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Another short post to keep the Website alive. And I just couldn’t stay away without commenting!

News from Managua, Nicaragua. Another leftist fanatic attacked a Catholic priest with acid; luckily the injures were not fatal and she-terrorist has been arrested with help of vigilant parishioners.

Since the attack was too blatant to silence, MSM outlets had to admit that the perpetrator was Russian citizen. But they still keep silenced that not so long ago, she-terrorist named Alice (Elis?) Leonidovna Gonn has been granted with a political asylum in Italy. In surprisingly short term and on the sole “fact” of her deviant (lesbian) sexual orientation – just what leftists want to become a norm everywhere while refusing protection to people in real need, deporting them for tortures and death.

Everybody knows that leftists just love radical Islam fanatics; however, few manage to understand that their perverted sympathies are not limited to bomb-making, knife-wielding crazies. Leftist policy is to import and promote scum of EVERY kind that exists on the face of the Earth, no matter from East or West.