Who Started World War II


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Russian morality 12: upbringing edition


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Proper upbringing is indeed a foundation of adult well-being. Unfortunately, not every nation understands well-being as moral worthiness of personality or at least some kind of house-family-car American dream.

Ruskies, for example, are quite happy with GULAG, provided with one little right: to be able to terrorize someone else, preferably who is 10x weaker. Sometimes their plans fail (like in Ukraine) and then it’s time to brag with glory of the past days, teaching young generations how to be a true patriot of mother Russia.

While adult ruskies can drink “georgian ribbon” vodka, then drive a car camouflaged with cardboard to look like a tank and take part in some patriotic performance to glorify deeds of their ancestors, little ones aren’t left forgotten and bored. Of course they (legally) can’t share the joy of patriotic russian feast, but pride and kitsch are all theirs.

Like patriotic games – in contrast to what evil Ukrainian Nazis are doing.

ua-ru-childrenOr this bed in shape of Buk missile launcher used by russian terrorists to destroy the Malaysian Boeing.


It’s being sold in Russia for 14.000 roubles ($215 approximately). The product page (both cached and original versions) is available in the Web. For additional price, loving russian parents can purchase an integrated nightlight and every happy, patriotic customer gets a free license plate with their child’s name on it.

Well, I can give ruskies a free idea: why not start making beds in shape of refrigerator trucks? Everybody should remember that after dinner comes the reckoning.

Russian morality 11: historical memory edition


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Russian feast is not just eating alone. What a swine one would be just pigging without a proper, highly spiritual entertainment that involves historical memory about past glory?

Like evens of Red Terror, celebrated in Moscow this weekend. Muscovites were especially amused by reconstruction of stalinist arrests, where any patriotic ruskie could try himself in a role of a public enemy in hands of NKVD under cheering and booing of patriotic crowd – all eager to rush towards a new GULAG.

moscow1moscowNote a jolly look on faces of “arrested” ruskies. Looks like real-life NKVD thugs (now named as “FSB”) are about to have much trouble with their prisoners choosing a proper torture. No matter how deep a cannon ramrod will be in russian ass or how hard a hand will be nailed to the table, a true patriot of Russia will always meet hardships of Putin’s GULAG as profoundly and thoroughly enjoyable. With “davai-davai” cheering.

Hard Reset


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As I’ve told many times before, those who deal with thugs are bound to lose in the end no matter how fancy their dealings look like.

Each time when liberals choose themselves a new “partner” amongst criminal regimes and politicians, everyone who still has brains thinks that libtards finally managed to hit a new low. And each time, it’s a mistake. There is no such thing as “low” for a true liberal who always knows how to sink lower in his overzealous efforts to please thugs.


Remember how jolly and braggy they were about their fancy “russian reset” with thug Putin, mocking and labeling everyone who tried to oppose as “Nazi”, “moldy chauvinist”, “Cold War addict” etc? Not so loud now, when their ass-licking brought the world to the brink of WW3 and some Embassy staff to having their peace of life trashed, apartments shitted and, after complaints to thug Putin (who probably laughed his head off), asses kicked.

However, I have no slightest compassion for those harbingers of Obama-ism who got what they deserved. What everyone who deals with thugs deserves. Especially when it involves harassing people by orders of thugs.

For years of Obama’s presidency, his lapdogs in U.S. embassies have practiced face control visa policy under mawkish slogans of “partnership” and “cultural exchange”. Many young persons of non-typical (for Russia) visage got their visa petitions rejected against all rules and regulations, just because Obamaists have slient orders from Kremlin not to allow those few citizens of Russia who are not drunk imbeciles to visit U.S, or (oh deary dear) get an opportunity to stay here.

Indeed, if those few decent people would come to U.S., get a decent job, live a honest life and suddenly tell people there that Great Wise Peacemaker is really a thug-loving bullshitter, having plenty of experience to back their words, could be a true disaster for libtards. Welcoming russian filth and scum, happy with reset and in fact anything while they have enough vodka and free stuff seems to be MUCH safer for liberal asses of Obamaists. And it’s not an exaggeration. All kinds of russian scum – thugs, drunkards, prostitutes, terrorists – are being welcomed by libtards both for visiting U.S. and partying in the Embassy. All of them are getting U.S. visas without a problem.

