, in addition to their personal wish. And of course, if only Stalin would have threw an official call to “beat the Yids”, they wouldn’t leave a single one alive.”

-Maya Plisetskaya