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61 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Kamerad, treten mit mir, bitte!


  2. David Bristow said:

    Would you object to an Anglo Saxon wanting to know more?


  3. Casa Paetus said:

    may I put a link to your article about Ukraine on my blog


  4. Political Punitive Psychiatry in Krasnodar, Russia (the blog is in Russian language)


    • I added your Website to “Places to visit” section. With the matters you are writing about, you definitely should pay more attention to translations. Novozhilov’s story is a must know for all free people worldwide.


  5. CAUTION! InterPals is a Russian KGB Site

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  6. I was banned fast on the forum…

    I haven’t put myself to diplomacy and leadership yet…

    You raised interesting points I wanted to answer to…

    I leave you an email, but for now…

    You wouldn’t read Spanish by chance?

    Russians are highly related to Jews.

    Unfortunately the subject doesn’t get the deep, calm research it deserves, and even less in this era of slogan-level attention span. And the media-called euro-ns do a huge massive damage, and have nothing to do with the historical ones.
    The real hidden history of Jews is perhaps the most protected secret on this earth. The 12 tribes…

    I’m going to surprise you, but russism has finally achived something possitive, the infinite amount of lies has managed to awaken some in russia (maybe they are not ethnic russians, but grandsons of deported baltics, europeans, caucasians.. or former german colonist of the volga…) and now a few, actually don’t trust anything at all, and have finally started to revise history, completely, not just ww2, or the xx century, but all. You may have heard of Fomenko, he as very good points, he is not alone or the only one, there are independent groups in France, Switzerland, Germany…

    There are many, many pieces of the puzzle that needs to be gathered among many subjects, languages… to star to get a glimpse of the situation.

    There’s huge material, and very good researches and authors on this revolutionary reassesment of history, based, finally, on science, instead of blindly trusting what few old monks did with candles in a monastery, now things can be checked, analyzed with statistics, with numerology, physics and logistics can be called, like in a trial, could this have been scientifically possible?…

    I’ll await your mail.

    You can choose to not publish this mail here.


    • If you won’t mind, I prefer to have an open discussion on this matter.

      I don’t censor anti-Semitic comments. Indeed, I find it quite interesting to demonstrate how the anti-Semitism is far away from the actual trouble and observe people’s reaction when they face the facts. Their opinion about Russia is a 100% proof of conscience, or lack of any.

      Russians are related to Jews far lesser than to Mongoloids, who were their masters for several centuries. Again, Russia is a dumpster of hazardous subhuman waste which attracts the similar substances from all ethnicities. It is an equivalent of Mordor in human reality.

      So-called “Jewish bolsheviks” are nothing but lowlife scum who chose to side with red Russia, fulfilling its perverted nightmare destiny. As well as “Hungarian (Latvian, Finnish etc) bolshevist internationalists” in 1920-30s who were nothing more than waste of their own nations, traitors of the civilized world. People are not perfect, so there always will be some scumbags to join untermenschen. In any country. If they win, result will always be the same. Russian slavery, corruption, tyranny, genocide.

      Most of modern Euro-NS are no better than bolshevist buddies and it has nothing to do with media. It’s a sad fact of mass imbecility. Regardless of its origin, if someone praises KGB pedophile thug asshole and his nation of drunk imbecile serfs who destroy or desecrate everything beautiful, pure and sacred – he or she is not better than his darling ruskie untermenschen.

      In EU, the opposite side has nothing good either. A bunch of perversion worshippers, libtards, weaklings, anti-gun junkies, self-whippers, hippie bums and greenie weenies. This war will be lost either way. Only Ukraine with its natural right-wing (NOT the NS) spirit is an exception but it alone won’t be able to change the entire EU, addicted to neo-socialism beyond any self-cure.

      You were told about reference links several times, but I still don’t see any from you. My knowledge in Spanish is very basic, so I’d prefer materials in English or Deutsch. And more particular info on this Fomenko guy.


