Russian morality 13: dissident edition


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Not so long ago, both Russian and Western libtards have been worshiping human right activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva. Now they are definitely not happy with this video, showing their idol kissing hands of KGB thug Putin like a low serf.

Here is the full unedited footage.

And the actual moment.

Note that this very moment has been cut from the videos published by both official Kremlin propaganda and lapdog “opposition” outlets. Looks like ruskies tried to cover up a true relationship of their so-called dissidents and commie thug, too bad (for them) that truth has a persistent tendency to come out.

Like country, like dissidents. Such is the nature of “human rights” business in Russia – twaddle mawkish speeches, suck on some fancy grant from Big Politically Correct Organization (that in turn sucks on Western taxpayers’ pockets) and be a KGB b#tch.


Brain Jammers – Hillary Edition


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Another one of brain jammer series, targeting Clinton worshipers whose psychopathic hysteria seems to have no end – as well as their completely groundless feeling of self-righteousness.

I just couldn’t refrain from provoking some more of special snowflake frenzy.

  1. Do you consider Hillary a pro-women politician?

  2. If so, what about her dreams to enforce gun control that would effectively leave most of women defenseless against violent assailants?

  3. Do you think that Hillary’s politics would have meant a bright future for the economy?

  4. If so, what about decay of American industry and loss of millions of jobs due to repressive environmental regulations, so favored by modern-day Democrats?

  5. Do you consider Hillary supporters really progressive, civilized, tolerant and enlightened people (and Trump’s supporters uncivil moldy chauvinists)?

  6. If so, what about multiple, systematic acts of violence, open incitement to commit pogroms, acts of terrorism and coup d’etat, let alone rape? Can you provide at least one example of Republican voters acting like that after their candidate’s defeat?
  7. Do you think that Hillary really cares for peace and well-being of the world?

  8. If so, what about bloodshed in Syria and Ukraine, where ruskies were doing just whatever they wanted thanks to democratic smart-ass policy of “red lines” and “resets”?

  9. Do you consider Hillary’s agenda anti-Putinist/Russian?

  10. If so, what do you think of her husband’s cozy businesses with Moscow, her uranium deal, russian reset already mentioned before and last but not least, giving ruskies full access to American nuclear facilities?

No Shame Nation


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Recent events in Russia caused quite an uproar amongst progressive Westerners, always eager to support brand new democratic candidates for Russian presidency. (Especially with taxpayers’ money pumped to various Big Fancy foundations.) And any protest is good, isn’t it? It will make bad Putin very afraid and maybe even force him to resign, giving all power to some young, wise and just cute manager. Like Navalny.

Well, that’s what worshipers of democracy are thinking. Being familiar with their other beliefs like taking away guns to reduce crime, I’m absolutely not surprised; logic never was their strong side. And russian liberals seemingly inherited the trait, adding a mandatory genuine taste of their never-ending GULAG.

First of all, it’s hard to describe the amount of stupidity in idea to change one bad guy for another bad guy. Even sources like politically correct Wikipedia don’t try to cover up Navalny’s rabid anti-Georgian hysteria and his plans for another Crimean “referendum”. And you seriously think he’s gonna be more civilized towards his opponents than Putin is currently, especially after four presidential terms and 86% of support for each and every action (based in fact on percentage of serfs, who preserved their mentality since times of Tsarist Russia)?

Second thing, no wonders are gonna happen in KGB-ridden state. There was Boris Nemtsov who really opposed war in Ukraine – and he is dead. There is Alexei Navalny who regularly leads his followers to “get a whack on the bonce” – and the worst thing he can expect is a face full of brilliant green (one must admit here, running around green-faced can indeed attract a flow of crunchy green into pockets. But maybe democracy worshipers just love Shrek?)

And here comes again the most important difference between any people and the russians, fiercely rejected by democracy worshipers who are absolutely sure in equality of all nations (of course except for those who are even more equal). Here I don’t mean those 86% supporting any tzar, any politics and any war just because it boosts their chauvinistic feelings. I mean those very 14% that refuse to act even being ass-raped by cleptocratic elites, thuggish police and goons of current regime from aforementioned 86%. That choose mawkish slogans from the Soviet era (like “Follow the Constitution”) and will be the first to denounce their ally, should (s)he try to retaliate. A genuine Maidan revolution is likely feared by so-called russian opposition as much as by putinists, cause it is based on protection of national and personal Dignity by all available means, including armed resistance in case of armed assault. That’s how a free nation is made and there is no way around.

