Untermenschen issue

A typical apartment block stairway in Russia

A typical evening of its typical inhabitants

Russische schweine

Another compilation from “Odnoklassniki” social network

Russian social network photos compilation

Drunk russian cattle compilation

Ruskies plant IED into bear’s food, then film how bear slowly dies in agony

Russian courtesy

Old commie drunkards are greeting their unterfrauen at March 8

Just Russia

Russian skinheads have fun whacking each other

Typical ruskie scum in Latvia

Russian musician in China

Drunk russian scumbag in New York crapped his pants during arrest

Untermensch students make fun harassing civilized people who don’t understand their filthy russian mat.

Two ruskies having a tough showdown over Ukraine

Russian kindergarten staff having New Year party

Russian respect of elderly

Russian respect of elderly, teen edition

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