  7. Hi Nicolas, I’m not in the mood for debate or discussion.

    Just watching the show, look with me, see how ironic it all is.

    The US protected commie china against Japan.
    Now, commie china is going to take over the US.

    Take over, legally, as in buying, with the weapons americans love so much, free market, capitalism, banking.

    More, the US now is allied with Japan, against China!

    What the …? What was the war for then? Why didn’t you allied with them, or at least let them stop commie china?

    KARMA! Hoho!

    Now, Europe, the US is allied with Germany, against Russia… WTF?

    The US protected Russia against Germany! And now the change sides?

    Can it be more stupid and absurd?

    The US went crazy against “racism” and “nationalism”, and strong “totalitarian” states… and now they are suffering from marxisms in their universities, media, press, and have an Obama…

    Well, EAT IT.

    You criticize Europe in your previous post.

    But guess what, WE TRIED.

    We attacked Russia, I have mail from my family from Russia.

    The US and Britain haven’t even tried yet! Not once!

    Europe has a right to blame the US, the US had massive influence here, they controlled it militarily, for long time, and still have bases and are the biggest power.
    Who can the US blame? They had it all!

    Every day, every day that goes by get the absolute self-evident truth of who was so incredible right and prophetic before WW2….

    Our problem has a name, MARXISM, and marxism 2.0, also known as cultural marxism, it’s subversion, infiltration.
    Marxism and communism didn’t just appear from the sky, they grow from a putrid background, scum races lead by jews, britain (english comes from hebrew, there are many books on the subject, known, but expensive, and “celtic” druids were jews who infiltrated and entered the church, subverting it).

    Before the last massive flood and change in sea level, england was connected by land to scandinavia and russia.. there’s a race link between britain and russia, the brits had better blood, infusions of spanish sailors, and german blood, that made them the perfect tool, able to do things, but without a strong moral character, thinking only on money, piracy… like their russian brothers.
    The ruskies got even worse, mixing with tatars and mongols, who aren’t that bad, but they can handle themselves, they had brutality but a respect for nature and old ways… ruskies received that blood and only got even more brutality.

    About fomenko, just google him, his books are in pdf, and in google books and, he is russian, and there’s a bit of russian nationalism there, but it’s secondary, his first volumen is very good, and he actually gives credit to many other ancient authors, british, french, german who discovered it all way before him, he is just the famous one in recent years, after you read his first volumen, or half of it, I will give you links to other european authors, if you read german, go to or and google his name, christopher pfister in youtube, through him you’ll reach the german-swiss group, many talks there. Ruskies have many good sites, books and conferences (or russian-speakers trapped there, because most if not all of them hate putin and quite several of them defend NS openly).
    It’s important to add this piece of the puzzle, so the joke of 2.000 years of christianity, and the fake 1492 america doesn’t get you into miscalculations.
    Also, check the nuke hoax, the photoshop psyop of “nuclear bombs” that don’t work. is a good start.
    Many still talk of “nuclear war”, non-sense, they don’t work, never have, never will.


    • Ironic? I think the word “stupid” is just the case. Feeding own enemy until it will become strong enough to butcher former friends.

      I don’t deny that the U.S. are facing the consequences of their actions now. The entire world is in the same position because in the end, everyone gets what they deserve. So now ruskies can invade any Western country. China can choose their russian buddies as a convenient target, which is closer, larger and much easier to get than U.S.A… Politics isn’t the cleanest thing, it will always be that way, especially when ruskies are involved.

      Speaking about friendship, I should remind you once again that Hitler’s Germany was an ally of USSR until Germans faced inevitable threat of already prepared offensive. In contrast to modern Europeans, 3rd Reich Germans were no fools, having a working “what if” plan on their comrades.

      You speak about U.S. role like they are European neighbors. Location is their excuse for many things and unfortunately, stupidity – because of safety illusion. But they did but nothing more stupid, than Europeans who could smash the bolshevist regime soon after the WW I or just strangle it with diplomacy but chose to have insane monster in the neighborhood.

