Revisionism Revised – Part III


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Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

An ancient wisdom

Though Hellstorm authors did a thorough job exposing Allied war crimes, their narrative regarding Soviet ones is very facile, bearing resemblance to National Socialist propaganda. Like a horde of mongoloid savages incited by evil Jews with poor russians somewhere in between enduring horrors of war. I’ll return to those stereotypes later; now it’s time for little-known facts about dear friends of western Allies, important not only for understanding who was who in the past. Modern impunity of a terrorist state named Russia is in fact a continuance of things that happened in WW2 – unfortunately, mostly missed in Hellstorm.

Many terrible things are being told in documentary about Dwight Eisenhower. However, not a single word about his warm relations with commies. I can’t understand why Hellstorm authors were so reluctant even to mention Eisenhower’s russian counterpart and dear friend, soviet marshal Georgy Zhukov. Like it was said centuries ago, friends can describe someone as good as personal dossier. The following facts are not classified; they can be found in open sources and books, but most of them remain in original (Russian or Ukrainian) language. As far as I know excellent works by Viktor Suvorov on this matter (“Shadow of Victory”, “Marshal of (Cou)Rage1”) have never been translated into English. Even revisionists pay a little attention to such facts (and that’s one of their biggest mistakes).

Everyone in revisionist community knows about Soviet war crimes in Europe, but very little is known about Soviet war crimes in USSR. A nickname “The Butcher” wasn’t provided to Zhukov for nothing. Even the most vile deeds of Eisenhower look like childish play compared to what Zhukov used to do – with his own people.

Beginning his career in Tsarist Empire cavalry he quickly changed his allegiance in 1918, becoming a Red Army volunteer. After taking part in a number of genocidal raids against own population that opposed Soviet regime (gassing villages, executing peasants during Tambov unrest etc.), he was quickly promoted to Stalin’s favored circle of top dogs where he not only survived so-called “purge” in late 1930s but managed to advance even higher.

Even fellow commie goons were disgusted by Zhukov. Marshals Budyonny, Yeryomenko, Rokossovsky, Vasilevsky, Konev all like one remembered him as power-hungry and violent in their not-so-known notes. And his unlucky subordinates saw nothing more than extremely dumb, often drunk, sadistic perverted narcissistic asshole tyrant with typical thuggish habits of NKVD staff. If Zhukov was inspecting troops in some town, local boys (best friends and admirers of the military) had a non-stop watch to help officers avoid meeting him on the street. Yes, you got it right – officers of the “glorious” Red Army were running away from their own high commander.

In WW2 Zhukov demonstrated a complete lack of any strategic skills that cost his country millions of soldiers, countless amount of resources wasted in chaos of first days of war (thanks to “not answer to provocations” directive) and then catastrophic offensive operations. But he cared a little, openly boasting “we shouldn’t pity soldiers – women will give birth to more!”, if not using cannon fodder tactics to eliminate “enemy” people.

During the battle of Dnipro (Dnieper), that rabid Stalin’s dog ordered to send newly recruited untrained Ukrainians, often without any weapons right on German pillboxes – of course with NKVD SMGs pointed at their backs. And he spoke about that, literally, “Why the fuck we should arm those khokhols? They’re all traitors! The more we’ll drown in Dnieper now, the less we’ll have to deport to Siberia!”

The war still had one more year ahead but red scumbag Zhukov was already planning post-war genocide. His signature was under the order to deport all Ukrainians “familiar with life during German occupation” to Siberia. Crimean Tatars and small Caucasian nations shared the similar fate. Only a catastrophic lack of transport in post-war USSR prevented this from happening as planned.

