Face of terroRussia


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It looks like another russian escapade went wrong. Instead of “denazification” triumphant parade in Kyiv they’ve been planning in February, ruskies are coming back home in zinc crates and it’s May already with their traditional May 9th commie rabies. Of course Putin’s “conservative” bitches are all jet-farting about it, trying to paint their butt-faced KGB fag idol as savior of the world.

That’s all ruskies and their lackeys can do without help from some corrupt or just dumb (or both) Western politicians. And that’s all what spineless, Botox-pumped megalomaniac pedophile Putin and his dog Kadyrov can do. The reason of their temporary, phony success was only sissified libtard weaklings and degenerates trembling in front of his non-existent mighty and powerful weapons. And so-called “conservative” Putin’s bitches that replaced their hippie predecessors in terms of “we don’t need no war so let’s kiss ruskie chieftain’s ass”.

Hey ya Putin’s bitches! Time for superjet farting. Here’s a real face of your beloved terroRussia, one of many ruskie POWs captured by Ukrainian army.

Pantless, messed up and miserable – just like terroRussia itself. Though he’s kinda luckier than his buddies “buried” like dogs in roadside drains and abandoned mines. As always when ruskies listen too much propaganda, then hit on cheap vodka and start some invasion war hoping to usurp new lands to turn them into russian shithole and be proud of it, but instead get their asses handed over to them by much smaller opponent. Japan, 1904. Finland, 1939. Georgia, 2008. And now Ukraine. Not the best and definitely not the most civilized country, but they definitely know how to fight and what’s more important, demonstrated once again that putin’s terroRussia is not so great and powerful as ruskies and their bitches are trying to paint it.


The Consequences of Betrayal


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This is my translation of an article published by Kavkaz Center.

Today it has become entirely clear that an impudent Russian invasion and in fact outbreak of war in Europe is a direct consequence of Western help in destruction of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

As a matter of fact, Moscow tried there a degree of bribability and cowardice of so-called “international community” and some countries which it marked as its next victims.

The Chechen leaders tried to warn the world, which chose to agree that “Chechnya is an internal affair of Russia”. Dzhokhar Dudaev has openly declared that such abidance and compliance would sooner or later make entire Europe an internal affair of Russia.

“International community” has decided it won’t be any worse for Chechens, and preferred to pay it off with Chechen blood.

But it didn’t work. South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Crimea, Donbass were annexed or turned into “independent” proxy states by Russia while countries that lost those lands were afraid to recognize Chechnya’s independence. They explained their cowardice like “Russia can take advantage of it”.

Well, what do we have now? Did such a “precaution” help? Those who prefer shame to war will have them both indeed.

During Bill Clinton’s term, U.S. aided the Kremlin with almost $6 billion for war against Chechnya so ruskies wouldn’t be too upset with demise of USSR. The White House has cynically decided that taste of Chechen blood will calm Moscow.

Then Bush looked in Putin’s eyes and got “a sense of Putin’s soul”. This time, another genocide of Chechens has been justified by a fake threat of “Islamic terrorism”. In Washington, they happily accepted that. We can see the result today.

All but few bombings, murders and attacks in different European countries are somehow connected to Russian special services. After the revelation of monstrous facts regarding Moscow involvement in terror attacks with chemical WMDs, weapon depots bombings, murder contracts and so on it has become obvious that “Islamic terrorism” was a mask for GRU and FSB.

But the West kept turning a blind eye to the truth up to the final moment. Because recognition of the truth requires an answer to Moscow. European and American cowardice became especially evident after showoff murder of Polish president Kaczynski near Smolensk and Boston marathon bombing in the US.

It’s hard to believe, but Ukraine continued to deport Chechens (and other people from Caucasus) back to Russia, even during war against Moscow. Just like Georgia during Saakashvili’s time.

Almost all of those Chechens are dead now. But in fact because of Chechen Resistance these countries had time to sort things out, create armies and strengthen their sovereignty.

Chechnya had lost almost 20% of the population, a monstrously huge amount for a small nation. Almost 260.000 dead, of them 42.000 children aged 0-11.

If only Chechen Republic of Ichkeria had a little piece of support which Ukraine has now, or at least political neutrality of the West and former USSR countries instead of their aid to the Kremlin, russian brute would have been stopped back then, and modern Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, EU, US would never experienced Kremlin’s aggressive revanchist escapades and living in constant anticipation of another Putin’s vile, bloody trick.

