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At the day when neo-soviet horde is celebrating their triumph of crime, injustice and brutality while the remaining world is trembling in cowardly political correctness, it is necessary to say a word of truth.

“Red army liberators”, “fight for peace and freedom in Europe”, “victory”. I’ve heard enough of this commie BS both in cattleland and abroad. For countries that consider themselves civilized, repeating those lies is a double shame of grave treason.

Despite of russian neo-communist politics and weakness of politically correct West, true History has hot been forgotten.


Materials in this article are very detailed documentary. Most of them are showing extreme atrocities and crimes against civilian population. It is not recommended for persons under mature age to view the following content.

german girl

22152_108847985793533_100000049953229_226238_2350145_nThose German children were brutally murdered by bolshevik subhumans.


soviet crimesWomen were brutally beaten, gang raped and murdered. Bodies of their mutilated and murdered children lay next to them.

The similar case of soviet atrocities.

Another victim of common russian war crime was mutilated and murdered the similar way.

Several frames from German wartime newsreels showing (not most) horrible scenes of russian brutality.

Looking at those photos, it is often hard to say what exactly (rape, beatings or shot) caused death of victims. For russian untermensch it was common to rape all women from little girls to eldery everywhere. Women of “liberated” countries like Poland as well as Hungary, Austria, Romania etc. suffered the same nightmare. Gruesome gang rape by several tens of drunken red brutes was common, and those women (especially underage) who went through this indescribable nightmare rarely survived it.

If russian untermenschen by some reason were physically unable to commit rape by themselves (being too drunk or too mad), they used empty bottles, sticks, metal rods and other items for this perverted horrible crime. Legacy of bolshevik untermensch lives with their dirty spawn, and rape with bottle now is the favorite “fun” of russian police.



German inspections of red army crimes. Nemmersdorf and many other places were recaptured by German forces despite of overwhelming number of advancing soviet horde. This helped in revealing inhuman crimes of soviets. Even in Russia, reds were brutalizing civilians for “helping Nazis” and “living in wealth under occupation”. Even experienced soldiers were terrified by what they have seen in recaptured  villages.

Many civilians retreated together with German armies and their allies. Such people were mostly inhabitants of Western Europe, although there were cases when even russians did so.

This transport belonged to civilians who failed to escape from red horde. It was turned inside out by drunken red looters.

Those who were unable to escape often committed suicide to avoid the unimaginable nightmare…

ViennaMass suicide in Vienna.

Leipzig family suicideFamily suicide in Leipzig.

But those who died (even long ago) had no warranty of rest in peace. Reds destroyed graveyards with the same hatred as they mutilated people and corpses.

Pz captured by redsWith bulldozers and tanks, russians were destroying tombstones and turning graves inside out. The collage features German Pz. IV which had been captured by russians.

red bruteSometimes bolsheviks had no tanks. But their intentions were always the same.

crossesCrosses were used as firewood by red subhuman looters.

A typical post-war episode.

“Glorious” soviet soldier is robbing German woman. Later he, as well as his fellow thug “comrades” maybe will return to his communist country (if they didn’t die at the roadside from methanol intoxication) and will be decorated with several kilograms of dog medals, getting even more from red government as the post-war years are passing by. And if still not dead from low-rate vodka, they are somewhere in Russia, shouting louder than anyone about “peaceful soviet land” which has been attacked by “vile and inhuman fascist criminals”. And their own “heroic deeds”, of course, bragging collections of slave decorations which hardly fit on the chest.

Their victory became a kind of sacred cow, especially with modern Western politics of so-called “tolerance” which tolerates all kinds of perverted scum, but will never endure a national dignity of any kind. The last stomping on European pride was the establishing of a Day of Europe right at the May 9 – the most odious “holiday” of russian untermenschen.

Weakness of the West promotes neo-bolshevik scumbags to brag their own self-confidence of untouchable status and lawlessness more and more, both in real life and their red propaganda, while almost nobody dares to stand up against the new red brute.

While the governments of “civilized” countries went into brainless self-humiliating frenzy and madness of untermensch praising, red spawn of bolshevist murderers, rapists and looters are proud with crimes of their lowlife slave ancestry.

Neo-soviet dictator Putin had openly announced that he refers to “personality of Stalin as successful manager”, and his slave nation met those wannabe errands with cheers and mad roar of worshiping. Russian horde of eternal commies will never regret crimes of the past, committing the same brutalities at the present time and having a congenital desire for future ones.

Many National Socialists of the past (as well as their modern followers) used to blame “evil Jewish commissars” in all russian troubles and later – the aggravation of russian atrocities, separating terms “russian” and “bolshevik” en masse, being sure that russians can be cured from red madness. But the resurrection of neo-soviet Russia and nightmare of modern Caucasian wars has demonstrated a completely opposite reality once again. There were no “evil Jewish commissars”, but the same “common russian guy” was getting the same perverted pleasure from tortures, looting, rape and murder of civilians.

No crime can last forever. We the descendants of great and civilized nations will bring the payback upon the unholy land of eternal bolshevik scum. The longer their impunity was, the stronger our final revenge will strike – the noble mission, enforced by our eternal memory and will to Justice.