That was not only one order of such kind signed by red butcher Zhukov. In 1941, he supported execution of hostages from POW families. Anyone captured by Germans was declared a “traitor” and subjected to death sentence (should he return from captivity by any means) as well as POW’s family members. In 1942, punishment was lowered to exile or GULAG term. In practice, some Soviet POWs were falsifying their data in German camps to save their families…

But let’s get back to the battlefield. Or more likely, safe rear where Zhukov preferred to dwell. In final days of the war, a supply truck passed his motorcade in attempt to deliver ammo to the battlefront collapsing before fierce German resistance. Hopping in rage, Zhukov sent his goons to chase and capture unfortunate truck driver, then tore his driving license to little shreds and ordered to, literally, “beat him up, piss on him and throw to ditch!” (Luckily for driver, he was released when rabid Stalin’s dog didn’t stay to watch how such orders will be enforced.)

As a marshal, Zhukov decided to loot like a boss and that’s where he crossed the line of basic russian rule “thou shalt not steal more than thy kingpin”. That could be an epic commie showdown, if not his buddies from high command (according to Victor Suvorov’s opinion, acting in fear of a second “purge” that could be triggered by Zhukov’s arrest). So the glorious thug was silently moved to less influential position with his “hero” status preserved and multiplied for the nation of serfs each new generation, later becoming one of untouchable idols of victory rabies cult that replaced Stalin himself in “history” written by red lackeys.

In 1956, Zhukov participated in suppression of Hungarian anti-communist revolution. For that the bastard was awarded with his 4th “Hero of the Soviet Union” star. He didn’t abandon his love towards butchering of own soldiers as well; in 1954 nuclear weapons have been tested on Soviet army live targets near Totskoye (Ural district) under his direct command.

Ruskies adore to portray their leaders as bearers of titanium balls, much helped by choir of Western dumbasses. Zhukov was no exception, being praised by russophiles for his fake machismo in the same way as now the corrupt Right glorifies thug Putin. And just as him, Zhukov loved to cry like a little girl. The reason could be promotion to lesser position than expected, lack of guests at New Year feast or denial of invitations to party meeting. Titanium balls indeed, as genuine as glorious russian photos and alive WW2 veterans with Tsarist Empire decorations.

Of course such an example of commie virtues was also very chaste in has personal life, preaching morality and family values at every opportunity. And having 4 “wives”, interloping and fighting each other (it’s only what was known for sure). And giving to his “field-campaign wife”2 Lidya Zakharova, officially, a simple nurse, Orders of the Red Star, the Red Banner and lieutenant’s rank (in Soviet medical troops, the highest rank allowed for nurses was a sergeant). Obviously for her moral “purity” of the same kind.

Knowing all that, I feel no slightest surprise being told about war crimes and post-war genocide made by commie-loving Eisenhower and his buddies. I wouldn’t expect anything other from anyone who befriends russian thugs with such a zeal that russophilia becomes a family tradition3. However, I am surprised by stupidity of the West that failed to realize an obvious thing: Regardless of loud statements of the past or mawkish speeches of modern days, it is NOT possible to stand for Justice in coalition with lowlife subhumans that embraced thuggery as a lifestyle. Those who claim otherwise have either no brains or no conscience.

The WW2 indeed was the worst in History, but not because of what Hellstorm authors are saying. It was the worst war in History because it has been waged in alliance with red thugs and in their favor by both of other main belligerents. Because its outcome made red thuggery a sacred cow, giving it right for existence and a free way to all kinds of dirty deals with red mafia state. Because it has allowed red thugs to torture and exterminate enslaved nations in a frenzy of thuggish impunity for many decades. And last but not least – because it created a solid basis for new Red Terror escapades and terrorist campaigns.

All that is result of befriending red thugs.



1. Language-specific wordplay. Direct translation would be “Marshal of Trouble”. Russian word for “victory” is “pobeda”, without two first letters this word turns into “trouble” (“beda”) which is often used in jokes, or in this case, in Suvorov’s bitter truth.

2. Soviet slang name for affairs with female army staff.

3. Eisenhower’s granddaughter went even further when she married Roald Sagdeev, whose lapdog efforts to support Soviet repressions are not being concealed even by PC media. (BTW, how did he manage to bypass U.S immigration law that forbids entry for inciting political persecutions?)