When ruskies are chanting “Shame” being repeatedly whacked by uniformed thugs, filming the process on their smartphones, they are right even more than they could suspect – if only they had such a feeling as shame.

Misfortune in Mexico (18+)


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The land of Mexico (and most of countries to the south of U.S.) is highly favored by Western filmmakers as exemplification of crime and corruption. And now gringo tourists as well are adding their donations to the stereotype, coming there for cheap fun and often getting big trouble instead.

Well, personally I lived in South America for almost three years and had no problem with it. Of course those countries are definitely not for some pampered hippie-esque college freshmen, but if you have your brains in place, heart cold and hands steady everything’s gonna be alright. Even in Mexico that seems to be the land of Law and Order in comparison to Russia.

Here is russian untermensch named Aleksey Makeev a.k.a. Alextime or “lord nazi ruso”. His favorite amusement was wandering around the block and assaulting everyone who is weaker (in glorious traditions of russian bravery), filming the attacks and posting videos to Youtube. Currently both his Youtube channel and LiveJournal account are terminated, but you can find a lot of re-posts and compilations. This one for example.

Like many of his ruskie buddies, he bribed police and psychiatrists to avoid all responsibility. Note the bitch named Marina Kamalitdinova at 01:39 saying that Makeev was “absolutely normal” and had a “high IQ level”. The same “doctors” are labeling people as “mentally ill” and incarcerating them in insane asylums for opposing Putin’s regime of red thuggery – like they did in USSR. (BTW, Makeev himself was one of those “psychiatrists”.)

Yeah, normal indeed. Just like pedophile Putin is straight.

As it’s clear from the images above, Makeev liked russian Nazi ideology very much. It has a little in common with 3rd Reich Nazism though – any of such “Nazis” would’ve been bagged and tagged in no time there.

Trying to relocate to several countries and getting his ruskie ass deported each time, Makeev finally ended up in Cancun, Mexico. He continued his “fun” there, assaulting kids, teens, disabled and elderly people, yelling russian profanities (diluted with some English and Hispanic ones that his degenerate brain managed to learn) to his neighbors and boasting with all this on Youtube.

In one of his videos, russian scumbag claims that he raped a woman and stalked her afterwards with murder threats.

The patience of locals finally ended when scumbag stabbed a teen to death and the police did nothing.

Then things turned very ugly for scumbag and definitely not according to his plan.

Didn’t expect a little trouncing, huh? I hope that hurts a lot. There is corrupt police in Mexico, but there are also people who ain’t gonna endure subhuman escapades forever.

It’s hard to miss russian troll fire-farting for their comrade all over the world. Such is the nature of russian thuggery: assault someone who seems to be weaker, get deserved thrashing in return and scream with eyes popping out how evil enemies hate them.

News say that scumbag Makeev is in coma now. Hopefully he’ll stay there as little as possible on his guaranteed way to Hell.

Red Feast


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It’s May out there, and May means total madness in terroRussia that celebrates the victory of GULAG serfdom and commie shit. To continue my tradition of slaying russian sacred cows, I’ve translated another article written long time ago (but relevant nevertheless) by Andreas von Ossen.

Ruskies always had a problem with maths. To be perfectly clear, with two of its basic actions – addition and multiplication, the basis of creation. Not like with taking away and dividing, which they mastered by robbing others. And what a fool would steal from the poor? So Ivans were pirating in the Baltic waters coveting the wealth of Europe, Germany, Sweden and Hansea merchants. They’ve managed to steal even the gates of Sigtuna, likely being too lazy to drag them all the way towards Moscow, and celebrated their fortunate looting by old tradition of hitting on booze (while the Vikings were discovering America). And razed Sigtuna to the ground, having a bloody feast there. Ruins of the city can be visited even now.

The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small. And on December 1, 1255, the Teutonic Order has founded the fortress Koenigsberg to protect the Baltic trade routes from Novgorod pirates and peaceful labor of the Baltic peoples from the Tatar hordes of “holy” morza Alexander Nevsky. From the bloody feasts of robbers and rapists. Christianizing the natives of Prussia, pagans and cannibals, with the power of cross, fire and sword.

So the rest and peace were enforced in Europe by the brotherhood of Teutonic knights. Neither ruskies nor Tatars did look for new ways to Europe anymore, being afraid of a blow from the northern flank. However, the Königsberg made russian tzars upset as they always were greedy up to another’s goods. Not without reason it was named by Otto von Bismarck “a pistol pointed at Russia’s temple”. Russian attempts to seize it continued until days of Friedrich the Great and even later – in the First World War. In August 1914, russian army general Aleksandr Samsonov was taught a lesson not to make bloody feasts on neighbor’s land. So hard that the poor thing had to shoot himself. Back them trounced russian generals wrote no memoirs, unlike in WW2. When, by the way, Stalin’s lackey Ivan Chernyakhovsky (famous with his treacherous butchering of Polish Resistance fighters – NvS) got his reward of hot lead in the same place.

