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Finally, I’ve been able to get my hands on Hellstorm-inspired Revisionism Revised series again – to deal with the most (in)famous revisionist and mainstream boogeymen.

Since the very beginning of my studies, I’ve been always wondering why should one choose extremes of either ideology. Why it’s so hard to stand for reason instead of popular mainstream or underground agenda?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I see most of revisionists keeping blunt National Socialist position, declaring Hitler completely innocent and parroting the contents of 3rd Reich propaganda books. Which ruins the very concept of revisionism that must be based on independent investigation and analysis first of all. Unfortunately, neither any of victorious countries nor the majority of modern seekers of Justice for scapegoated Germans seem to have those, clinging to either official “evil Nazis – 6 millions murdered – glorious victory of the Allies” or underground “Heil Hitler – evil Jews – glorious National Socialism” stereotypes. 70 years have passed and folks continue jumping on the same rakes again and again. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone can stick to moldy stereotypes from old propaganda books so ferociously in the age of Internet and open knowledge. Alas.

Here, I’ve made an attempt to debunk the stereotypes of both groups and represent my own opinion about revisionism which might find its own supporters and of course plenty of haters from both camps. (I remember how ruskies were calling me “Yid” because of my refusal to hit on cheap vodka and behave like imbecile goblin, and I know that libtards are calling me “Nazi”, so little can surprise me. Having your own opinion is definitely not the most popular thing in this f#cked-up world.)


This particular NS myth has so much negating evidence that it’s hard to choose where to begin.

I’ve lost count how many times I heard woeful words of hatred targeting infamous commie lackey Ilya Erenburg (by some arcane reason called “one of the most influential men of USSR” in Hellstorm) whose Jewish ethnicity is of course a red flag.

Let’s agree with them for some time and suppose that all Soviet politicians, commissars, NKVD staff, prison guards etc. were Jewish. And that they successfully incited Red Army to kill, rape and pillage. But would YOU butcher a child or gang rape a teenage girl to death if someone says to you it’s OK? Personally I’d prefer to use my sidearm on fun sack of the very “commander” that gives such “orders”. However, most of ruskies turned out to be bitches that obeyed “evil Jewish commissars” without any regret, if not with perverted satisfaction. That scenario seems especially believable considering that ruskies themselves were perfectly happy with HQ that just loved to abuse them, so I guess mutilation of “enemy” civilians was absolutely “normal” in terms of their russian morality and they were perfectly happy with it.

However, there are some inconvenient facts to consider.

Even the most diehard Nazi propagandists can’t incriminate Erenburg with incitement to exercise “revenge” (so favored by mainstream junkies as justification of soviet war crimes) on “brotherly nations”, especially Slavic ones. However, Red Army has been leaving a trail of mass rapes, murders and looting in every country they “liberated”. Fate of many Polish, Ukrainian, Serbian, Yugoslavian women was not better than German ones suffered. Let alone some Jewish and even their own russian female countrymen from “liberated” labor camps. Rapes of Soviet female army staff were so common (unless they were “field-campaign wives” of some commander) throughout the entire war that it wasn’t denied even by some Soviets. But most of them considered such treatment of their own women, or better to say women in general, absolutely “normal”. Reminds you of something?

Of course Erenburg was a Jew. And he indeed was a pouch full of commie shit. But so was and is an every single commie regardless of ethnicity. Erenburg’s lapdog hysteria, even being multiplied by Soviet government-owned media, has barely changed anything in russian mindset seemingly wired for crooked deeds long before he learned how not to crap himself.

The stupidity of some “revisionists” allows them to find “evil Jews” everywhere to shift the blame for all russian wrongdoings on them. For those who disagree, there is always a “Jew/Zionist/Mossad agent” etc label in stock. That could be ridiculous if not sincerely carried out by adult men who have a genuine eye-popping, fire-farting hysteria, labeling anyone whom they don’t like “evil Jews” according to their crooked logic. Or certain donation from Lubyanka, more likely.

Cause it’s hard to find something more convenient to Kremlin than anti-Semitism. Not only turning people away from the revisionism, it also helps true perpetrators to whitewash themselves. At first useful Nazi idiots begin to blame some mysterious “Jewsih bolsheviks” for all troubles in Russia (just like it was during WW2). Then they quote Solzhenytsin (BTW, a devoted ass-kisser of KGB thug Putin, just like Alexeeva and other russian fake dissident windbags) as an example of “poor kind-hearted Russian”. And finally they crank up their street organ with strangely familiar tune that sings how Russians had nothing to do with Soviet crimes, it was all “evil Jews” who did that, and how “Jew Lenin, Jew Stalin” and their bunch of “Jewish” friends destroyed “noble white Mother Russia” and voila – ruskies, by their logic, are completely innocent! Sometimes they aren’t even embarrassed to openly praise commies and condemn anti-communism (Take a look at this screenshot. I don’t think the website with such content deserves promotion by giving direct links, but I’m sure it deserves becoming an example of modern NS logic)!

Well, NO FRIGGIN’ WAY. The facts speak completely otherwise – and no matter which direction we go into History relatively to WW2, the less favorable and believable anti-Semitism looks like.

Sadistic megalomaniac Zhukov was a genuine 100% ruskie yokel born in village named Strelkovshchina – an authentic example of russian thuggish nature, as well as majority of red comissars, prison guards, NKVD staff, felons and all those who were a backbone and muscle of this most criminal regime and country ever. Maybe its “brain” was partially Jewish, but communism and impunity it gives to criminals was just what most of russians wanted with their inner zeal – and finally got in 1917.

If you look into memoirs of Countess Yevfrosiniya Kersnovskaya, Janusz Bardach, Elena Glinka or any other GULAG survivors, you’ll see genuine russians harassing, robbing, gang raping, mutilating and murdering their own countrymen with such a zeal that leaves any “Nazi atrocities” invented by commie propaganda far behind crying in envy. I especially recommend you to find out what was called “Kolyma tram” (or “Kolyma streetcar”).

In modern days there were wars in Chechnya, Moldova, Georgia and currently Ukraine, where ruskies did absolutely the same things as in Europe of 1945 (or sometimes even worse). And when those subhumans have no “enemy” civilians to rape, pillage and kill, they gladly practice their skills on each other during perverted hazing rituals that no other nation could ever think about. Where are Soviet Jewish commissars now? Russia is being ruled by “white nationalist” Putin and his goons, so admired by faux Right useful idiots!

And before the revolution of 1917, it was hard to find a country with higher degree of anti-Semitism than Russian Tsarist Empire. Regular pogroms (ofter accompanied with gang rapes), Black Hundred terror, made-up criminal cases, officially approved discrimination policies and of course fake “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” were daily reality for russian Jewry, many of which were forced to leave the country and never return. However, such treatment of “evil Jews” barely helped Tsarist Russia to become a better place, even for privileged ruskies. In a nutshell, it was thoroughly corrupt, technologically-retarded fundamentalist war-happy tyranny with absolutely no regard for Dignity and Personality, where illiterate, thuggish lowlife serfs were the majority.

An American: “No one can punch me: we have liberty!”

A Russian: “I can punch anyone: we have liberty!”

And it seems to stay that way.

During my studies, I’ve understood a very important thing: a true anti-communism and revisionism end where anti-Semitism begins. And that’s the end of the myth of “Evil Jewish commissars”.