Lowly Heights


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Being pro-marijuana has become a vital part of “progressive” trend those days, apparently secondary in liberal’s wishlist only to gun bans and homosexual mock-marriage. And when something is labeled as “progressive”, it’s automatically recognized as the only right opinion by crowd of tantrum-happy pioneers eager to force facts into submission. Just as in case of homosexual mock family unions, the entire countries are falling into marijuana legalization hysteria while banning the most basic things like self-defense or driving.

It’s time for another unpopular debunking of mainstream myths. Scientists (at least those who refused to bend over) are speaking about impact that marijuana has on brain/nerves; however, talking in terms of experience and logic (well-known to be feared by liberals as much as armed and thinking population) can be even more baneful than naked science for mainstream lies. I have no goal of convincing drug users to quit (there is plenty of dedicated organizations for that purpose) but I do hope that my stuff can help in fighting loudmouth trolls, ready to shove their “if-you-disagree-you-are-moldy-chauvinist” agenda in every face they encounter.

flush-weedThe first (and most stupid) argument of marijuana activists is that their beloved plants are “natural” and even related to some (here comes the name of a popular food/beverage ingredient), therefore they can bring no harm. Well, the death cap is related to some edible mushrooms closely enough to cause a mistake with rather morbid consequences. And it’s 100% natural as well as infamous Aconitum. People used to kill each other with NATURAL poisons long before they invented chemistry because Nature, just like Technology, can’t be kind or evil per se.

Speaking of kind side of Nature, some claim that they need cannabis as painkillers; regardless of credibility of such demands (always questionable when drug dealing is lurking around), it doesn’t mean that marijuana-based medicine should be freely available. Just imagine what happens if pharmacies begin to sell codeine or whatever-amine drugs over the counter like aspirine. The world is far from perfection and that’s why there is such a thing as prescription.

The next pro-marijuana statement is “stoners aren’t aggressive, unlike drinkers”. It’s hard to gather documentary evidence on this matter as one should carry on a very unusual investigation, infiltrating both camps with apparent irreversible changes of credibility. I consider it a self-created hippie stereotype. Their showoff pacifist attitude was hard to miss (what all leftists have beneath mawkish pacifist talking is another story) but it’s barely an effect of “magic weed”, since mindset as basis for the subculture doesn’t come in drug form. One should remember that rappers and chavs (both are definitely far from non-violence) actually “relax” the same way as hippies do, having nothing against whacking someone “for fun”. Maybe even the very hippie that farmed the very “peace weed” they’ve been smoking. Shit happens.

Also, an important detail is being habitually omitted here – “not violent” is NOT equal to “not causing trouble”. Self-destruction by means of drugs or alcohol is a personal choice, but unfortunately, (ab)users always live in a society which suffers consequences of their “fun” often more than abusers themselves. Would you like, for example, to live in apartment block underneath a bunch of fiesta-happy stoners (by some reason they can’t get stoned alone) or share the highway with some dunce who considers it cool to play 2F2F after some “pot therapy”? Especially when their doped asses can’t be locked up cause drugs are legal and junkie hullabaloo is considered “absolutely normal” in oh-so-progressive society…

Speaking of incarceration, next mantra in a row is that legalization of their dear weed can somehow curb drug-related crimes. As if drug dealers would cast ashes on their heads, march in organized rows to register their “businesses”, renounce other related activities that are still unlawful (scrap stockpiles of illegal guns, burn down (still) illegal meth labs etc) then sit around the fire and have a big happy “peace joint” singing kumbaya. Seriously, this typically liberal attempt to de-criminalize crime reminds me of allowing perverts to wander into restroom regardless of ladies/gents sign, under slogan of “human rights”. Becoming legislated, bad things turn only worse.

Another problem here is, organized crime and black market exist regardless of free availability. Russian vodka has been a state monopoly since times of Tsarist Empire. Considering Gorby’s unfortunate experience, they cut down vodka prices each time when their shithouse is about to go up in flames and it really works like charm (86% support for dickhead putin is no laughing matter). However, it never stopped moonshiners who offer “extra kick” cheap shitty booze diluted with chemicals to yokels and wage epic wars over clientele or just bust each other’s heads over some roubles. A matter of culture and morality (or lack of any) mostly. If someone wants to kill over a stock of drugs/moonshine he’ll do it no matter if the stock is legal or not.