      I used to say “What is only attempted in U.S.A has been already enforced in Europe”. What’s worse, the most of Europeans don’t even doubt about endless bans and humiliating laws. “Cause-our-wise-government-said-so”. Americans can be ignorant, but they are still mostly reasonable – just speak on the right matter to kick their common sense into working. They’ll begin to think very quickly facing a chance to lose their stuff. Most of Europeans are refusing the rational thinking even before it could provoke any useful thoughts, and they gave up everything just to avoid getting labels from libtard bullies. When something like child upbringing is touched they still try to protest, but it’s far too late. No guns, no good stuff that keeps you strong and satisfied – no Liberty. Europeans can come out with posters, whine their complaints, but anyway tzar officials will do what they had decided already. That’s why I have nothing to speak about with hippie junkie who thinks the world is safe and perfect place where everybody loves each other. Neither with sheeple who consider gun bans and humiliating mandatory driving education absolutely normal.

      If there are champions of “marxism 2.0”, their name is Europeans. Its followers in U.S. aren’t planning to make some Gulag bloodbath in near future. Indeed, the most of them (those who are independent from Russia) dream about “perfect” community which produces only certain type of approved obediant sheeple, where the “others” are forced to escape from the country or commit suicide. In EU, this already happened and ruskies can take it without any war.

      I don’t reject or approve ideas of the websites you named; I consider the most of them unnecessary for the troubles we face now in Russia-dominated world. In the real battle against red orcs, first things one needs are big gun, strong armor and a handbook about orkish weaknesses. Seeking complex solutions for easy problems is a very dangerous trend, which may lead to complete demise and triumph of barbarian hordes upon intellectualists who were too busy thinking to notice the real war.

      Moreover, the most of russian works on “alternative history” are nothing more than misleading, sometimes unintentional, but very often deliberate. To see rights and wrongs one just should look at the modern Russia – an example of absolute anti-human evil, dressed in hypocrisy and perverted lies which can take almost any form. Including “indignant Westerners” or “historians” who in reality are nothing but KGB puppets.

      The only dissident authors from Russia to trust are those who speak about russian nation first. Not about some ancient History or “evil Jews (Americans, Germans etc.)” If you’re familiar with IPVNews website, I suppose you can read Russian. What do you think of Boris Stomakhin and his articles? If you can’t read Russian, there are some translations at my Website.


      • You were partially right.
        I’ve been thinking…

        Do you think the russians faked the protocols of sion to shift the blame of world su bversion and destruction from them, russian communism, to “jews”?

        Do you think they could be pawns?

        What’s your view of them?


        • One has no need in studying those protocols to realize where the true threat is coming from. One look on so-called “russian nationalists” is enough.

          Things you mentioned are only a small part of worldwide russian hoax. Even before 1917, they were habitually shifting the blame on everyone who didn’t want to put their yoke on. After 1917, besmearing others became their official ideology. By now, they got tangled in their own BS, calling people of Ukraine “evil CIA henchmen”, “Banderovites”, “Nazis” and “sly Yids” at the same time. Only a complete imbecile can believe what those commie thugs erupt in full-auto putinist worshiping frenzy.


  8. Are you familiar with Ukraine’s Yarosh and his ideology, if any? I was reading an interview with him on Euromaidan Press and was quite impressed.

    In the West, it is generally assumed that Right Sector is a Nazi, anti-semitic organization. In my defense of Ukraine on various forums, I usually just reply that they “only got 2 percent of the vote,” when the Nazi Russkies start barking about them, just avoiding the subject since I do not know enough about Right Sector to refute or explain anything.

    What is your opinion of Right Sector?