However, hidden truth has a nasty ability to get out with quite a bang. And the uglier it was, the stronger it hurts. This time it got those who were confident about their impunity and safety, right in the kisser. That could be funny, if things much more important than safety of some dumb liberal russophile losers weren’t at the stake.

Even in the most chilly times of Cold War standoff, in the very heart of Evil Empire, ruskies didn’t dare to use such, literally, shitty methods to “show Kuzka’s mother” to their American rivals. And since the end of Cold War, Russia hasn’t become any stronger – quite the opposite. Unfortunately, Obama’s administration definitely surpassed ruskies in arts of degradation, allowing each and every small-time commie thug to bend once great country to their perverted thuggish will, fanatically considering this suicidal, treacherous grotesque appeasement-for-all policy their highest humanitarian achievement in the universe.

Russian Fears


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Saw this article by Olga Nezhnikova on UAinfo today. Not something extraordinary for Ukrainians to say but most of Westerners definitely lack such kind of mental clarity and resolve regarding Russia. So I chose it for translation, adding several links and footnotes for better understanding.

You know why I don’t believe that Russia can become a normal country, not even in distant future? Reason isn’t really Putin alone or zombie propaganda, folks. And comparisons to Hitler’s Germany won’t do here as well.

Now I’m observing some kind of chemical action in dumb ruskie ass-heads. Currently, regarding the bridge named after Kadyrov Sr. and Mannerheim plaque1 in St.Petersburg. Ruskies are just outraged, unable to get it. And some of them, those who were fire-farting for their tzar only several months ago, now have skimpy nervous impulses burrowing through putrefactive matter in their heads. Like, “maybe the tzar is not genuine”2 after all?

But the problem isn’t that it will end in failure and no one comes out to protest. Even with protests, nothing will change basically. Even with overthrow – NOTHING will change. The problem is that those 86%, or 90%, or whatsoever are absolutely immoral by their nature. Like amoebas, or liver flukes, or staphylococcus. They simply don’t have genes responsible for morality and decency.

Putin didn’t turn russians into such creatures. On the contrary, russians chose that fish-eyed pathetic bald mongrel to praise as their tzar. And if yesterday they all were straining their asses with eyes popping out to endorse Putin who “taught those damn Ukries3 a lesson” and “scared the entire world”, today they’re whispering to each other carefully – what if things would preserve that course, will the renounce of Crimea become imminent in the end?

The biggest fear of ruskies, making them sleepless in cold sweat at night, is that someday they’ll be forced to return what they stole. To give up dreams of “russian world” and “radioactive ashes”. To apologize for their thuggish escapades. What such a creature will do, realizing that the tzar is not genuine? It will come and find another tzar, big bad one who won’t be “pissing himself” and will “nuke those damn pindoses for good”!

Slowly, understanding of a fact that Putin is a small-time wimpish street thug comes to russians. Very slowly, but it happens. Not with everyone, not en masse yet – just like lone first swallows. But there is completely no understanding of their own abominations and it’s not gonna change. And that is the most terrible thing.


  1. Concerning the Washington Post material. Before evil Finns have decided to side with even more evil Germans in WW2 and watch in vicious rapture how poor kind-hearted rusisans are dying in Leningrad, there was a little event named Winter War. In which USSR attacked Finland, repeatedly bombed Finnish cities and captured Karelian Isthmus. But politically correct idiots from AP apparently have their own version of History, “strangely” resembling commie bullshit.

  2. A catchphrase from well-known Soviet comedy, humorously depicting outrage of serfs.

  3. Newly invented russian ethnic slur for Ukrainians.


Often, I see how common people without fancy education and overwhelming set of academic degrees are demonstrating much better understanding of politics (and reality in general) than specially prepared elitists. Russians are indeed nation of congenital subhuman thugs with unsatisfiable lust for wars and genocide that can’t be even peacefully isolated, let alone converted to civilized one.

Currently, it’s problem of Ukraine mostly, but by either deliberate denial of reality or corrupt servitude to Kremlin, Western elites are pushing the world towards dreadful times when russian thuggery will become everybody’s problem.