Some claim that many weed smokers are very civilized, successful and wealthy persons, showing fancy employment/salary/family statistics. Hardly a proof, since such examples are hand-picked and one can be a trouble-maker regardless of personal wealth. Living in South America, I’ve seen rich neighborhoods full of elitist good-for-nothing assholes who regularly get themselves stoned, then yell like horny monkeys and blast some crappy degenerative “music” all night or go racing their pimped rice burners. And all of them indeed have fancy corporate jobs that allow to do nothing while getting wads of cash to have such a “civilized” life.

And the last of stoner’s trump cards is that marijuana “makes people happy”. Well, if someone considers it good to achieve happiness with mind-altering drug and has no REAL things to do in this life that can make him/her happy in truly NATURAL way, it’s definitely not a thing to boast with.

No surprise that the absolute majority of pro-marijuana crowd demonstrates fanatical support of leftism and this sympathy is mutual. Liberals truly couldn’t have wished for a better electorate that doesn’t even need brainwashing. In a typical state of mind shifted to lowly heights of cheap fake pleasures, in artificially created feeling of no-responsibility, they have finally found a perfect cure for all problems in the world. Everyone is happy, everything is fine, no wars gonna happen. All troubles can be easily fixed with a new reefer… well, unless unfortunate stoner finds himself beyond any reefers. And any mortal trouble.

Russian morality 10: partnership edition


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An old proverb in russian interpretation says, what a sober man has in his mind drunk has on his tongue.

Scumbag named Vladimir Zhirinovsky is truly a drunk tongue of Kremlin. Whatever they are planning in their secret rooms, he wanders into talk shows as a boozed skomorokh and blabbers out all putin’s dreams, just like after bombing in Brussels.

“Acts of terrorism will happen all over the Europe! And this IS PROFITABLE FOR US! Let them croak and drop dead!”

Looks like russian thug has completely lost last pieces of any caution. No surprise when his kind is so welcome by “hostile West”. Personally Zhirik has his grandchildren living in the very Europe he wants to see “croaking” and a warm welcome in U.S. embassy.

scumbag-feastNot alone, of course. Another pig-faced russian scumbag clearly recognizable on the same event (July 4 in Moscow U.S. embassy) is his buddy Vsevolod Chaplin, famous by his “orthodox Taliban” rabid obscurantist agenda. And those two cases are just an example from ocean of russian shit that floods the West.scumbag-feast-2BTW, both worked in OSCE that, just like all pioneers of “human rights” and “democracy” seems to have no problem partnering murdeorus terroRussian thugs and their scumbag leaders.

Still wondering why no one can win so-called “War on Terror?”

European Insanity


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“Those who sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither.”

-Benjamin Franklin

I’m completely unsurprised by what’s going on in Europe.

It may be shocking for some people living far away but I’ve been watching it from the inside while trying to stand my ground there. And I saw enough in the past to see now that evil “rapefugee” thugs didn’t come out of nowhere. Neither did their fellow native scumbags (that any nation has) or red mafia comrades. By evident reasons, homegrown, let alone russian thugs and rapists won’t be targeted by RTBS-sputnik-lifenews lapdogs who erupt scary stories about “evil Islamist rapists” each new day, trying to get the world’s attention after their miserable failure to paint Ukraine as “evil Nazi junta”. (The most notorious example was a fake story of 13-year-old russian girl Lisa gang-raped by migrants. How russian of them, nation of commie rapists condemns rape. Just like rebuking the very war they started in Ukraine.) Negative credibility of ruskies is not a subject of discussion – it’s a fact clearly seen by any reasonable person now. Unfortunately, their politically correct “opponents”* aren’t much better in terms of trustworthiness so it can be quite challenging to understand what’s really going on in Europe without any stereotypes made either in Moscow that suddenly chose to stand for Europeans (just like their boy-loving kingpin putin “protects family values” or their soviet predecessors stood for “peace in entire world”), or Brussels where officials will sing kumbaya even while being raped themselves.

