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WARNING! The following material contains scenes of extreme violence and gore.

The more time passes since events of WW2, the fiercer are the efforts of indignant public, always eager to kick a long-dead horse of Nazism. Oh evil Nazis, oh how good it was to make an alliance with USSR! There was the Holocaust, so Germans are bad, evil tätervolk. There was (and in fact, is) GULAG but ruskies and Chicoms are good. That’s the mainstream logic in a nutshell.

My regular readers probably expect me to write about WW2 but this time I’ve decided to publish something different, yet of no lesser importance. Knowing true History is necessary but it’s barely useful without independent, uncensored analysis and evaluation of events that happen in the meantime. Which more often than not are direct result of WW2 events, particularly recognition of USSR/Russia as a country with right for existence and living in the world of double standards. There is no need for detective work to see who controls the past, and for which purpose.

Here’s how “evil Nazis” punished their deserters.

And of course everyone is eager to scapegoat the Germans. Somehow forgetting that oh-so-righteous ruskies punish deserters like that:

Censored versions of those videos have been discussed in russian and foreign media for some time already but almost no one was brave enough to publish the original footage. (Here, I’d like to express my gratitude to “Myrotvorets” (“Peacemaker” in Ukrainian and Russian) team who made it public, along with other evidence of russian war crimes. No surprise ruskies are so desperate to shut down Myrotvorets using their lackeys in UN!)

For those who can’t watch the entire footage: the guy was beaten with a sledgehammer, tortured, killed, dismembered and burned. And those who did it are not some Islamist savages. It is typical lowlife russian scumbags. Full of pride, those satanic orcs pose with mutilated body, laughing and grunting russian mat profanities.

Writing on the corpse’s stomach says “for Russian Airborne Troops!”

Some of those untermenschen was dumb enough to keep the video with faces of his comrades.

The song playing at the background has a long story. It originates from genocidal war in Chechnya and tells about russian “heroic” deeds:

Caucasian yells “Long live Caucasus”

I knock his eye out with SMG

And now he’s dangling on my bayonet

And he’s dancing his last twist

I am russian Spetsnaz

I spit on everything

With SMG in my hands

I go to kill

“Allahu Akbar” yells Caucasian mother

She doesn’t want to give her son to me

But I take a heavy SMG off my shoulder

Shoot the son, and then the mother

I am russian Spetsnaz

I spit on everything

With SMG in my hands

I go to kill

Which means that some of ruskies on this video (most likely fat scumbag in striped tank top) have a long-term experience of genocide and perverted murders. In fact many russian terrorists have an international “career”, which began in Chechnya.

Dzhokhar Dudaev was a true visionary who predicted the war in Ukraine. For ruskies, it would have never been possible to murder him on their own but there are always Western useful idiots. With Bill Clinton’s personal approval, Dudaev’s satellite phone data was handed over to terroRussians, who used it to guide the missile…

Dzhokhar Dudaev's last momentJust like during WW2, when Western leaders fraternized with murderous thug Stalin sending entire nations to their doom and torment in russian GULAG, in 1990s they chose to sell out Chechnya to russian brutes in exchange for “stability” and “alliance”. And they got neither. As a thank-you, ruskies dream about turning America to radioactive ashes and destroying Washington.

To understand terroRussian logic it’s necessary to remember that (no matter how paradoxical it sounds) ruskies don’t have a prejudice against some particular enemy that makes them commit atrocities (just what pro-russian trolls are trying to say, blabbering about ISIS, Nazis, “revenge” and other bullshit). Ruskies mutilated that poor guy in Syria not actually because he deserted or even because he was an ISIS agent. Their reason was simple and blunt: BECAUSE THEY COULD. AND BECAUSE THEY LIKE IT. And it doesn’t matter if ruskies are mercenaries or regular army. Similar things were happening in Georgia. In Ukraine. Even in pro-russian Armenia, where terroRussian soldier murdered an entire family and stabbed a baby with bayonet – again, just for his own “amusement”.

Running out of enemies or just having none around, ruskies maim and kill each other with the same fanaticism and perverted pleasure.

This is Andrei Sychov, who was beaten during dedovshchina (traditional russian hazing) rituals so badly that he had both his legs and genitals amputated. And those who did it were his genuine, patriotic, fellow ruskie comrades. They just had some “fun” in russian style – nothing personal.

Alma Bukharbaeva and Tatyana Suslova received their sons in zinc crates (article in Russian). Besides being mutilated, both of corpses had their internal organs missing. And such things are not some exceptions. It is the REALITY of russian army. No surprise they were eating their own comrades during Winter War – literally.

Here’s the compilation of russian hazing rituals, so disgusting that I’ve decided to hide the image.

VIEW IMAGE (18+!!!)

No surprise some soldiers commit suicide, being unable to take it anymore.

However, most of ruskies choose to “blend in” and become older comrade’s bitch to work out their frustration later by mangling someone who is unable to fight back. Such is the nature of russian social relations. Dedovshchina, just like corruption and crime, does NOT weaken terroRussia. It actually makes ruskies stronger cause what is considered vicious and disgusting amongst civilized people is absolutely normal for ruskies with their unique “morality”.

Sometimes (very rarely) it ends bad for sadistic subhumans. The most known russian-hazing-gone-wrong story is the case of Arturas Sakalauskas, a Lithuanian who had enough spirit to rid the world of several russian orcs. But this story calls for a separate article…

Someone thinks that publishing such things is sick. But I think otherwise. What I do is called free speech without censorship and fake morality. If you turn a blind eye to shit, it’s not gonna change itself into something nice. Calling shit with nice names (like “righteous allies”) ain’t gonna help you either.

The really sick behavior is to continue keeping your head in the ass pretending stuff like that doesn’t exist, or worse – to befriend those murderous subhumans, singing mawkish mantras about “partnership”, “alliance” or “glorious” fight against Nazism. There is absolutely nothing glorious in choosing a bigger evil to smite a lesser one. Neither there is a profit, no matter how cozy it seems for someone to kill Nazis (ISIS, Taliban, etc) with help of ruskies. Cause in the end those who ally themselves with russian brute will become its meal – just like those whom they were selling out (actually that happened with Germany in WW2). Russian politics incarnates corrupt, perverted and sadistic mentality of its commoners perfectly. Some people compare Russia with Adam-zad the Bear but personally I consider such a comparison too epic. “Mysterious russian soul” is nothing more than street dogs pack mindset: eat free stuff (humanitarian aid), shit everywhere, then maim and kill everyone (including useful idiots who were feeding them) as an “amusement”, run away yipping if stronger opponent comes around.

Whether or not ruskies gonna continue their terrorist escapades is not the question here. It is WHOM and WHERE they gonna smite next. And in 21st century, when Iron Curtain and Western Bloc are words from the past, distance and citizenship don’t matter anymore. Passengers of MH17 never knew what hit them. And I’m pretty sure no one of them ever considered that they might suffer the consequences of russian impunity and world’s stupidity.

The History, as it’s well known, repeats itself – literally. And it’s likely bound to repeat itself unless the humankind learns things it obviously missed. Or, in the worst case, until there will be only russian Mordor left.