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This material contains graphic images, video and detailed descriptions of extreme atrocities committed by DPR/LPR (“novorossiya”) russian terrorists in Ukraine. Proceed only if you feel prepared!

“I won’t give myself up to those separatists alive. I’ve decided for sure, it’s much better to take my own life than be cut piece by piece.”

Gesha said this in so trivial manner that we couldn’t believe him at first. But several hours later, when the distance (to separatists) already became safe, he picked a F-1 hand grenade from underneath driver’s seat. “It won’t be needed anymore” said he sadly, hiding it into depths of trunk. “Are you crazy?” cried we all at once. “Relax, chaps. It’s mostly showoff. You usually shouldn’t pull the pin, the most important thing is throw it to their feet. Panic will give you a couple of seconds to draw a pistol…” Gesha grinned from ear to ear…” (Volunteer’s notes)


Guy named Gesha wasn’t overreacting – just before that, he saw the results of a new red terror. Reports say dead Ukrainian soldiers are found with eyes gouged out, faces mutilated, burned with blowtorch, limbs broken, flesh burned through by phosphorous ammo…

My readers should already know well enough that I have absolutely no restraints of “fake morality” preventing me from publishing evidence of russian crimes (in contrast to Western mass media, still trying to represent war in Ukraine as small conflict carefully watched and regulated by wise international community). To carry out such an enlightening is far from pleasure, but a few reasonable people who still remain in this world must know what happens WHEN russian invaders come. I repeat, not IF, but WHEN they come to bring about the reign of commie thuggery which they now call “Russian world”.

Forget all scumbags you’ve ever seen in crime flims. No one of them could even hold a candle to the nation of congenital commie thugs, ruled by the most odious of mafia bosses. And unlike their smaller colleagues from the celluloid world, russian thugs are very real.

A story of tortured female volunteer Irina Dovgan, which made it to Western mainstream, looks like a fairy tale compared to (mostly) unknown scenes of russian terrorist invasion. Of course scum-loving libtards just couldn’t miss the opportunity to praise oh-so-righteous indignation of terrorist chieftain over things his henchmeh did, which he, of course, did not know until international community noticed. Just like in ancient tale of russian serfs about “good tzar, bad court”.

Bv8-GHdCEAE9kZH1Well, it’s always damn easy to praise russian Potyemkin villages with torture chambers hidden underneath. But then, libtards shouldn’t complain when they “suddenly” end up in one of those despite all their asslicking and there will be no journalists anymore to record the events for another worldwide media uproar. Libtards never learn, indeed.

A POW who got into bloody russian hands can be relatively lucky if (s)he has too much reputation to be tortured (like Iraq veteran Nadezhda Savchenko). Not very lucky if he is just some rank-and-file staff captured on the battlefield, but there is still some hope to be exchanged or became suddenly known (as this guy). Relatively lucky if captured by “cannon fodder” regular russian troops who sometimes barely understand what’s going on and more easy on exchanging POWs. But those who got captured during neo-soviet “purge” of russian-made DPR/LPR thuggish regime are out of any luck.

1875Screenshot from “Vkontakte” page of one of russian terrorists. Scumbag is boasting: “In Starobeshevo, ours hanged dead ukrop1 on power lines with a fire truck. Let him fly!”

This is just a small “fun” those untermenschen are having in occupied Donbass.

A survivor named Oleg agreed to tell about horrors he suffered and witnessed. For now he is forced to hide his identity, fearing for family remaining in occupied Donetsk. “Even demons in Hell treat people better than DPR supporters” said he, and there’s no slightest exaggeration in those words.

The complete original interview in Russian is available here.

“I was coming home, to a certain district in Donetsk area. And was bluntly ratted out at Makeevka checkpoint. Marina, our former cook at training grounds and my good friend, stood here, now with “police” (collaborationist forces) insignia.

They forced me down on my knees and asked her “Is it him, Marina?” We looked in each other’s eyes and she said: “Yes, it’s him, an Ukrainian military”.