With a simple analysis of open facts from preceding “peaceful” years of EU one can get an evident picture, definitely not pleasant for both leftist crowd and their “far-right” opposition (that has nothing to do with the true Right**). Neither it speaks good about common Europeans, who most likely will be mad at me for slaying their sacred cows. Well, it’s always easy to label people and be mad at them; to be responsible for own actions is another story. As I was unable to do things my way in Europe, I left and didn’t feel a slightest regret since. The following reasonings and conclusions are for those who can understand at least what personality is and consider more things in this world than “happiness-unity-diversity” mantra.

The fact to begin with is, there ARE thugs, rapists, thieves and hoodlums amongst asylum seekers as well as amongst any other group of people taken randomly. But here, right where abuse of facts tends to start, a reasonable man should always ask several simple questions.

1) Isn’t impunity for all criminals one of the most desired liberal dreams?

2) Aren’t foreign thugs sharing the same impunity with native ones in mawkish liberal Europe?

3) Isn’t that attractive for scumbags who won’t think too long about relocation, especially facing incarceration, showdown or lynching in their homeland? (If non-violent Hindus are getting that angry at rapists, it’s easy to imagine what can happen in some Islamic country…)

4) Wasn’t the current state of affairs a result of long-term policy and who is responsible then?

Non-violence always was a liberal’s favorite trump card. Who can resist promises to live in paradise where one doesn’t need to worry about prevention of crime and safety is guaranteed by the Big Wise State? Who needs to enforce Law and Order and be vigilant when everybody loves each other? Only some moldy, trigger-happy cowboys and their southern bandido neighbors that can never understand the joy and enlightenment of EU. Too bad it didn’t work for Europeans when real challenges came around.

No proof is required to understand that trouble is bound to bring most disastrous results when the people are unprepared to face it, either physically or emotionally; matters can be worsened even further by renouncing rational course of action for the sake of political agenda. Which is exactly what European leftists have done in fanatical attempts to create a fake image of borderless hippie utopia.

In Europe, any perpetrator that commits a typical crime against personality (rape, assault, battery) is granted with, first of all, street impunity. Not only common people are disarmed, thus having no chance against gorilla-sized thug (or a bunch of not so big thugs). Even improvised non-lethal self-defense is criminalized in oh-so-humane Europe that apparently values scum more than honest people. And that has begun not just recently; reports from years back are showing the same pattern of thuggery encouraged by impunity. Hit a booze, team up with buddies of the same degenerate kind and beat someone who can’t respond.

While the citizens have no right for self-defense, police forces are unable, unwilling or forbidden to fight ANY thuggery effectively, not just Islamic or African one. A few people remember about commie protests in France of 1968 – very similar to modern European riots. With the same purpose of getting free stuff and impunity, but a little difference: the protesters were ethnic Frenchmen. And back then, the Gendarmerie failed as miserably as they did in 2005. Or doing it every day, plain and simple, just doing nothing in their fancy uniforms as most of their EU colleagues.

As final warranty of impunity, there is always kid gloves treatment in courts, race card defense if applicable (if not, “human feelings” of scumbag work just fine) and (better to say, IF the case ends in prison term) incarceration conditions comparable to some kind of resort hotel. Even for mass murderers and terrorists. So I think the first two questions above had been thoroughly answered – there is nothing “inside-out-Nazi” with European migrant crisis. All scumbags are equally happy in libtard dystopia named EU, regardless of their skin color. Third question is mostly a rhetorical one. Of course European migration policy sucks – bit does it alone or there is something much more serious?

