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With this post, I’m proud to announce my first colored cartoon and a separate category. Don’t expect anything to be politically correct here!

The word on everyone’s lips these days seems to be “coronavirus.” And just as always, some political factions try to abuse the situation for their own profit, mostly by blaming their opponents. However, in my opinion there were much more trivial and generic reasons for this epidemic to happen.

Once the West chose an alliance with Stalin’s USSR – and now it has another incarnation of Evil Empire, a nuke-wielding terrorist state.

Now both former Eastern and Western blocs chose to become totally dependent on communist China, where concentration camps and genocide are everyday reality. Entire industries and century-old brands ceased to exist just to be replaced by cheap disposable Chinese crap, which becomes worse and worse with each new production year. As a person closely related to manufacturing, I’ve witnessed all that with disgust. Being carried out under mawkish environmentalist slogans, deindustrialization has paved the way for financial crisis, moral decay, social unrest and chaos. While worthy people who have brains to think and hands to work are forced out of this life, libtard good-for-nothing parasites are feasting on taxpayers’ money, pretending they are the smartest ones. Pollution has become a disaster, cause no one cares how Chicoms recycle their waste. Or better to say, how they dump it into the world ocean and atmosphere.

And here comes the expected result, another kinda undocumented “bonus” of living in the world of things made in China – a deadly epidemics made in China.

Nothing good can come out of friendship with tyrannical state that abuses their own citizens. People, let alone different nations and countries, are NOT equal. It has been told long ago, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And vise verse, I should add.

The COVID-19 leakage seems to be a consequence of another commie bioweapon experiment. Perhaps a sample was intended for delivery to some Western country but some drunk Chicom smashed the package. Or perhaps it was a plan to start the entire mess in Wuhan. It will be never known.

What is known for sure here is that countries like China, Russia, North Korea etc. can afford themselves to lose several millions of population just while playing with their tyrants’ deadly toys, let alone in wars for world domination. Russia has nuked their own soldiers and citizens during Totskoye range exercises; the policy of their leaders has been openly declared by bloody commie thug Zhukov: “We shouldn’t pity our soldiers, women gonna give birth to more!” And do you seriously think that modern ruskies who praise Zhukov and Stalin, let alone Chicoms with about 1.500 millions of traditionally-expendable population have better respect for human life?

What’s next? A chemical plant failure, nuclear facility meltdown, or maybe nuke test gone bad with a big kaboom? Ruskies had just one recently, and it’s only matter of time when it happens again in Putin’s or Jingping’s commieland. And the West has become toothless and sissified, bending to insane will of both domestic and foreign tyrants, too dependent on disposable fun produced by filthy, murderous system and corrupt connections of uncontrolled globalization.

The time has come to overlook many things that have been falsely considered appropriate for years. It’s time to bring industries back home. It’s time to stop being dependent on authoritarian, thuggish countries. It’s time to show them where they really belong. It’s time to call things with their true names, regardless of how loud leftists and Kremlin/Chicom trolls are crying.