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My translation of short article by Alexandr Holz, explaining the essence of pension reform in terroRussia – and its thuggish “democracy” in general.

In this entire pension reform theme, the motive of “innocently affected” people seems a little out of place.

The concept of “people” in the Russian tradition has always been surrounded by some halo of holiness. Those “people” always were the bearer of all kinds of simple verity and yokel’s truth. The idea of “rightness of the majority” is a typically Russian one, the result of communal, “conciliar” mindset. And in Soviet Union, glorification of so-called “Soviet people” was in complete harmony with its megalomania, hanging from all roofs into our daily life. In this myth, “people” are some sacred concept, and not at all the subject of social reality, responsibility and history as a whole.

But just like any human subject, “people” can be immoral or mendacious (during some stage of historical life), aggressive, servile, cowardly and short-sighted in their actions. Not necessarily virtuous at all. And somehow, the Russian people (strangely enough) are always “heroes” and “bearers of truth.” Once (in their own eyes) they were a “God-bearing nation”, now – innocent victims of some “stuck-up elite” that takes the last roubles out of the people’s pockets. Yeah, indeed…

However, there are two participants in those actions. And if you (together with all that “stuck-up elite”) were tearing into foreign territories, applauding international looting for years – then tell me, why the “elite” should stop on neighbor’s pockets and not touch yours?

You approved it – with cheers and applause. So get the result.

When robbery becomes a national policy, based on the will of “people’s majority”, there is no point in resenting and crying over turned-out pockets. That is your own policy, which you gave the green light to. It’s quite surprising to see such change of tune when people who snatched a piece of neighbor’s land, all wrapped in “victorous” ribbons suddenly try to play the victim, a plaintive, sad meek crowd asking “Why?!” with look of an innocent sufferer.

Quite funny shift from triumphant boorishness to tears of offended innocence. Steep turns of Russian national consciousness…

Leonid Gozman said: “There will be no riot, but in my opinion, the line in the relations of government and people has been crossed. The government is cowardly, hypocritical and hostile to the population…”

Yes, it is. But what about the population? Isn’t it “cowardly, hypocritical and hostile” to the interests of the country?

Personally I don’t notice any “line” between russian government and russian people. Therefore (most likely) there will be no riot – they share too many common values and connections. Pushkin, as always, had expressed this troubled historical plot in several lines:For what to herds are the gifts of freedom? They need to be slaughtered or shorn”.

If you are all happy about shearing and slaughter of other people’s flocks, there is no reason to cry baa baa when shearers finally get their hands on your own fleece.

Original text in Russian