Regardless of what PC crowd is chanting, democracy reflects national character of its people, not the same in two different countries. My readers should know already that I came to South America after leaving EU. There is enough of libtards and power-hungry wannabe tzars but living in several of its countries I’ve never faced thuggery like in oh-so-civilized Europe, despite all that bandido Latino image (created mostly by scaremonger media and slum-dwelling gringo backpackers). Of course South America has its own flaws but its main and ultimate superiority in comparison to politically correct Europe is that people do not find it fancy to be miserable. Impoverishment is a problem indeed but not a fetish unlike in EU, where the natives absolutely voluntarily renounce powerful electronics, household appliances, accessible fast food, cars… What’s worse, where Latinos don’t give a damn or openly spit on liberal inventions, Europeans sing in sheeple choir “Baa baa, this is good for us!” gladly bowing to any insane will of liberals or just afraid to be labeled as “moldy chauvinists”.

I’ve mentioned non-political stuff not without a reason and not for the first time. I wouldn’t expect much of resolve from someone who enjoys to be miserable at home. Hippie-minded Europeans were coming towards what they have now at full throttle (or better to say, pushing pedals like crazy), electing liberal tzar officials and politicians who at first disarmed the population, then banned basic things that every free and reasonable man should possess, then turned simple stuff into caste privileges and finally made everyone into miserable walking targets. Now Europeans are complaining to government about the very results of their own course of action, having in fact no one to blame but themselves. If one not only finds it fancy to be miserable and defenseless, but also prevents those who still have some brains left from straightening out the situation (it’s enough to look at any forum where anti-gun, anti-car, Evil Global Warming fanatics face people from America to see all European hatred towards a lifestyle not dictated by libtards), he has to prepare for consequences. Like living in Orwellian dystopia where Personality is a foreign term and someone is more equal than others.

Speaking of Personality, I see no faction in modern EU that could show a true respect towards it. On the left, there are commie fanatics labeling as “Nazi” anyone not agreed with their insane suicidal projects. On the other side (supposed to be right), a bunch of National Socialists dreaming of Great Wise State that should care about people and banish all the criminals. And between them, a huge liberal crowd chanting “non-violence” slogans, trying to fight troubles with flowers, teddy bears and clown attire.

They have differences indeed but all three ideologies share the same leftist contempt towards a single most important thing: Dignity of a Personality not enveloped by stereotypical crowd. And the same leftist love affairs with Moscow. Therefore I do not see any chance to reclaim Law and Order in modern Europe where the last representatives of true Right were Lech Kaczynski and his Government, whose murder was silenced by lackeys of Moscow.

Without getting rid of pathologically leftist, insane self-humiliating mindset, Europeans aren’t going to do anything with, let’s finally call the thing with its own name, rampant street thuggery. Let alone international thuggery, especially one that comes out of Kremlin and BTW has A LOT to do with refugee crisis in the West.


*Just remember who were the best friends of thug Putin before the Maidan Revolution.

**Before trying to object, find at least one European faction that stands for the laws in favor of Personality (like small Government, armed self-defense, castle doctrine, Stand Your Ground rule, easy driving license regulations, promotion of little businesses…) and doesn’t share Moscow love affairs with their PC rivals.

Russian morality 8: wildlife protection edition


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Showoff mock-crane flight of KGB thug putin has caused a lot of praise amongst brainless libtard junkies. I wonder how their farter will explode when the real russian wildlife treatment comes to light.

Here, ruskie polar station staff planted an improvised explosive devise to bear’s food and filmed the result with traditional joyful “russian mat” imbecile comments. Not something new for a nation of sadistic subhumans with long-term traditions of animal abuse (example #1, example #2) and perverted terrorism.

Revisionism Revised – Part II


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The aforementioned facts create an easy impression that 3rd Reich and USSR were equally evil. Equally totalitarian, anti-human, militarist countries, so it was OK to help any of those two to eradicate another one without much difference. Even in such case it doesn’t speak very high of Western politicians who considered it possible to make a deal with either side, leaving entire nations to mercy of evil chosen by a bunch of smart-ass analysts; but the real matters were much more hideous and vile than that.

No ideology can exist, let alone be researched in pure paper form. Unfortunately, the latter is exactly what historians (both mainstream and revisionist) are trying to bring about in their studies and politicians are using as cornerstone for all real-life actions. Meanwhile, the truth is so simple and natural that most people fail to see it, seeking for complex theories instead of perceiving the reality as it is. Or was.