May Surprises


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It’s definitely not a good month to be a ruskie. “Victory day” debauchery not attended even by most loyal asslickers (who obviously became more careful after Yanukovich’s escapade), then Ukrainians win Eurovision first prize and finally one of the most famous enemies of Mordor, Nadiya Savchenko, comes back home in POW exchange – having her courageous spirit completely undamaged despite all hardships of captivity.

nadezhda_MsKrIe2.1200Unlike politically correct dummies, I have no doubts that Savchenko was innocent and russian court proceedings were just another piece of their wannabe-GULAG politics. But speaking in bare terms of jurisprudence, besides acknowledging that ONE Ukrainian girl is worth TWO pampered GRU (Spetsnaz) goons, putin has pardoned Savchenko bypassing his own laws exactly by Sharia law that allows to close a court case if victim’s relatives “forgive” the defendant. And that means, this time putin really pooped in his KGB pants.

Looks like he learned Sharia trick from Kadyrov while polishing his boots in Chechnya. Too bad no one in Russia will notice, being busy with involuntary Sputnik disease so common amongst ruskie patriots during this May.


Revisionism Revised – Part III


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Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

An ancient wisdom

Though Hellstorm authors did a thorough job exposing Allied war crimes, their narrative regarding Soviet ones is very facile, bearing resemblance to National Socialist propaganda. Like a horde of mongoloid savages incited by evil Jews with poor russians somewhere in between enduring horrors of war. I’ll return to those stereotypes later; now it’s time for little-known facts about dear friends of western Allies, important not only for understanding who was who in the past. Modern impunity of a terrorist state named Russia is in fact a continuance of things that happened in WW2 – unfortunately, mostly missed in Hellstorm.

Many terrible things are being told in documentary about Dwight Eisenhower. However, not a single word about his warm relations with commies. I can’t understand why Hellstorm authors were so reluctant even to mention Eisenhower’s russian counterpart and dear friend, soviet marshal Georgy Zhukov. Like it was said centuries ago, friends can describe someone as good as personal dossier. The following facts are not classified; they can be found in open sources and books, but most of them remain in original (Russian or Ukrainian) language. As far as I know excellent works by Viktor Suvorov on this matter (“Shadow of Victory”, “Marshal of (Cou)Rage1”) have never been translated into English. Even revisionists pay a little attention to such facts (and that’s one of their biggest mistakes).

Everyone in revisionist community knows about Soviet war crimes in Europe, but very little is known about Soviet war crimes in USSR. A nickname “The Butcher” wasn’t provided to Zhukov for nothing. Even the most vile deeds of Eisenhower look like childish play compared to what Zhukov used to do – with his own people.

Beginning his career in Tsarist Empire cavalry he quickly changed his allegiance in 1918, becoming a Red Army volunteer. After taking part in a number of genocidal raids against own population that opposed Soviet regime (gassing villages, executing peasants during Tambov unrest etc.), he was quickly promoted to Stalin’s favored circle of top dogs where he not only survived so-called “purge” in late 1930s but managed to advance even higher.

Even fellow commie goons were disgusted by Zhukov. Marshals Budyonny, Yeryomenko, Rokossovsky, Vasilevsky, Konev all like one remembered him as power-hungry and violent in their not-so-known notes. And his unlucky subordinates saw nothing more than extremely dumb, often drunk, sadistic perverted narcissistic asshole tyrant with typical thuggish habits of NKVD staff. If Zhukov was inspecting troops in some town, local boys (best friends and admirers of the military) had a non-stop watch to help officers avoid meeting him on the street. Yes, you got it right – officers of the “glorious” Red Army were running away from their own high commander.

In WW2 Zhukov demonstrated a complete lack of any strategic skills that cost his country millions of soldiers, countless amount of resources wasted in chaos of first days of war (thanks to “not answer to provocations” directive) and then catastrophic offensive operations. But he cared a little, openly boasting “we shouldn’t pity soldiers – women will give birth to more!”, if not using cannon fodder tactics to eliminate “enemy” people.

During the battle of Dnipro (Dnieper), that rabid Stalin’s dog ordered to send newly recruited untrained Ukrainians, often without any weapons right on German pillboxes – of course with NKVD SMGs pointed at their backs. And he spoke about that, literally, “Why the fuck we should arm those khokhols? They’re all traitors! The more we’ll drown in Dnieper now, the less we’ll have to deport to Siberia!”

The war still had one more year ahead but red scumbag Zhukov was already planning post-war genocide. His signature was under the order to deport all Ukrainians “familiar with life during German occupation” to Siberia. Crimean Tatars and small Caucasian nations shared the similar fate. Only a catastrophic lack of transport in post-war USSR prevented this from happening as planned.