For the time before ruskies became too impudent, the land of work and culture – a province of East Prussia – prospered under the reign of Germany. It had its own black-and-white flag, COA with an eagle and anthem. It was the national granary that could provide food for the entire Germany.

Good roads, clean farmyards, rich harvests – everything there was a reproach for ruskies who always had an excuse for their loafing: bad weather, too much booze, and so on…

The land of East Prussia is full of legends – one of them is a Stone of Lie that has crushed sailor’s cheating bride. No liar can pass between its two parts. It would be nice to shove Putin and Medvedev in there…

Also there was a beer restaurant named Blutgericht in the castle of Königsberg – known in the entire Europe. One could have a good beer there – not like now…

The fatal mistake was made by Adolf Hitler – Molotov-Ribbentrop pact (its most simple and revealing explanation was made by Soviet GRU defector Victor Suvorov – NvS). The contract with Russia is a contract with the devil. All its benefits turn into bane. Russian oil (and now gas as well), the strategic resources, a wood, nonferrous metals seemed a manna from Heaven for Germany, subjected to economic blockade. But it has been told a long time ago – beware of Greeks bearing gifts. And as a result, unbidden ruskies came to celebrate their bloody feast of cannibals. 17-years-old boys were chaining themselves to guns demonstrating their resolve to fight until the end. And they did it indeed. Unfortunately, Mongoloids were too large in numbers…

My deceased father once told a story. In late May of 1945, after the German capitulation already, ruskies were waiting for the train back home at Königsberg railroad station – unarmed, but with loads of stolen goods. Suddenly a young guy, about 15-16 years old, stood upright on a slowly passing cargo train, wearing SS General uniform (which he most likely borrowed, being too young for such a rank) with MG42 machinegun in his hands. He managed to mow down almost everyone on the station before being killed. It’s hard to imagine a better death for the real man. Long live the heroes of our land!

The Potsdam conference has ordered to pass this land under “temporary” control of the USSR and Poland. Without mentioning exact time. Part of it has been passed by the USSR to Lithuania. But if both Lithuania and Poland are parts of the united Europe now, about half of East Prussia still remains under the feet of russian anti-human mockery of a civilization. On photos below, you can see the remains of their bloody feast. Everything is in ruins. There is no sight of farming – of all livestock, there are only Russian swines.

And even those ruins of Lutheran and Catholic churches that never had any relations to russian “Orthodox” sect are being seized and desecrated by goons of “patriarch” Gundyaev whose lust to steal is insatiable. Rob everything in sight and then think what to do with the loot – that’s the first and only commandment of their “church”, and russian national idea as well. I believe that revived Holy Inquisition will make them repent.

People say, on the eve of May, 1st and on November, 9th one can hear eerie sounds of parading German troops in destroyed fortresses of Königsberg. And see writings on walls of cellars and catacombs (which are mostly flooded, obstructed by sand and remain unexplored): “Wir gehen, aber kommen wieder!” (We go, but we shall return!)

There was a big scandal in 1985, when ruskies celebrated the 40th anniversary of their victory. Having a late order to tide up one of their barracks (German built), soldiers hastily removed a rusted-out Soviet propaganda poster with some border guard and his loyal dog, getting the job finished in the dark already. The next morning on May, 9th commies were shocked by a sight of German poster, just slightly dull from an old age, showing the soldier in a Stahlhelm under a banner with swastika and motto “Am Ende steht der Sieg!” – In the end there is a Victory!

In 21st century, East Prussia remains one of last European lands usurped by ruskies. Let it will serve as the warning to all politicians who are hoping to befriend Russia – here is what your countries will be turned into. You want it? You wish to repeat Hitler’s mistakes? You want to become his followers? Ruskies will have a great pleasure making a bloody, red feast on your land, and completely no regrets!

And we the fellow countrymen of East Prussia shall not cease our fight for return of our ancestral land to the German home.


A Predictable Outcome


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Bad news have wings, and good news indeed travels slowly and silently. Not so long ago I heard that Maksim Mishchenko got a prison term – and the most of outlets somehow failed to notice.