All emotions aside, let’s compare the good, the bad and the ugly things in 3rd Reich and USSR.

Third Reich


Concentration camps,

death squads

Used to incarcerate and eliminate political opponents, evident Jews and gypsies.1

Used to eliminate entire “enemy” society classes and ethnicities, outstanding individuals or just anyone caught to meet the plan2.


Self-made man. Military veteran. Political prisoner.

Habitual felon without any proper education or military career.

Political freedom

Anything not hostile to official doctrine was tolerated.

Not praising official doctrine or even non-reporting disagreement with it was enough for prison term.3

Economic freedom

Private property. Private ownership of means of production.

“No private property” doctrine. All means of production belonged to state. Farm ownership was effectively banned.4

Protest activities


Always punished by GULAG terms or death.

Gun control

Selectively-restrictive, banning weapon possession for Jews.

Restrictive, banning private possession of all handguns6

Famine genocide

(w/o death camps)

No famine cases known

Artificially created, regular famine as communist method of holding the power

Industry, technology

Rapid advance thanks to (then) famous German engineering and favoring regulations.

Forced industrialization that relied on slave labor. Traditional lagging in terms of quality and reliability.

Experiments on humans

Carried out with a purpose to create superior soldiers.

Carried out with a purpose to create ape-human hybrid.7


To create a great European empire for Germans and their allies without regard to “inferior” nations.

World domination a.k.a. “World revolution”

An ideal citizen

“Aryan” human being granted with superior physical abilities and beauty, loyal to his/her country and leader.

Lowborn proletarian.

1. Passports in 3rd Reich had no “ethnicity” mark, unlike in USSR. Many not-so-evident (by appearance and given name) Jews have been able to avoid persecution, enlist the military or even help the regime serving in police forces. Now those facts are abused in all ways possible by sensation-happy conspiracy theorists.

Moreover, before coming to “final solution” Nazis tried different ways to banish “unwanted” people from Germany. In contrast to that, commies practiced ultimate eradication of “public enemies” since 1917.

2. There was a plan for everything in USSR. Even for number of “public enemies” to be arrested and executed (top secret evidence, very unpleasant for ruskies and their comrades).

3. Soviet laws determined “non-reporting of anti-soviet speeches and activities” (virtually anything could be interpreted as the latter) as act of treason punishable by long-term GULAG incarceration.

4. Peasants, forced into kolkhoz, were forbidden to have a passport until 1974. In fact that was restoration of serfdom with full state monopoly.

5. The most noticeable example was protest of German women married to Jews at Rosenstraße, Berlin in 1943. Not only the protesters avoided any harm; their arrested husbands were granted full amnesty.

6. The handgun ban enforced by bolsheviks still remains in effect in modern Russia.

7. When the relevance and usefulness of such subhuman “experiments” became obsolete, the Soviets switched to experimenting on human brains, most likely with the same purpose. Try to use a Web translator on this unique material if you can’t read Russian.

Did you notice that columns aren’t named “National Socialism” and “Communism?”

Like I said, there is no bare ideology without people who follow it. And here, we see a very interesting (and very politically incorrect) thing: even creating evil totalitarian regimes, not all nations are doing it in the same way. That’s why population of territories once conquered by Soviets (Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Caucasus) was greeting advancing Germans and many people willingly joined the Wehrmacht or even SS troops. Racial theory was the last thing they were thinking about. I’ll return to that matter later on.

Knowing no words of Conscience and Honor, Stalin was about to act just like in times of his political career when he backstabbed his way to the top. One must admit that Germans were smart and brave enough to strike first facing imminent threat of red invasion***, therefore saving at least the Western Europe from being completely overrun by red thugs but again, it’s hardly a merit of Stalin-loving, russophilic Nazi administration that planned co-existence with USSR. Being inferior in numbers but far more superior in skills and morale, Germans almost brought an end to enemy of all humankind – unfortunately, saved by corruption of Allied powers. And by “corruption” here I do not mean fighting against Hitler’s regime (like many revisionists do). I mean fighting in favor of Stalin’s regime of congenital thugs and subhumans.


