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As I’ve already said more than once, I have no slightest intention to prove the evident value of my own words or any other true sources who aren’t afraid to slay some sacred cows marked with hammer-and-sickle tattoo. If someone has a conscience, this is enough. If not, nothing will help zombified putinist junkie with commie shit instead of brains.

The following pictures are just a popular representation of the plain fact for those who wondered, being sick of politically correct mainstream underreporting or needed a certain example to kick some troll asses. Everyone knows that ruskies are liars and thieves. But little-known fact here is that russian orcs have no “low” limit in their neo-soviet bullshit.

1. The 2013 derailment in Canada, Quebec became a “government air raid aftermath in Slavyansk”, a must-whine material for every ruskie patriot those days.

104891_22.  This UAV was gunned down in Karabakh several years ago (left picture). But russian terrorists, who can really boast only with shooting from behind human shields decided to pass it for “successful intercept of Ukrainian drone over Donetsk” (right picture).

104891_43. Those Italian students were protesting against planned cuts of their welfare. Typical “gimme generation” activity.

104891_7But according to orkish BS version, indignant Italians were trying to show their disagreement with “evil European mass media” which spreads commie bullshit not well enough, sticking to “anti-russian prejudice”.

104891_64. And this man, killed in Chechnya by their own troops, has been passed for victim of “evil Ukrainian Nazis”.

104891_9104891_85. Though this girl was murdered in Syria by bloody Assadite thugs (darling pets of putinist regime), it didn’t prevent those russian assholes from using her photo to bark about “atrocities of Ukrainian fascist junta”. (Once again, greetings to pea-brain “conservatives” who still sing RT tune on “false flag Syrian Jihadist attack”!)



(Sources: Kavkaz Center/avmalgin.livejournal.com)

All of this, including terrorist assault on Ukraine, happened not just at once like the “former” dear friends of thug Putin (Obama, Merkel, Hollande etc.) are trying to represent, blabbering senselessly about his “lost sense of reality” or whatsoever. KGB thug Putin and his serf horde do exactly what their predecessors were doing – or only dreaming about. I bet Stalin couldn’t imagine even in his wildest dreams that Europeans will condemn self-defense and praise perversion as virtue, while Americans will be ruled by bunch of weaklings and jesters!

Just with a brief look back in history, one can easily see the same methods of russian BS commie propaganda during Winter War, WW2, Hungarian uprising, war in Afghanistan, genocide in Chechnya, war against Georgia and other countless acts of military aggression, during which those mad orcs tried to achieve only one goal: to enforce their eternal red slavery in the entire world. Let alone their typical bolshevist terrorism. They were allowed to butcher civilized people and brag with it for years. Now, it’s time to put an end to this rampage of mad commie bullshitters and filthy reign of red Mordor. Point of no return has been passed a long time ago. Now, nothing but pure force is able to stop the red horde, where every last subhuman creature is confident in their personal and common impunity. But a thug’s triumph has always been an illusion. Either way, regardless of government elitists and sold-out lackeys, the resistance of individuals ready to die for Liberty will become the inevitable and the last obstacle for the russian way of lies, terror, crime and slavery.

P.S. Here’s some more (first, second) exposing of russian lies. Quite good quality, though the name is still wrong. The top russian lie about everyone – ANYONE – who didn’t want to wear their yoke, has always been an all-round “bloodthirsty monster” label “evil Nazi (Junta, Banderovite, Jihadist, imperialist…)” used as basic template for all commie hysteria in so-called “russian mass media” throughout the entire filthy existence of this nation of congenital liars and thugs.