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Each May 7, ruskies as well as their Bulgarian lackeys (and some red scumbags from Google) celebrate so-called “Radio day”. Now the tradition is fading away. Because of complete degradation, russians don’t even know what exactly Alexander Popov did even according to soviet myth. But they never miss the opportunity to get drunk. With May 1 and May 9 commie holidays, this turns into half-month drunk hullabaloo with grunting about “great history”, “mighty country”, etc.

But what those russians and their henchmen are celebrating really? Here is the glorious history of soviet radio.

1924. Regular broadcast of bolshevik propaganda has been started. Traditions of “magic boxes” distribution by caste were established and followed until 1990s.

1935. Theft of RCA design, preceded by several failed attempts to create own working radio. An international scandal followed, forcing commies to purchase the documentation in U.S.

1941. Confiscation of ALL civilian radios and amateur equipment (owners never saw them again). Halt of household radios production, outlawing of private radio listening.

1945. Red subhumans got a new reason to grunt about their “prominence” – so-called “Radio day”, which was established at the anniversary of Popov’s demonstration of his experiments (with equipment invented by Hertz, Edison, Tesla and other scientists).

1945-1950. Import of loot (mostly former property of Germans). Attempts to create something own from scrap and parts made by American blueprints (see above).

1950. Establishing of border radio jamming system (later it has been expanded constantly). Outlawing of “enemy voices” listening – nothing must interrupt joyful grunting of red swine horde!

Mandatory registration and quarterly fee for all owners of radio units (became obsolete in 1960s – slacker russians were just unable to track each and every unit, especially self-made ones).

1960-… Creation of special “lackey engineers” caste. “Others” were forbidden to get high education in this area. Final establishing of main rule of russian engineering: “Director’s arse is everything, screw the blueprints, we can always steal ’em from decadent capitalist West!”

1990-… Dumping of “glorious soviet legacy”, which was scavenged by drunk bums and hunters for copper and aluminum. Halt of production, closing of factories with the same result (scavenged and plundered).

Today. Small-scale, low-quality assembly of crap radios from Chinese parts. Dreams of neo-bolshevik dictator about digital radio broadcast, trading with overpriced remaining non-plundered vintage radios, nostalgia over “great and powerful country” and regular grunting in drunk vomit as the celebration of “radio day”.

Happy radio day, untermenschen!