    • A Ranger-esque paramilitary organization with mandatory patriotic ideology would be much better than Poroshenko’s bunch or Euro-approved former “non-violent opposition” (Klichko etc). In contrast to popular KGB/RTBS made opinion, Right Sector welcomes everyone who can share their beliefs. Even ethnic russian refugees with naive hopes for Maidan revolution in their homeland. Maybe Jews too, both Israeli and local diaspora volunteers have no problem with fighting side by side with so-called “evil Nazis”. There are many other organizations as well as independent individuals who fulfill the same noble duty.

      There are some National Socialists amongst ATO soldiers, but since they harass no one and fight honestly as everyone else, no one gives a damn. The most right thing to do here. One has a right for own opinion which should not be persecuted, unless it starts causing harm to other people – the thing that ruskies adore to do.
      True Jewish patriots of Ukraine had absolutely no problem either with Maidan or subsequent ATO. No reasonable man wants to live under the reign of eternal russian commie-Nazi thuggery.

      As a diehard individualist, I see Right Sector ideas both a bit restrictive and too naive in expectations regarding Russia (personally I would chose another squad If I had a chance to be in Ukraine now), but for Ukraine, they are THE remedy. Guys aren’t afraid to use deadly force, which always was the only way to stop thugs and terrorists that putinist ruskies are, let alone achieve and preserve Liberty, no matter what leftist dupes obsessed with “non-violence” say.

      Nowadays, mainstream junkies fall into hysteria when they see Right-wing person armed and ready to protect his (her) homeland. (Aren’t they reacting on American armed patriots in the same fashion?) Anti-Semitism is another popular all-round accusation being thrown at everyone whom they doesn’t like. In general terms, I’ve already said about that in “When the Right becomes Red”. Facing the rise of a true Right, socialist libtards and commie Nazi ruskies (or their lackeys) forget their bitching about LGBT, opposition, meetings etc. for a while to unite against a “threat” dangerous to both of them. A noticeable fact demonstrating the true essence of modern “progressive” politics, indeed!


      • Thanks for the post! The Jews fighting with Right Sector struck me as well when I was looking it up the other day. I actually saw a photo of a Jewish rabbi, long beard, dressed up in military uniform participating in the ATO. I think I will show it to the Russkies just to send them into fits.


        • Where did you find it? I remember I saw this photo somewhere in LiveJournal but couldn’t recover the source. Give me the link.

          BTW, ruskies already know that. They were using derogatory nickname “Yiddish Banderovite” since Maidan confrontations. As I said before, they feel no problem calling the same people “Nazis”, “Yids”, “Banderovites”, “CIA mercenaries”, “evil warmongers”, “decadent Western perverts” and “Junta” at the same time. Vodka is the only key to russian subhuman logic.


          • I called him a Rabbi, but I was incorrect. The article calls him a religious Jew in the Dnepr battalion who is fighting with the support of his Rabbi. The Ukrainians are also getting training from another Jew as well. I originally saw this on Euromaidan PR on facebook, but here is a website I found that gives you a lot more information than they do:


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            • It’s another photo, apparently of the same person I saw in someone’s LJ. Didn’t know about UJE before. Thanks!


              • His beard probably makes him a high demand person for photography! lol


              • I found some more interesting photos for you on the topic of Jewish patriots standing up with Ukraine, but I haven’t had the time to research them at all. Hopefully you will find them interesting. The person who gave them to me might be misidentifying them, however, as it was a Russkie Chauvinist, and they’re always pathological liars. I was trolling some “White Nationalists”, he among them, and he used these photos against me to prove a Jewish conspiracy in Ukraine. I was quite pleased to receive them though, although I didn’t mention it on that forum (they’d ban me, since they’re believers in a Jewish NWO in that particular place).