This name alone won’t tell you much (unless you are a Dark Scene veteran born in Russia), so to cut it short, Mishchenko was a leader of Kremlin’s “rumol” (“rossia molodaya”, “young Russia”) komsomol-esque movement and one of the most loyal Putin’s goons, personally responsible for nationwide terror campaign against Goths and Metalheads. He pushed the legislation of “Concept of state politics in the area of spiritual and moral education of Russian Federation youth and protection of their morality”, and claimed to label all Dark Scene as “hostile” to russian spirituality. Many young lives were butchered because of this Putin’s cocksucker. People were expelled from universities and schools, terrorized, harassed, jailed or just killed by both street thugs and their uniformed “police” friends.

And now Mishchenko got what all commie bitches are getting in the end – a reward from Great Wise Leader who is always afraid that some bitch may become wiser and greater than himself.

Official conviction was “fraud”. Yeah, fraud indeed. While Mishchenko’s colleagues are stealing millions from treasury and common ruskies, tell everyone to fuck off and have absolute impunity, he was suddenly punished for petty $10.000 and not allowed even to compensate his guilt by serving in terroRussian military. Well, looks like even a lapdog judge in Russia can have a sense of humor.

Ain’t so jolly and self-confident now, huh?

Hey Mishchenko, you should be happy that your master didn’t decide to put an end to your lowly life like Stalin did to most of his gang in so-called red purge. And if you encounter some Metalhead fellas in Putin’s Gulag, try to be a good bitch. Maybe they will even allow you to clean a “parasha” shit bucket instead of making you, like they say in Gulag, “to stare at its bottom”.


KGB campaign


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Being in terrible need of personal rating boost after total failure of his world domination escapades, KGB thug Putin decided to pull his favorite trick – just like in `99 when his goons bombed apartment blocks in Moscow to start a genocide war in Chechnya and justify restoration of GULAG state. But it would be a grave mistake to call Putin (who remains a small-time street thug despite his presidential status) a forerunner here because terrorism has always been a cornerstone of communism, the most perverse and corrupt ideology which he openly admires and tries to reanimate.

Sharpening Knives (18+)


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Just a quick post on one of the most popular matters those days. NOT recommended for minors and people unfamiliar with russian reality!

Everybody knows what “backstabbing” means for ruskies and how offended they become finding some foreign sharp object in their back. But you most likely don’t know what means “to make ruskies sit on a bottle” – not only due to hard translation of great and mighty (mostly with its illogical rules) Russian language. And neither due to specific slang of some little group, those words are making ruskies go Sputnik on all (uncensored) former Eastern Bloc political forums.

Being placed together in army service, ruskies are following their hazing traditions (the more one serves, the higher he advances in prison-like hierarchy, slowly but more or less certainly, if not killed in process, climbing from everybody’s b#tch to kingpin of the barrack). But funny things happen when russians are diluted with the conscripts from Caucasian mountains. No matter how close is ruskie to his discharge, he is always a b#tch for even the weakest Caucasian rookie who always has a support of his fellow countrymen. Unlike russians, who continue to thrash each other even then. Glorious russian officers are running booze shopping for dear Kadyrov’s pets, and glorious russian soldiers… well, they sit on bottles when the booze in finished. Literally.

Doesn’t match the “Noble White Savior of Europe”, “proud white nation”, “Christian values” BS which russian “alternative media” has been spreading on full-auto for the last several years, does it? Well, it’s not a sensation that ruskies and truth aren’t on friendly terms. Neither that ruskies love to abuse and be abused is in any way revealing, it has been their way of life since the Genghis Khan invasion. Even if it includes inflicting self-harm for kingpin’s amusement. However, something new definitely happened quite recently and it is closely related to things told above – much closer than the MSM is trying to paint.

I wasn’t a big fan of Mr. Trump as a presidential candidate mostly because of his friendly gestures towards Kremlin thugs. But that didn’t force me (unlike many others) into supporting his main opponent cause no “friend” of Russia can be as destructive for his own country (and consequentially the entire Western world) as leftist fanatic with a dream to make good people (well, ones that still exist) weak and miserable under mawkish slogans of “political correctness”, “social justice” “equality” etc that stink to high heaven with GULAG shit. As always, the MSM was too busy to notice, making tons of stories like how russian hackers helped Trump to win or how evil sexist Trump wants every woman raped and chained to the stove.