*** Suvorov’s “Ice-breaker” is the best piece of analysis here. However, there are many other mutually independent sources like memoirs of German soldiers or civilian witnesses that confirm the fact of Soviet offense preparations.


Unexpected Justice


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This day obviously was not good for KGB thug Putin and horde of his trolls who are running amok in the Web, erupting BS on full-auto with a jet farter. Well, that happens each time when ruskies, instead of impunity they already get used to have, get their commie asses kicked by smaller and supposedly weaker opponent they were about to harass. Apparently ruskies thought that Turks will just sit down there and count number of airspace violations with deeply concerned look on their faces (like Sweden or Baltic states).

Turkey_240-animated-flag-gifsWay to go, Turkey. That’s a good reminder to sissyfied West what should be done with drunk goblins in flying dumpsters who consider the world their playground.

Revisionism Revised – Part I


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I’ve started working on this article as soon as I saw the Hellstorm documentary; unfortunately, due to events in real life its completion took several months but the subject remains relevant regardless. As I tried to tell more on every particular thing, what was supposed to be a review turned into large self-sufficient essay, inspired by the Hellstorm. It will be published in parts as they will undergo the finial editing. Thanks for your patience.

It has been a while since I published anything related to History. Now it’s update time for a very special reason: a new revisionist project under the uproarious name Hellstorm which I just couldn’t pass by.

First of all, I recommend everyone who missed the thing to see it. The movie is completely free to download in either English or German version (and maybe watch online if you manage to find some re-upload not banned by PC media lapdogs), the book will cost you a little price. Be warned, it’s not a thing to watch before you go to bed. Especially if you are not familiar with the basics.

Selective censorship is a well-known feature of mainstream giants like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc., always happy to ban anything that offends their set of chosen sacred cow groups but completely indifferent to blatant hate propaganda and lie from terroRussia. A worldwide ban of Hellstorm is actually a good sign, meaning that it carries a message that can provoke thinking instead of regurgitating liberal mantras. The quality of this message is another question. There is always enough of single-sentence praising (and single-word hate) feedback, while the deep thinking is somewhat mostly avoided by both haters and followers of revisionism.

In my opinion, the entire revisionist movement (which I classify as everyone looking for alternative to mainstream “history” with “good Allies-bad Nazis-suffering Soviets” dogma) needs a reasonable word not formed by stereotypes, either liberal or revisionist ones. Unfortunately, revisionists seem to like stereotypes as much as everyone else.

No matter how accurate and thorough revisionist works are, they all suffer the same kind of disease. Everything is worth reading/watching/listening, unless judgments and conclusions begin. Almost every revisionist Website, book or documentary seems to be plagued with same political stereotypes inherited from National Socialism that often prevent the righteous words from being heard – cause those right words are being said for the wrong reason. Like “there is nothing bad about National Socialism”*.

People may be at each other’s throats arguing about real numbers of Holocaust, existence of gas chambers etc (not without a ground**) but everyone seems to miraculously forget the essence of National Socialism, manifestly represented in its very name. Socialism will always be socialism, no matter of its red, brown or even rainbow lean. Society first and personality last, if mentioned at all. For those who disagree there is always a vacant place in either GULAG or concentration camp. (Or mawkish repressive libtard machine of EUSSR that crushes the Soul instead of body.)

That’s why before the 1941 both -ISMS seemed to be a perfect marriage of monsters sharing Eurasian territory. German troops being educated in USSR, joint military parades, death camp experience exchange (even the infamous Gaswagen was a russian invention!) and as filthy apotheosis, devouring of Europe piece by piece, finished in Poland where two beasts met each other with a friendly handshake.

Similar, but NOT the same.



*For those who have difficulties understanding evident things: pro-German and pro-Nazi are two very different things.

**All “evidence of genocide” from Soviet occupation zone, such as soap and leather stuff from “human material”, death camp equipment etc. has been fabricated in NKVD. Trusting russian “experts” is like allowing gang members into jury.