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The recent shooting in Crimean college was quite a shock both for common ruskies (who were until recently proud with having no school shootings and plenty of gun bans) and for Western mainstream that as always missed the point, trying to connect this event to likely similar incidents in U.S. and other civilized countries – and of course rushing to comfort poor grief-stricken russians. Who maybe like to take what’s not theirs, run genocide escapades and shot down civilian airplanes for fun, but russians love their children too, right?


The first and foremost mistake of analyzing any event in Russia is failure to consider that the majority of its population (ergo, its democratically-elected government) has a mindset absolutely hostile to logic and reason. Let alone decency, law and order.

If loving children means bringing them up in a mix of commie and HAMAS-esque style so they would grow up, go kill neighbors mindlessly by orders of KGB thug, then catch a piece of lead and take a dirt nap in roadside ditch, then yes, ruskies love their children indeed – in their russian terms.

Speaking of Kerch Polytech college that suffered the massacre, it was trying as hard as the rest of Russia. Like:

– bringing commie stuff back to life,

– glorifying “internationalists” (commie thugs who were killing civilians and planting IEDs disguised as toys in Afghanistan),

– kissing russian ass after Crimea annexation,

– and marching with torches.

Very peaceful indeed. Just like USSR, the most peaceful country in the world harassed by “evil imperialists”. I wonder did Mr. Mattis forgot that American colleges, schools and kindergartens have no paramilitary commie curriculum while talking about “similar situations” with Putin’s b#tch Shoigu (personally responsible for terrorist war against Ukraine)?

And speaking of Roslyakov, here are some screenshots from his old VKontakte (russian FB) page.

Doesn’t look like he was a big fan of evil globalization like KGB thug-in-chief was blabbering in front of his lackeys. Here, one can see that Roslyakov was a sincere and devoted follower of KGB thug-in-chief and so-called “russian world” ideology, eager to kill “evil Urkrainian Nazis” in Donbass. Just like his mentors wanted to be.

It might look like the propaganda was too much. So much that eagerness to kill evil Nazis resulted in premature detonation – not so uncommon amongst those who mess with explosive materials in malicious ways. Or in this case, explosive commie-nazi-chav vodka-infused minds of young russian patriots. Remember, Russia has “Orthodox Taliban” nickname not without a reason.

However, with every terrorist attack in Russia that is being ruled by KGB thugs specialized on subversion, there is more questions then answers. Here are only few of them.

  1. How did Roslyakov, living with his single mother, a nurse in local hospital, managed to purchase a brand new Hatsan Escort shotgun ($460, plus license fees, plus bribes mandatory to get anything in Russia) and a load of ammo while nurse’s monthly salary in Crimea is about $230 tops? Where he got those chubby wads of cash seen in the surveillance video?

  2. How did he manage to kill 20, injure 70 targets in 15 minutes alone, armed with just a single pump-action shotgun and one homemade bomb, constantly switching his attention to shoot random items like computers, furniture etc? I understand that going all Rambo on boozed, profanity-tongued russian students that are amused by the very process isn’t a big challenge but it’s not like shooting fish in a barrel either.

  3. There are survivors’ reports about “masked people with assault rifles” shooting everyone. If those are true, was Roslyakov the single man behind all those killings? Better to ask, was he an instigator at all – or his premature mind detonation was no so premature, cunningly orchestrated and assisted from the shadows?

Those questions might be answered in the future – or remain questions forever. What’s obvious here is that someone will definitely try to exploit this event for their own profit. Like tighter gun regulations. Or provoking condolences and compassion from overly kind-hearted Westerners to “resolve” “similar situations” together. Or even justifying another wave of aggression against neighbor country.

Cui bono?