Those who weren’t dreaming about democratic reforms in Russia of 1990s had no heart,

but those who are dreaming about such reforms now have no brains.”

-Boris Stomakhin

If you are reading this, you’re most likely somewhere far away from the former USSR, thinking that the Red Threat is History and russians are free people grateful to West for liberating them from the soviet tyranny. Or, in spite of recent troubles in Ukraine, maybe you’re thinking now that people of Russia had a bad luck with their regime that must be changed – again.

It’s hard to think otherwise, especially in modern days of triumphant progressivism when everybody is supposed to love everybody, all nations are equal and all problems can be cured by dose of democracy. Well, that’s what is being said.

This project is a personal effort to revive the frontier of the anti-bolshevist resistance, filling the abyss between the genuine experience of red nightmare survivors and careless attitude of the West either living in atmosphere of unstopping party or trying to explain neo-soviet Russia with their own naïve politically correct terms.

It was originally started to attract attention of the West towards genocide of Dark Scene youth cultures, instigated by neo-soviet putinist thugs in 2008 and supported by almost entire russian nation. Being a follower of Gothic youth culture, not russian both in my spirit and my blood, I encountered all true nature of neo-Soviet regime long before it was admitted (under threat of WW3) by fancy experts and politicians, then busy with “resetting” and otherwise improving their ass-licking relations with the country of red mafia.


Many people (including myself) both in Russia and Western countries were thinking that 1990s are the beginning of a new era in former USSR. Enormous amounts of resources had been spent to help and encourage russians to build a new democratic society.

And they did that indeed – but democracy in Russia is something very different from Western one. Instead of using a chance to become civilized people, repent their crimes and finally punish commie thugs, enraged congenital serfs started the restoration of their GULAG state, longing for tyranny even more than their Stalinist ancestors, denouncing both “corrupt decadent depraved West” and “traitors of our kind”. Short and chaotic post-soviet mirage of liberty quickly faded away, and together with it died all the hopes for a civilized life in Russia that trampled its own chance into dirt of never-ending GULAG for a guaranteed bowl of prison soup and ability to harass someone who doesn’t play by their rules.

All that could have been stopped in 1945 or even 1917 is repeating now and a bunch of corrupt russophiles (with both left- and right-wing agendas) is trying to whitewash congenital commie thugs even harder than before, much helped by politically correct useful idiots, happy to silence all crimes of Russia (even murders of their own countrymen) and condemn anyone who tries to resist russian world domination escapades as “Nazi”.

However, truth always gets out – especially such an ugly one. Slowly, propaganda makeup falls away from hideous visage of zombified communism (vigorously named “russism” by Dzokhar Dudaev) praised as “world’s savior” by lackeys of Kremlin. Thanks to those advocates of “partnerships” and “alliances” with red thugs, russian neo-soviet terrorism is now becoming something bigger than trouble of ethnic minority, youth culture group or small neighbor country – that were so easy to silence or shrug off before 2014.


This project is a counter-being, an ultimate resistance against nation of congenital subhuman thugs and its creation – undead neo-soviet regime of crime, genocide, impunity, atrocities and voluntary serfdom; as well as resistance against russophile dummies (who believe they can be friends with red thugs after changing their kingpin) and corrupt scumbags bought by Kremlin. I do NOT endorse any so-called “opposition” faction in Russia, since there is no such thing as “good russians” and “bad russians”. There is such a thing as “human being”, completely opposite to what Russia embraced as standards of existence under its ANY flag and COA.

Based on traditional ideals of Liberty, Law, Order and anti-communism, this Website is VERY old-fashioned, bearing no sight of political correctness and mawkish liberal hypocrisy. It is for those who aren’t afraid to stand for Justice and embrace independence, seeking for the uncommon knowledge unbounded by trend, never following a crowd with its mainstream stereotypes. When the true Freedom and Dignity are at the stake, there is no place for sacred cows and myths. Having a personal experience of surviving the russian terror, I’m not feeling wrong for telling what I know and calling things with their own names. I’m proud to be the one of anti-russist and anti-communist activists regardless of the world’s trend and mood.

I do not feel any shame for my words cause I saw many things beyond the sight of pampered, censored and carefully-maintained Western reality whose narrow-minded pets are so eager to condemn me as “Nazi”. I saw how people had their lives destroyed slowly and sadistically just because they did not fit a stereotype of “common russian” and decided not to join the horde of lowlife thugs to praise thuggish leader or just dared to disagree with them. Destroyed not by evil repressive regime or crime lords – neighbors, by-passers, school/university teachers and every small-time little official in Russia can do such a job with more knowledge and effort than the most corrupt of Western mobsters. I saw wonderful dreams trampled into dirt by russian subhumans. I saw perverted joy of those subhumans over each human Soul they’ve succeeded to torture. And last but not least, I saw corrupt sleazebags from the West who called russians “friends” and “partners” – perhaps, the most horrible abomination of all those.


Many things changed since I left russian hellhole and started this project. During all those years, I’ve learned probably the most important thing: no enemy, even the most sadistic and depraved one, can be as bad as those “masterminds” who have a wish (and power enough) to cover up enemy’s vile deeds, either because of “useful idiot” mindset or personal sympathies caused by regular payments in blood-stained rubles. Corrupt elitists that endorse and whitewash russian actions are even a bigger threat than thugs armed with tanks and nukes.

The more impunity Russia feels, the more impudent and sadistic its new deeds are becoming. So the “hopeful” 1991 has been followed by genocide war in Chechnya, putinist repressions of 2000s, war against Georgia in 2008, murder of Polish government in 2010, political assassinations all over the world and unstopping genocide of independent personalities that still existed in Russia. And now, terrorist war against Ukraine. All that wholeheartedly supported by nation of thugs whose perverted dream is to turn the entire world into GULAG state, where the lowlife scum is ruling class and all others are just walking targets to beat, rob, rape and kill for “fun”.

All that could have been avoided if friends of Russia had deserved jail-time or roadside gallows instead of presidential and government seats, free to cover up red “purges” and NKVD slaughterhouses, Holodomor famine genocide, Katyn massacre, GULAG, war crimes in Europe of scale and perversion never seen before, enslavement of neighbor countries both before and after the WWII, butchering of Hungary in 1956, experiments on humans, war in Afghanistan, worldwide support of red terrorism… Once again I repeat, committed NOT by regime but by NATION of subhuman thugs. Many ethnic Russians were gassed in Tambov, executed in CheKa dungeons, tortured in NKVD lairs, slandered and thrown to GULAG by THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN. Infamous “Jewish bolsheviks” (if only they really existed at all) wouldn’t have been able to kill a single man without fanatical desire of almost entire nation to burn neighbor’s house if it looks “too nice” or “too rich”. What bolsheviks did is only promotion of this thuggish mindset to the point of self-sustaining grassroots national idea of GULAG state and non-stopping genocide.

Yet all blame in the world has been shifted on Germans, while russian crimes were neatly swiped under the rug for the sake of asshole “alliances” and fake stability.

If people are so enraged over concentration camps and antisemitism in 3rd Reich, what would they feel knowing things incredibly worse about Russia? How would they call a nation that willingly destroys everything good (regardless of its ethnic origin) just because it’s their only way to feel themselves “great”? And the last but not least, how would they call those who continue to befriend congenital subhuman thugs even now?

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