That was not only one order of such kind signed by red butcher Zhukov. In 1941, he supported execution of hostages from POW families. Anyone captured by Germans was declared a “traitor” and subjected to death sentence (should he return from captivity by any means) as well as POW’s family members. In 1942, punishment was lowered to exile or GULAG term. In practice, some Soviet POWs were falsifying their data in German camps to save their families…

But let’s get back to the battlefield. Or more likely, safe rear where Zhukov preferred to dwell. In final days of the war, a supply truck passed his motorcade in attempt to deliver ammo to the battlefront collapsing before fierce German resistance. Hopping in rage, Zhukov sent his goons to chase and capture unfortunate truck driver, then tore his driving license to little shreds and ordered to, literally, “beat him up, piss on him and throw to ditch!” (Luckily for driver, he was released when rabid Stalin’s dog didn’t stay to watch how such orders will be enforced.)

As a marshal, Zhukov decided to loot like a boss and that’s where he crossed the line of basic russian rule “thou shalt not steal more than thy kingpin”. That could be an epic commie showdown, if not his buddies from high command (according to Victor Suvorov’s opinion, acting in fear of a second “purge” that could be triggered by Zhukov’s arrest). So the glorious thug was silently moved to less influential position with his “hero” status preserved and multiplied for the nation of serfs each new generation, later becoming one of untouchable idols of victory rabies cult that replaced Stalin himself in “history” written by red lackeys.

In 1956, Zhukov participated in suppression of Hungarian anti-communist revolution. For that the bastard was awarded with his 4th “Hero of the Soviet Union” star. He didn’t abandon his love towards butchering of own soldiers as well; in 1954 nuclear weapons have been tested on Soviet army live targets near Totskoye (Ural district) under his direct command.

Ruskies adore to portray their leaders as bearers of titanium balls, much helped by choir of Western dumbasses. Zhukov was no exception, being praised by russophiles for his fake machismo in the same way as now the corrupt Right glorifies thug Putin. And just as him, Zhukov loved to cry like a little girl. The reason could be promotion to lesser position than expected, lack of guests at New Year feast or denial of invitations to party meeting. Titanium balls indeed, as genuine as glorious russian photos and alive WW2 veterans with Tsarist Empire decorations.

Of course such an example of commie virtues was also very chaste in has personal life, preaching morality and family values at every opportunity. And having 4 “wives”, interloping and fighting each other (it’s only what was known for sure). And giving to his “field-campaign wife”2 Lidya Zakharova, officially, a simple nurse, Orders of the Red Star, the Red Banner and lieutenant’s rank (in Soviet medical troops, the highest rank allowed for nurses was a sergeant). Obviously for her moral “purity” of the same kind.

Knowing all that, I feel no slightest surprise being told about war crimes and post-war genocide made by commie-loving Eisenhower and his buddies. I wouldn’t expect anything other from anyone who befriends russian thugs with such a zeal that russophilia becomes a family tradition3. However, I am surprised by stupidity of the West that failed to realize an obvious thing: Regardless of loud statements of the past or mawkish speeches of modern days, it is NOT possible to stand for Justice in coalition with lowlife subhumans that embraced thuggery as a lifestyle. Those who claim otherwise have either no brains or no conscience.

The WW2 indeed was the worst in History, but not because of what Hellstorm authors are saying. It was the worst war in History because it has been waged in alliance with red thugs and in their favor by both of other main belligerents. Because its outcome made red thuggery a sacred cow, giving it right for existence and a free way to all kinds of dirty deals with red mafia state. Because it has allowed red thugs to torture and exterminate enslaved nations in a frenzy of thuggish impunity for many decades. And last but not least – because it created a solid basis for new Red Terror escapades and terrorist campaigns.

All that is result of befriending red thugs.



1. Language-specific wordplay. Direct translation would be “Marshal of Trouble”. Russian word for “victory” is “pobeda”, without two first letters this word turns into “trouble” (“beda”) which is often used in jokes, or in this case, in Suvorov’s bitter truth.

2. Soviet slang name for affairs with female army staff.

3. Eisenhower’s granddaughter went even further when she married Roald Sagdeev, whose lapdog efforts to support Soviet repressions are not being concealed even by PC media. (BTW, how did he manage to bypass U.S immigration law that forbids entry for inciting political persecutions?)