They turned out my pockets, took my passport, phone and money I had on me. Then took me to former prosecutor’s office in Makeevka. Though they ordered me to bow down, I recognized the way as I know this town well enough. They kept telling me that I’m dead.

As soon as they got me there, they shouted “We got you an ukrop!” A huge crowd gathered, including men, women, even young girls about 20 years old. They would beat me, I don’t know were women participating, I was trying to cover my head with my hands.

They took me into building and forced to a wooden chair. A huge man came in, he was just like an enormous piece of pork. A Chechen, dark-skinned, with specific accent. He told me “Ya ukrop and anti-aircraft gunner”. I refused, so he started to poke my scalp with a knife saying “You wouldn’t admit, I cut you piece by piece. You are AA gunner, and because of you our brothers are dying. Admit it.”

Looks like they know only “AA gunner” and “ground observer” and accuse everyone with it.

They continued interrogation with brutal beatings and electroshock. Then forced me to chair again. Big man said “I promised an Ukrainian ear to my father”, took garden scissors and begun to cut my ear. Honestly, I already said goodbye to it but he stopped just here, and then they beat and zapped me again.

Then they called other guy, who stitched my ear back, asking a load of questions meanwhile. Big one called someone telling “Hey Handsome2, drive over here, I’ve got a present for ya.” Another Chechen, a bearded one, came. Big one said him “take this present Handsome, this is ukrop AA gunner who was whacking ours”. They took electroshock baton and beat me again. “Handsome” examined my passport and phone. There were my photos in black Internal Troops uniform. This was the worst to be found. They dragged me to courtyard and beat me there. When I was knocked out, they poured water on me. Zapper can stun very quickly if used on your head…”


This video was made by russian terrorists during one of final “interrogations” of another unlucky POW, before he was butchered by those thugs. Politically correct junkies removed this evidence from YouTube as well as other evidence, but Ukrainian activists managed to upload it to own hosting.

“They handcuffed me and threw me into car trunk. They were stopping frequently, likely on checkpoints, here “Handsome” was yelling “Look what I’ve got! An ukrop gift!”. And making me to lift my face to be watched at.

I did. And all those DPR supporters, gals and chaps shouted that I’m treacherous shit who was fighting against own kind instead of helping.

When they finally reached the new place, it was already night. They dragged me to courtyard and threw in the middle. A crowd gathered just like roaches crawling from everywhere. And the madhouse started again…

“Handsome” came and yelled them to stop for him to speak personally. They backed off at once, just like dogs ordered to sit. Then he begun to tell me everything about my regiment, ending this with words “You ukrops can’t fight. You can only run. So to prevent you from running away; I’ll shoot your leg.

He looked into my eyes and shot my foot.

It became like stone, at first I didn’t feel anything. Then I felt burning and sharp pain.

He said “If you won’t tell the truth now, I’ll blast your kneecaps. Give disabled you back to your fellow men as a gift”.

Then he called a female doctor who treated the wound and injected some certain shit that left me dizzy enough to sit here for two hours or more. I don’t know what it was. She said something about painkiller.”

“They took me away from this courtyard, lifted a cover and threw me to the pit underneath. No more than 4.5 square meters. There was a “billiard table” writing on this cover.

I understood that I was not the first one to be there by strong stench of urine and feces. They told me to squat and put my hands behind my head, threatening to blow me up with a grenade. So I squatted until the morning, when they allowed me to lower my hands.

Only 2 days later they took me outside. I had no food and no water so I had to drink my own urine, peeing in empty bottles I found in the pit. They allowed me to wash my face, doctor bandaged my foot and then I was thrown back there.”

“The next day, I could look around and saw people in the courtyard. Before, I heard from the pit how some “robots” got shouted at and ordered to line up. At first I didn’t understand what’s the thing with those “robot” guys. Turned out they were arrested for something. One of them, for example, was caught at tram station. A tramcar was late so he didn’t make it home before curfew. They have one in DPR. And they punished him as “violator” with 25 days of forced labor – dragging soil, digging ditches etc. There was 8-10 of those “robots”, often changed as they were arrested and released. I remembered one woman named Oksana. Conversations were forbidden, but she managed to say me something. From her, I knew that we are in Donetsk, Budennovsk district.”

