Q: What is a purpose of this Website?

A: Primary, fulfilling a mission long forgotten yet needed in those troubled days much more than ever before. Secondary, providing a place for self-expression.

Q: Do you have a facebook/twitter/other social network account?

A: No.

Q: Ain’t your website a bit too overly politicized for the Dark Scene?

A: I guess. But I see nothing wrong about it as the Dark Scene has absolutely no limitations on studying non-mainstream History and having your own opinion. Currently I just have too little time to write about everything I’d like to.

Q: Why do you hate Russia that much?

A: I hate things like social network insanity, modern pop music, greenie junkies, hipsters, showoff silliness, urban lifestyle, fun obsession etc. Speaking of Russia, I just say what is needed to be said (but unfortunately silenced because of corrupt stereotypes) and do what must be done in order to prevent the realm of endless red thuggery from spreading over the entire Earth.

Q: Where do you see commies now? It was all over in 1991!

A: Where did you see “de-communisation” and international trials against Russia (like post-WW2 Germany), sharpie? Can’t guess on your own that things like KGB, GRU and world domination plans, let alone russian spirit, aren’t self-destructive?

Q: There is a repressive, abusive government and oppressed nation in need of enlightening and understanding. Why do you consider them equal?

A: Even if you disregard things I’m telling here, the following fact is undeniable: since 1991, in Russia latter creates the former according to principles of democracy. Did you forget how fanatically the West promoted it in Russia with foolhardy intentions to enlighten former soviets? And the result is a genuine democracy, established in thug society.

(A NS variant of the previous line)

Q: There are Jewish evil-doers who’ve been carrying destructive work upon Russian population for many generations. Bolshevik administration was Jewish and current government just continues their line. Why do you consider them and people of Russia equal?

A: Yeah, also evil Jews make poor russians to drink vodka, then whack each other, shit and puke in their apartment building hallways. At gunpoint.

Seriously, that could work in WW2 when people had no Internet, but now, with all shit shared by ruskies themselves… Get your head out of your ass finally. No matter of government’s ethnicity (which BTW now is mostly Russian), almost entire russian POPULATION fulfilled thuggish dreams of their commie leaders much more than any of commies could expect, enjoying GULAG, Red Terror, Stalinism, “purges”, ready to butcher or rat out anyone who dared to say NYET to their thuggery. Genuine, 100% RUSSIAN thuggery and shit that are the only true features of so-called “mysterious russian soul”.

Q: Maybe Iraq scenario should work on Russia?

A: Russia is not just a terrorist regime possessing WMD. It is democratically elected terrorist regime possessing WMD, whose citizens are fanatically persistent in their brainsick devotion to eternal serfdom and what’s much worse, expansion of this serfdom over entire world. Any attempt to convert them to civilized or at least peaceful lifestyle, either by military invasion or sponsorship of democratic reforms would result in total failure and rebirth of Evil Empire with its world domination escapades – just like it happened after euphoria of 1990s.

Q: So what are your offers?

Those 86% who follow insane will of their chosen thug masters should follow them – literally. To Hell. Few reasonable and honest people that remain should be granted with limited independence in newly made ethnic republics or reunion with homeland as natives of territories once annexed by Russia. Otherwise, in 20 years there will be another nuke-wielding terrorist state on 1/6 of Earth surface, if not “European people’s republic” and “American people’s confederation” altogether.

Q: Is violence your only answer?

A: Go and encounter some congenital thugs. Try to do something good in country ruled and populated by them. Not for society, just for yourself or your family. Then come back and tell how your mind has changed, if you’ll be able to.

For a thug who mutilates innocents for own perverted “fun”, boasting with impunity, mocking everyone around, the only right treatment is to blow his thuggish brains out, ending rampage once and for all. Is there a big difference between the nature of a single street thug and 140 millions of them with their own land, army, nukes, mass media and lackeys worldwide? I don’t think so.