U.S. and Europe should admit their responsibility for helping Russia and appeasement of Kremlin’s thuggish regime. It’s clear there’s no place to step back now. If betraying Chechnya Republic caused no harm to Europe, today the war has come to them.

If Russia won’t be stopped today in Ukraine, tomorrow it will be Baltic states’ turn, and then – the entire Europe.

Russia is a warmonger horde that can’t exist without invasion wars, plundering and annexations. This persistent bloody cesspit of the humankind must be destroyed and divided, so lands and nations it enslaved would regain their independence and freedom.

The only way to to ensure safety and peace of mankind is liberation of those lands annexed by Goldeh Horde’s monstrous successor named Russia, and reduction of the latter to the borders of Moscow metropolitan area, deprived of its nuclear fangs – for entire world’s sake.

A Little Detail


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Everybody knows what’s happening in Ukraine now. But there’s a little detail which remained mostly ignored.

The very day before ongoing russian offensive, there was voting in Ukrainian Rada (parliament) regarding gun laws, particularly, which one should be legislated. Here are its results.

(For 274, against 4, abstain 42, no vote 32, total 352)

The majority voted for the law banning to keep and bear self-defense weapons. Very indicative indeed!

Was it a treason, like they say in Ukraine, zrada? No more than actions of so-called “civilized” world leaders that have been encouraging TerroRussia (and other authoritarian regimes) with their hapless, toothless, double-standard politics for decades – while oppressing their own citizens. And now they are pretending to be oh-so-indignant hawks of freedom…

Modern politicians, regardless of their nation and agenda, are indeed the unique caste living in its own imaginary reality – some kind of dystopia where red tape sustains law and order, perversion needs promotion, moving industries to chicom GULAG is good for economy, using people as guinea pigs helps to neutralize man-made bioweapon, and bending over in front of rabid ruskie schweinehund (or fraternizing with it) is the way to stop its thuggish escapades.

However, Ukraine has a chance even now. As I was writing this post, I saw the news about AKs giveaway to volunteers in Kyiv (and of course, ruskie lapdog media is all apeshit about it).

Gun bans, huh? Just like in 2014, volunteers don’t need no corrupt windbag permission to blast russian invaders. Hopefully more people would realize that politics is not always the answer to real-life troubles. Especially when politicians can’t do anything besides multiplying those very troubles.

Another Premature Detonation


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Going postal seems to become a tradition of young patriotic ruskies. Now it’s Perm university shooting and as always, civilized world is eager to reach out towards murderous orcs with mawkish condolences. Well, bending over in front of scum (not only russian one) is a mandatory thing in modern-day politics…

And they again failed to notice a very significant detail, cause politically correct mind just can’t work in that direction.

Ukraninian sources say that shooter’s father was Putin’s mercenary with an experience of Donbas, Syria and Chechnya (an example of what Putin’s mercenaries are doing there is shown in one of my earlier posts). And what’s more important, he trained his son to handle different weapons.

Looks like Bekmansurov Sr. was trying to bring up another patriotic russian citizen but things went wrong with Bekmansurov Jr.’s brain meltdown. Adolescence, vodka, drugs and Putin’s warmongering chauvinistic propaganda – indeed a very bad combination. Now there’s a pile of dead ruskies which definitely will be used as reason to ban everything, and not only in the country of eternal GULAG.

Seriously. I’ve told it all before and it’s not funny at all.

Bullshit on the Ice


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This is my translation of an article published long time ago by Andreas von Ossen. Back then, he did an important and valuable job of exposing a set of russian fake myths, essential for ruskies and their russophile ass-kissers all over the world; in fact, the very foundation of their fake “history” and perverted patriotism. Times change, but russian essence remains the same. Perhaps some people would say that events of the past such distant as Middle Ages don’t matter now, but I strongly disagree. Remember, he who controls the past controls the future. And ruskie bullshitters know that perfectly, guarding their stinking, phoney-baloney “history” with rabid fanaticism.

Alexander Nevsky is one of the most important showoff images of so-called russian heroism and military talent. They’re forcing preschool kids to study his heroic deeds which look like divine wonders. And old icon, which has been painted again and again…

They started to worship that “hero” back in Tsarist Russia. Canonized him in 1547. Forgot about him for some time after the Revolution but suddenly remembered in 1938, making a film praising a bloodsucking parasite, an exploiter of the working people and religious obscurantist Alexander Nevsky.