“They gave me some food. While I was eating, guys with assault rifles were hovering around, likely worried “ukrop” can get away on one foot. Then they called some (“Yashcher”) “Lizard”, turned out he was the one who threatened to blow me up in the pit. He ordered to put me back there and I remained there until morning.

The next day, an elderly man came. Tried to look like he means business, in uniform, with assault rifle and grenades dangling all over him, Rambo just can have a rest. They called him  “Svyatoy” (“Saint”). He told me to crawl out, and announced that he will be my boss, father and mother. Then he ordered me to be escorted to the latrine and asked if I smoke. Gave me a cigarette. The fed me again, but gave less porridge. Even the dogs get better one. Looks like they just poured the leftovers together.

Every time when they opened the cover, I wished it would have remained closed. A crowd with assault rifles, everyone is running here to watch like in circus or zoo, yelling “Come here, ukrop is up!” Even while I was eating, girls came and begun as usual “How could you, that was your brothers and sisters, you lived here but fight against us, bombed children…” They would even show me some photos of dead children.

My body had all rainbow colors on it – black, violet, brown. Foot was aching. Everything was hurt – they beat me with sticks, boots, everything they could find”.

“I heard horrible screams. It was woman. I thought she got her fingers cut off one by one. This was for about a hour.

Then they lifted the hatch and threw a completely naked handcuffed woman to me. Everyone has a face, but she had none, just some mincemeat on its place. There was no untouched spot on her body, cuts and blood everywhere. Hands are locked in handcuffs behind her back. I was kind of kicked back into reality. I saw such things before only in horror movies.

They shouted “We got you a bride! We’ll make a nice wedding! Do whatever you want with her!” Threw her pants and coat, nice one before but all torn now, and closed the hatch. For 15 minutes, woman was just sitting here and sobbing, not screaming anymore. I didn’t knew what to do, couldn’t find proper words. So I just said “Get up and I’ll put your pants back on.” Being handcuffed, she couldn’t do this by herself. I pulled her jeans back on and covered her with my jacket, it was damp here.

She was silent all night. In the morning, those imbeciles opened the hatch and asked “So how’s your fellow ground observer? Had a fun night, didn’t ya?” Threw a key to unlock handcuffs. Gave some food but she could neither chew nor even take it because of mutilated face and injured hands. I fed her with small pieces of bread, tried to give her water.

Then she begun to speak. Told that she is 53 years old, named Tanya, didn’t remember her family name. Lived not far form here, in Krasnoarmeysk district, worked at the railway station.

When she was preparing to go for work, a shelling begun. She grabbed her handbag, money, papers and rushed to bomb shelter. Walking out, she said loudly “Fed up with those ruskie fascist bombings”. Tho chavs who were in the same shelter heard it. One of them chased her to the station with two thug friends of him and pointed at her telling she calls russians fascists. They forced her to car and took her money. Than they came to her home, found something they called “Polish insigna” and accused her of being a “Polish ground observer” and “spy”. They harassed and raped her…

“Then they moved us to some boxcar or van. There was a window to see things outside, One day, a long GAZelle arrived, they took 14 blindfolded men out of here. Those were Ukrainian POW.

In general, there were many of them. Honestly, they have loads of military stuff. I saw like they were unloading weapon and ammo crates, shouting “thanks to Ukrainian army!”

One day, me and Tatyana heard a distant rumble. Turned out to be a tank formation – old ones, new ones, KAMAZ trucks pulling artillery. With their imbecile “novorossiya” flag of course. They kept passing by for 20 or 25 minutes.

The same day we heard a fierce gunfight. “Saint” took me out and said “Do you remember we told about some business? Look. Now you put it on, walk to your men and we push a button to blow up you all together.” And he showed me a vest, with wiring and grenades all over it.