Of course Obamaists (if they managed to reach this far without going nuclear) will crank up a standard obam-anthem about how their Great Wise Leader stopped russian aggression in Ukraine. How he succeeded in bringing peace to Syria. How he saved the planet from greenhouse meltdown and so on and so on. Well, Kool-aid always was leftie’s inspiration. The inconvenient (both for left and corrupt Right) truth is, what Obama did to Russia is something like giving a street thug money, free meals, gym and firing range access with full impunity in courts until thug grew into a full-fledged terrorist and raised hell successfully destroying half of the city for his own entertainment. Then the liberals stepped in with kumbaya mantras and utopia projects intended to “stop violence”. (BTW, reminds you of something?)

It’s not hard to guess who benefits from weakness of good guys (or good countries). Who really needs leftist fanatics in office to turn once great nations into brainwashed, disarmed sheeple deprived of sense of right and wrong who can be enslaved without firing a single shot.

Leftists have many smart-ass ideas, but converted to an absolute statements all they turn into three simple words: MAKING EVERYONE MISERABLE. To be perfectly clear, as miserable as they are themselves. Take away all that makes you strong, then please every kind of human filth on Earth, and then scream in everybody’s face “Lookie lookie, how spirited and enlightened we are, perfectly equal, perfectly happy, and you are not, therefore thou shalt be converted!” (of course except for those who are more equal than others). No matter if it’s done through red terror like in Soviet Russia or politically correct tyranny like in modern EU – socialism will always be socialism. Made in Russia. Directed by Russia. Enforced by Russia. Fortunately, not gonna happen it the next four years in America.

That was said with conjecture if Trump continues to be as friendly towards Russia as he was during his campaign. However, one can easily see changes in his rhetoric already – and they don’t look too good for ruskies who were enjoying full impunity during Obommie’s time in office. Regardless of Trump’s past dealings with Russia, his first steps in big politics demonstrated that he’s simply not such kind of guy that receives a face full of sh#t and then smiles in return (like Clinton would have done in continuance of liberal traditions). Trump is indeed a populist, but for the country where the majority of population ain’t gonna bend over in front of Russia (or any other wannabe-kingpin) populism is not a thing to be concerned about – some leftist tyrant with a complete disregard towards reason would have been a concern incredibly worse.

It seems to be wired that way – all dear friends of Russia are ending up as “backstabbers” and “enemies” sooner or later. And the dearer, the deeper their treacherous tools cut into naïve and unsuspecting, yet patriotic russian backside that somehow keeps appearing out of the blue in the most unexpected places. Sometimes ruskies get brave enough for some “sacred war”-esque retaliation. The problem is that russian bravery is a very complicated thing depending (in inverse proportion) on many factors of deterrence as opponent’s size, toughness and overall readiness to kick little green asses. That’s why sometimes Russia is brave enough to start a war, but not enough to admit the fact of own belligerence.

Now their dearest still-friend Trump has a biggest (really existing) nuke arsenal on Earth with Army far exceeding russian one in all its features. A battle-ready, not BOTTLE-READY one. Let alone a bunch of tough Republican hawks in office, eager to get even for humiliation they suffered under the reign of libtard clowns.

So the logic tells me it won’t be too long until Trump’s bowie finds its cozy place in Russia’s rear, already perforated by Caucasian skewer, Turkish dagger and Ukrainian trident.

And then, indignant patriots of Russia should better hit on vodka for painkilling, saving a bottle to show their traditional appreciation of toughness – at least the native shape will be familiar to them.

Russian morality 12: upbringing edition


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Proper upbringing is indeed a foundation of adult well-being. Unfortunately, not every nation understands well-being as moral worthiness of personality or at least some kind of house-family-car American dream.

Ruskies, for example, are quite happy with GULAG, provided with one little right: to be able to terrorize someone else, preferably who is 10x weaker. Sometimes their plans fail (like in Ukraine) and then it’s time to brag with glory of the past days, teaching young generations how to be a true patriot of mother Russia.

While adult ruskies can drink “georgian ribbon” vodka, then drive a car camouflaged with cardboard to look like a tank and take part in some patriotic performance to glorify deeds of their ancestors, little ones aren’t left forgotten and bored. Of course they (legally) can’t share the joy of patriotic russian feast, but pride and kitsch are all theirs.

Like patriotic games – in contrast to what evil Ukrainian Nazis are doing.

ua-ru-childrenOr this bed in shape of Buk missile launcher used by russian terrorists to destroy the Malaysian Boeing.


It’s being sold in Russia for 14.000 roubles ($215 approximately). The product page (both cached and original versions) is available in the Web. For additional price, loving russian parents can purchase an integrated nightlight and every happy, patriotic customer gets a free license plate with their child’s name on it.

Well, I can give ruskies a free idea: why not start making beds in shape of refrigerator trucks? Everybody should remember that after dinner comes the reckoning.