                Here is HIS description (not mine) of the images, followed by the URL:

                “Chief of communications Right Sector Boris Blaher AKA Borislav Bereza”

                The picture is of him wearing a star of David

                “Jew Nathan Chazin of Right Sector”

                This one he didn’t identify, but it’s self-explanatory:


                “Joint charity concert of Right Sector and Jewish Community in Odessa to help battalions”:

                “Asian and Muslim Right Sector”:

                This one he gave no explanation for, and it has a caption (but I can’t read Russian):


                • Thanks! I’ll sort it out and explain the captions later. The evidence doesn’t matter as much as another demonstration of russian stupidity for the entire world. Those asshead commie goblinoids can give you whatever you want. They can devastate BS system which they’ve been creating for years. They can fanatically shit on their own heads, whack each other and all this without a dime spent by you! My boss is a master in manipulating commie subhumans that way. To watch russian frenzy freakshow is alone worth becoming anti-russian!


  9. fulgentiusofruspe said:

    Hello my friend, fulgentiusofruspe here, I replied to your message on the Final Phase Forum. Hope all is well, keep up the good work!


  10. Here’s an article for you that you might find useful. It has nothing you don’t already know, but maybe you can make use of it to illustrate to the uninitiated just what Russia really is:


    • To use this article as argument would be curing symptoms instead of cause. My answer to “uninitiated” ones is uncensored non-mainstream History. Or modern graphic reality.


      • Thanks for that link! They will come in handy. Russkies on a forum I frequent are saying that “strong” and “noble” Russian people can easily shrug off economic collapse. Those pictures make Russkies look about as cultured and clean as the lowest caste of India.

        By the way, Kavkaz website scans or checks my browser when I try to look at it. I click away as it starts the process, in fear of a virus. Does that happen to you?


  11. Merry (late) Christmas! Hope you had a good one.


  12. Ricardo said:

    If you have the time, could you take a look at this video and see if there is anything worth translating from it? Appears to be a Communist ritual of some sort in the DPR. If they’re explicitly praising Stalin or Communism or something, besides the obvious Communist flags waving around, it be great to translate and would be useful for showing fellow conservatives here in the States:


    • It’s so-called “restoration of pioneer organization“. Not the most impressive video, since that organization continues to exist in Russia under promotion of communist party despite the visible demise of USSR.

      I suggest you to concentrate on global matters usually silenced by mainstream media instead of wasting attention to particular little episodes. What the reasonable people should realize is that ruskies have completely no dignity, decency, common sense and responsibility. Those subhumans have nothing against praising Stalin while wielding huge Orthodox crosses and yelling chauvinistic drivel on “evil Yids (Banderovites, Americans etc.)”. They are just a huge gang of congenital thugs who adopted the worst features of all totalitarian ideologies ever known to History.

      Here’s a compilation for conservatives on high with ruskie BS (and to give sleepers a jet farter):

      KGB asshole(there are English subtitles, maybe you’ll have to activate them manually)
      Russian morality 5: invader edition
      russian world
      Result of russophilia
      Nation of Gulag
      russian spirit


  13. ok


  14. Jack Smith said:

    I am interested in the period 1920 to 1933, in Germany. During this period thousands of Bolshevik agents infiltrated Germany, allied themselves with German communists and fought to seize control of the Reich. Modern, essentially pro-communists, historians refuse to discuss that decade-plus, war of the German people against Soviet control and its effects on the German people. Now that the communists control both the democrat and republican parties in the USA, a great civil war simmers in the darkness. White people are already discussing and organizing for a war to the death against the one-party dictatorship personified by the tyrant obama.This civil war must come and all communist, moslem and black racist swine must be annihilated. To understand this solution, one must really understand the true facts of communism’s history and the fact that the USA, the former Brit commonwealth, and the EU, are all controlled by communists of the New World Order.


  15. Hello. If you are unable to write in prison Stomakhin itself, I can give him your words. behind repost his article in Mordor put in a cell.


  16. Леон said:

    Hello. If you are unable to write in prison Stomakhin itself, I can give him your words. behind repost his article in Mordor put in a cell.


  17. Hello Nicholas! I’m glad that this blog continues to live after the break. I wrote a letter about you to Stamakhin in prison. He would like to know more about you


    • Greetings. Been a while since I translated his publications last time, gonna make more at closest opportunity. Tell Boris that his cause is not forgotten.