He pointed at 7 POW corpses covered with rags, laid in a row. Told that they were caught the second time. “We don’t take POWs for the second time, so if you make it out of here – you won’t have the second chance as well.” But finally, they took a vest from me, so that’s why I’m here telling you all that.

By the way, they tried to convince everyone that all people coming back form captivity are subjected to prison terms (by Ukrainian authorities).”

“We were lined up outside. Then interrogator came out and said: “I can congratulate you. Now the “Batya”(“Dad”) will make you a little happy”.

“Dad” was their boss. A grey-haired short old man with trimmed hair. Looked like just a kingpin. With a cig. When he came out, I remembered I saw him before. Back then, he was walking around dressed in fancy white trousers, white shirt, black jacket, boots. But now he was wearing uniform.

He announced an exchange and warned that we will be executed if our side declines the terms. We have embarked into bus and moved… There were different chaps, including ones from “Donbass” and “Dnepr-1” battalions. 20 men total, including those who couldn’t walk.

After a long ride, we approached Kamenka village. We were told to “hurry up, jump out, bow down and run to your ukrop fuckers”. But we had wounded people. They allowed us to carry them. We took our wounded and hurried, expecting a 20-20 exchange. But we saw only one man walking in opposite direction. It turns out 20 of us were exchanged for a single man. I don’t know who was it.

“The parade was a nightmare. Three of us, including me, were taken there on 24th. Told that we must celebrate it as our holiday. Rounded us and other prisoners up behind some building. Took their flags, all those cossacks3, “Vostok”, “Oplot”, etc.

The online video is bullshit. They didn’t show the main thing – beheading of some guy. They tried to force him to kneel down, and he refused. For that, they beheaded him in front of everyone. I didn’t know this man, neither who executed him – that one was wearing a mask. But after that, we all knelt down.”

612x634Sometimes ruskie terrorists send severed heads to victims’ family members. Or use cell phones looted from dead bodies to harass grieving wives and children.

“I opposed the existence of this DPR from the beginning. How this is possible? For 22 years, we’ve been living in peaceful independent Ukraine and now we should break up just because Putin is crazy? I can’t understand or approve this. DPR, LPR – all of them are just like zombies. They have only one thought: we are bastards, “ukrops”, they are protecting their land. But this is our homeland which we protect, and they “protect” nothing but Russian invasion.”

I don’t want to cry. No tears anymore. Though I could, sitting in the pit…”

History repeats itself. The need to stop this subhuman horde once and for all comes out again, despite recent worldwide campaign of libtard mockery targeting those who dared to preserve vigilance. Not so long ago, russophiles tried to convince everyone that russian commie subhumans are good people who must be trusted. Now the History itself demonstrated rights and wrongs of this world once again.

I’ve told everything about the nation of murderers, rapists, looters and imbeciles before. And long-needed Justice, only which can save your family and you from the new red nightmare. So I just end this publication with a quote by unknown author I saw recently.

“The day before yesterday we thought ruskies would get some sense. Yesterday we decided to leave them alone for their final days. Today they are healthy and stupid again, just like before, causing us trouble.

If we don’t stop them NOW, there won’t be tomorrow for us!”


1. “Ukrop” is a new ethnic slur invented by russian subhumans in pointless attempts to offend free people of Ukraine. This word means “dill” in Russian and not offensive on its own, but drunk commie imbeciles still consider it very smart. “Ukr” is a shorter, more (supposedly) insulting variation.

2. Ruskies and their dogs use weird nicknames in military – a legacy of criminal world which has its influence over entire russian society.

3. Those so-called “cossacks” have nothing in common with true Ukrainian Cossack culture. Russian putinist “cossacks” are nothing but organized gangs of drunk filthy imbeciles at kingpin’s service, always happy to butcher disarmed people but unable to protect themselves even against common thugs, who ofter make those “brave warriors” into their personal sweethearts in Krasnodar. Since russian “cossacks” say “Drunk cossack isn’t a master to his own arse”, looks like they’re perfectly happy with it.