Q: It’s not right. Every problem has a civilized solution, it’s a 21st century after all…

A: 21st century is only the calendar reference. And there IS violence and thuggery indeed, even without ruskies regardless of mawkish “progressive” blabber. As the West preferred to side with bolsheviks and then ignore post-war red genocide, calling thugs “partners”, now the world has a terrorist state ready for nuclear war. Haven’t you had enough of civilized treatment for scumbags? Still don’t understand that no good can happen from dealing with commie thugs?

Q: Feeling brave in safety? How about proving your words on the battlefield?

A: Thanks to EU lackeys who obey every russian poking, I had to escape from Europe (where I tried to stand my ground after escaping Russia) because of prepared deportation to Russia. But don’t feel relieved ruskies, I know how to send you to Hell and will gladly practice on your invading hordes, should the need arise.

Q: You have really sick stuff here… Are you enjoying that?

A: Short answer, no. Detailed answer: opposing the most corrupt and depraved population in human History is not the cleanest job but someone has to do it. There are plenty of civilized mainstream media tales about how bad Russia is. None of them seem to represent the truth, so disgusting and perverted that unprepared human mind often refuses to accept its existence, let alone realize it can be an everyday reality for an entire country. If you want to know things, consider yourself warned. If not, that’s your choice.

Q: Why do you disregard good people of Russia?

A: Those few really good russians are calling for ANY force of retaliation to strike upon their unholy motherland without a slightest care to survive, being unable to take all this anymore. What’s about so-called “opposition”, I can’t think highly of people who say to their Ukrainian buddies “hey bro, just give up to Putin… He’ll conquer you, then you’ll repeat your wonderful Maidan revolution so there will be freedom for both of us!”, or regularly come to sheeple meetings, chanting “non-violence” slogans while being whacked both by uniformed and street scumbags. Or (the most popular scenario) simply angry at thug Putin just because he won the elections.

Q: Are you a Nazi?

A: Do you know what “Nazi” is? Try and find a single anti-Semitic, pro-Socialist or pro-Hitler word on my Website.

Q: Many Nazis seem to like your publications. How do you explain that?

A: And many do not. In any case, go and ask them.

Q: How dare you using Nazi hate speech, calling people subhumans!?

A: If you’re concerned about WORDS that much, learn some non-dictionary Russian and see how those UNTERMENSCHEN are calling you, your women and children. What they want to make with you. All that is gratitude for saving their asses from Nazis, starvation, nuclear apocalypse and devil knows what else. Now they are about to gather all your lend-lease, charity, friendship and shove it right up your ass before sending you to a new GULAG (or turning you “to radioactive ashes”).

As a man free in my spirit and my words, I call things with their true names. Things that I’ve experienced myself. For me, “subhuman/untermensch” is a definition of certain human-like specimen that fully deserves it as embodiment of all evil that a human-like frame can hold within. That has no limits for transgression and turpitude. Regardless of ethnicity. If some French or American befriends nation of thugs – he is 100% genuine untermensch. If some Russian takes a gun and fights against russian thuggery – he is a Hero.

Q: Why then you support 3rd Reich in WW2?

A: You forgot to add “over USSR”.

One more time, for those with a pea-sized Nazi-labeling-happy brain: pro-German and pro-Nazi are two very different (if not mutually contradicting) things. As a pro-German, of all alternative WW2 scenarios I would prefer Allies siding with Germans after overthrow of Hitler’s regime to nuke the Hell out of red horde, crush what’s left with renewed Panzerwaffe under Patton’s command, help nations enslaved by Russia to reclaim their Freedom and expose the GULAG and Red Terror to entire world like it’s being done now with Holocaust. In that case – with genuine evidence pried out of cold dead commie hands. Cause the only commie (or in modern days, terroRussian propagandist) who doesn’t lie is a dead one.

German victory over USSR, as much lesser of two evils, could have been a real chance to crush the evil empire (helping a few good people that still remained in Russia), then turn Germany into civilized land by reforms (that failed in Russia so miserably) without butchering one of the most technologically and culturally advanced nations of Europe. With much lesser casualties, except for bolsheviks (who deserve roadside gallows by laws of ANY country). German Nazism was an artificial ideology in contrast to political thuggery a.k.a russian bolshevism, now turned into russism – congenital essence of 86% of russian population.