      • Boris knows, that you transferred Untermenshen. I’ll switch to Russian, do not you see? Его стараются перевести из лагеря, где условия тяжелые, но не пытают, в крытую тюрьму за “нарушения режима” Например не поздоровался с вертухаем (тюремщиком) В россии около 10 крыток и все они пыточные (( Если желаете, вы тоже можете написать ему в тюрьму, он будет рад. Я точно знаю, один националист из Латвии пишет ему и его письма доходят. здесь есть видео Бориса


    Напишу на русском, т.к ты понимаешь этот язык. Борису в тюрьму можно писать, один латышкий националист пишет ему и получает ответы. Как мне показалось, что очередной камент не добавился или он на модерации ) Привет


    • Приветствую.

      Здесь фильтр, чтобы кремлёвским троллям жизнь слишком простой не казалась. Для цивилизованного общения сделаю исключение.

      При всём моём желании оказать Борису поддержку, сомневаюсь, что её письменное выражение пропустит вертухайская цензура, и что это пойдёт ему на пользу, особенно сейчас. Но если Вы имеете возможность хотя бы такой связи, я хотел бы узнать, какую из своих статей Борис прежде всего желает видеть в очередном переводе для Западной аудитории.


      • Ок, спрошу его в письме. Письма только бумажные, поэтому минимум ждать придется две недели или больше. Хотя к нему 10 июля поедет адвокат, может после этой даты, если он спросит, станет известно.


        • Понял, жду ответа.

          Только сейчас нашёл ваши последние комменты в “мусоре”. Похоже, очередной IT-олень поработал над “улучшением” защиты платформы от спама.


  19. НИКОЛАС, крайне извиняюсь, за это время что прошло ( адвокаты забыли спросить его, сегодня только увидел емайл от одной женщины из его группы поддержки, она получила письмо от него, она пишет что Борис не дал конкретного ответа, т.е любую…Думаю этот неинформативный ответ показывает всю меру его настроения или даже отчаяния, перед переводом в пыточную тюрьму…
    Спасибо вам за любой перевод.


    • Или, работу русской перлюстации писем. Краснорожие любили это дело со времён ещё царистской Империи.

      Конкретных сроков обозначить не могу, поскольку живу и борюсь против Мордора не только в Сети. Но обещаю, что следующим материалом на сайте будет перевод статьи Бориса. Может быть, встретимся с ним когда-нибудь на дымящихся развалинах Кремля.


      • Борис меня недавно спросил в письме насчет перевода. Увидел, что вы его сделали еще в прошлом году. Огромное Вам спасибо от него, себя и всех неравнодушных к экспансии кремля. Будет чем его порадовать, хотя бы отчасти. путинисты возможно не собираются его выпускать и готовы превратить его срок в пожизненный. Схема уже испробованная на предыдущем деле: На любом сайте появляется некий текст, похожий на его по стилю, следует донос в прокуратуру, возбуждается дело. Сейчас происходит то же самое, к нему в тюрьму приезжал следователь и пытался допросить о таком появлении статьи. Несмотря на то, что во время публикации статьи Стомахин находился в тюрьме, все равно “суд” ( Борис давно заключает в кавычки это слово. применительно к рф оно звучит издевательски) выносит обвинительный приговор, добавляя несколько лет. Тем более это могут делать сами фсбшники, брать тексты с его сайта, вешать их куда им нужно, сами писать доносы и т.д..

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  20. Thanks for your site and that you mentioned Chechens

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  21. arnoldfishman said:

    NVS, do you see the muslim immigration invasion events occuring in Europe (started by DeGaulle and finished by KGB Merkel) as part of a long-term Communist plan to destabilize the continent? I could see a day coming (as things will continue to get worse) when under invitation by toothless useful idiots of the EU, Russia is invited to become Europe’s saviour?

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