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The story of Clinton-Obama’s Kremlin endless “flexibility” and their sudden subsequent hysteria about Trump being “a Kremlin agent” barely needs any more comments; however, its not-so-known spin-off in EU definitely needs some.

Polish ex-prime minister Donald Tusk has made a “statement” about Law and Justice Party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość), calling it a Moscow’s “twin” “playing into the hands of Russia”. The reason? Law and Justice are conservatives that refuse to kiss EU’s big fat ass. And what’s much more important, many of them refuse to believe that 2010 Presidential Tu-154 crash was just an “accident” (See the re-investigation committee’s recent REPORT for technical details.)

Just like his libtard comrades from Obommie’s bunch, Euro-leftie Tusk is now very shy about his own relationship with Putin – clearly demonstrated by this photo, made right after the murder of President Lech Kaczynski and his Government by Putin’s thugs.

It’s hard to miss a happy look on both faces of b#tch Tusk and his terroRussian master. That day, murderous KGB pervert realized that he can have such “fun” again anytime – and so he did in 2014

East or West, leftists are just the same. The lowest b#tches of commie thugs are the loudest outraged seekers of “Kremlin agents”.