So stop repeating scary Lubyanka tales about “evil Germans” (White Finns, Jihadists, Chechens, Banderovites etc.) and grow some brains finally. Some balls for being able to use your brains won’t hurt as well.

Q: But the Holocaust…

A: And what’s about GULAG, which actually was an older, bigger brother of Nazi concentration camp system? Where not only Jews were butchered in a way far more gruesome than gas chambers?

Q: Are you Nationalist?

A: Not particularly. IMO Nationalism is good only as medicine, used with reason in limited doses during hard times – like in Ukraine. And all political ideas are secondary to Conscience. Too bad that contemporary mainstream (doesn’t matter official political correctness or underground nationalism) doesn’t seem to have any. So-called “European (and unfortunately, some of American) right” nationalists who praise commie thug Putin, his lowlife serfs and non-existent “russian morality” are not better than “peace-loving” commie-worshiping libtards and their hippie predecessors.

BTW here’s my result of political spectrum quiz to make my stance clear.

Q: Since you are against so many things, is there something you actually stand for?

A: Values known since ancient times and seemingly lost in craziness of modern days (where trends “change for change” and “everybody loves everybody, kumbaya” rule). Justice, Human Dignity and true Liberty. Law and Order. My right to live in chosen style and express own personality without any tyrannic restrictions of either libtard dystopia or neo-soviet thug state that have much more in common than you think.

4 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Ricardo said:

    It’s always disappointed me how absolutely useless the European right-wing is (and Europe in general, whom I usually regard as repulsive and anti-Christian weaklings), especially in their stupid love affair with Putin. The U.S. is really the only thing keeping the world from being raped and pillaged by Russian subhumans, but even our Right-Wing is largely degenerate, and getting worse all the time. (In fact, the whole country is getting worse– it’s been getting worse for 50 years, maybe a hundred, maybe it was a downward spiral from the start! But our country now is at the lowest spiral.) The intellectual strength of our leading political “leaders” is decreasing; our popular leaders, writers, thinkers, speakers, care more about money than they do principles. The group that runs for president every four years seem almost unelectable, even Ted Cruz, who seems the brightest of the bunch so far and has condemned Russia honorable, has weirdo “7 Mountains theology” (like those late night commercials you may or may not be familiar with, with preachers selling blessed napkins and holy water promising it’ll make you rich) stuff in his closet that make me doubt how reliable the guy even is.

    And don’t get me started on the average IQ of your university student around here. I walk into classes and I see 2 or 3 men dressed like women, and hear the questions of the whole, and read their papers and their great political theories, and I think to myself: these are the stupidest people in history, and soon they’ll be running America.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elitism is a one big farce performed, like you’ve mentioned, mostly because of personal gain. Modern politics is nothing but elitism of almost all fractions (especially liberals) who condemned the concept of American made liberty, adopting European kind of fancy-schmancy narcissism instead. Even having fire started by terroRuskies under their asses, they’d rather continue bitching over healthcare, immigration laws etc. than repel invaders.

      Still, Americas have much better human resources in general. Despite not very high (in comparison to U.S.) reputation of South America where I live now, even it is MUCH more reasonable and easy on daily life than Europe. Of course there are socialist governments, commie-loving liberals and fun addicts but generic commoners are not brainwashed gun-fearing sissy sheeple.

      Remember, no matter how bad the government is, only the people decide in the end will they perish in red nightmare or stand up and fight. I hope Americans won’t turn out to be worse than Ukrainians when time comes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ricardo said:

        That is a good reminder to have, as I am prone to negative thinking. I don’t know about the younger generation– as I said, here in university, they are just horrible, horrible people. But the average working man on the street? The men and women who are the blood and soil of the country? When you remind me of them, Hell yes, I say, they are not gun-fearing sissies, especially here in Texas.

        Liked by 1 person

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