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WARNING: MANY pictures inside!

The topic of “patriotic upbringing” in Russia is not a new one here. However, it still remains mostly unfamiliar to the West that – despite all Russian blatant militarist escapades, acts of terrorism and frenzied neo-Soviet debauchery of Putin’s serfs – manages to turn a blind eye to the rebirth of GULAG empire.

This time it’s a whole collection of young “victory cult” followers, eager to become Putin’s perfect soldiers. Which means: grow up, kill (not necessary), be killed (required, to ease the load on already-collapsing Putin’s pension system) and buried like a dog.

Thanks to westman68 for his original compilation.

“To Berlin!”

I wonder if modern-day ruskies consider when they bark and howl “To Berlin!”, “we can repeat!” etc. that even by official Soviet statistics, military causalities of USSR on Eastern Front exceeded the number of 1941 Red Army itself.

Strollers decorated with cardboard, glue and paint to resemble a poor mockery of WW2 machinery seem to be a kind of national trend in Russia. Just like Buk missile launcher beds.

Older russian kids are practicing more serious activities under guidance of their highly patriotic parents and teachers.

In USSR they praise so much, such performance would have definitely ended in madhouse.

Not everyone is happy though. This girl definitely had enough of it all. Hopefully she’ll have enough wits and guts to get out of russian sh*thole someday.

And this is the next stage of patriotic Russian upbringing:

Some faux right useful idiots might praise ruskies for “gun culture”. However, what they are doing has absolutely nothing to do with gun culture. Like acts of reasonless, chauvinism-inspired military aggression and terrorism have absolutely nothing in common with nation’s worthiness and particularly, strength of its army.

Especially considering one simple fact: handguns, let alone Kalashnikovs (no need to explain what AK means for ruskies) are BANNED for civilians in Russia.

Wanna have a gun, ruskie serf? Grow up and enlist to kill some enemies of Russia (as declared by great wise leader Putin), then you’ll be allowed to play with guns as long as you can!

Russian kids are becoming familiar with weapons…

… to use them in a truly patriotic way!

A day in russian kindergarten.

And here are some Orthodox commies, a phenomenon unique to nation that still can’t decide was it better to be a happy serf of Russian Tsar or a happy inmate of Soviet GULAG.

Who needs good roads when there is victory cult?

Future guardians of russian law and order.

Berkut uniformed thugs with their young successors.

Zhirinovsky’s faction training for kids.

Future “white Russian warriors”, praised by Western nationalists as allies in noble fight against Islamisation.

And this is especially recommended for American admirers of Russia. Especially for those who live in Alaska.

Obviously those fine russian girls are preparing to do just that. Cause by Russian tradition, there won’t be enough of warm stuff for everyone.

But some of Putin’s serfs are lucky enough to become serf-in-chief, having a comfy vatnik and bottle of vodka to enjoy the action.

“Victory cult” is just one of few things that make a true patriot of terroRussia. There are other mandatory things, like worshiping bald pedophile Putin.

Who said one can be too young to be patriotic?

Unlike Soviets, modern-day ruskies had a choice. But they seem to surpass their predecessors in rabid fanaticism. They need neither KGB nor NKVD barrier troops anymore to fight and die for their serfdom absolutely voluntarily, perfectly matching their dear terrorist friends from North Korea and HAMAS.