That’s interesting by itself – why did commies do such a U-turn, idolizing someone whom they would simply shot 20 years ago for all his “merits”? The answer is simple – it was needed to spook Hitler and let him know that friendship with ruskies is better than war (which he believed and which ultimately led to his demise).

However, Hitler didn’t leave that unanswered and in 1942 a German film The Great King about Frederick the Great was made. To tell the truth, it had no such fierce anti-russian sentiment as its Russian counterpart had anti-German one.

More surprising is that commie propagandists without any shame plagiarized religious books, attributing Jesus Christ’s words (“For all who take the sword will perish by the sword”, Matthew 26:51-52) and russian old saying (“God is not in strength but in truth”) to Nevsky.

The foremost thing to ponder here is a date of so-called “Battle on the Ice”. Sounds loud indeed! Somehow, battle of Stalingrad wasn’t called “Battle on the Snow”. And here, just like in theater. They usually don’t bother with dates. Ruskie patriot’s imagination paints them icy blizzard, several-feet-high snowdrifts and all other nice features of russian winter…

However, the date doesn’t fit in. Russian sources mostly say it was April 5, 1242. 90% of them humbly forget that it was by an old Julian calendar. Those sorry propagandists forget even that officially approved date and corresponding day of military honor is April 18th. To be perfectly exact, Gregorian and Julian calenders had 1-week difference in 13th century. So, April 12th would have been the right day. But I can do nothing here – like country, like history. With a very distant relationship to real life.

It doesn’t matter by and large. Lake Peipus is not somewhere in Siberia. It is located near the Baltic Sea, with relatively soft climate. Some sources tell it was even warmer back then.

After a catastrophic year of 1230 for almost 20 years, russian chroniclers marked only sun and moon eclipses, speaking nothing about unusual weather events. Very little is said as well about them in West European chronicles.”

There might be some ice left on the lake in April. In some places. But only a complete imbecile would step on it fully-armed and mounted – no matter Russian or German. Such an ice can barely hold a cat. Here, one can have an impression that both Russian druzhina and German knights were attempting mass suicide, failed and then went thrashing each other in rage…

Heavily-armed cavalry jumping from ground to ice is also a big question. Horsemen know it requires re-shoeing. Some peasant’s nag would probably make it slowly even barefoot, but a warhorse needs special shoes for ice. You wouldn’t want an expensive steed breaking its legs. Other way around, it won’t go far by ground or snow with ice shoes.

What do the Western chronicles say? The earliest of them to describe those events was Livonian Rhymed Chronicle. Let’s open it1. I won’t talk about casualties – there is more than enough info. I’ll just point out that a fellow knight killed in action was considered survivor’s brother posthumously, and it’s not a Western tradition to tamper with statistics. But numerical superiority…

for the Russians had so many troops that there were easily sixty men for every one German knight.”

That’s the secret of all russian military glory!


“Many from both sides fell dead on the grass.”

Where, on FROZEN lake Peipus???

No, dear russians. Admit your own failures finally. Why do you keep clinging to your April ice for eight centuries, like a drowning man clutching at a straw? You could say all that happened on the shore – it sounds even more heroic. But it’s not so easy. A search party under command of Georgy Karaev has been working in the area for 8 years, from 1958 till 1966, with no results – neither horse, nor human remains were found. So that’s why you chose such story, kinda little Atlantis. Like “everything has drowned, no captured banners, no trophies, no graves”.

It’s also interesting that Livonian Chronicle does not call russians Christian, speaking about reasons of war.

Bishop Herman of Dorpat began to quarrel with the Russians in this period. They wanted to obstruct Christianity just as before, and their godlessness caused much harm.”

Indeed – what kind of Christians schismatics are? Their fellow Orthodox sect members have been helping Saladin army in the war against crusaders. Their betrayal (rewarded with Catholic temples, handed over to Orthodox population) contributed much to the fall of Jerusalem in 1187.

It’s clear there were clashes at Livonian-Russian border. So-called “Battle on the Ice” is a collective image of them, and rather cumbersome one.

What was the reason of those conflicts?

Novgorodians had nothing against sea piracy. Like robbing Hansa merchants who just bought stuff in Novgorod and re-selling it somewhere else. They went as far as invading Swedish and German lands, and destroying an old capital city of Sweden – Sigtuna, established by Odin himself!

In contrast to people of southern Russia, Novgorodians have invented large sails for sea battles and cargo transportation on Baltic Sea. In fact, citizens of Free City of Novgorod became known for their seafaring achievements. Their big longships, equipped with decks, were a serious threat to all neighbors.”

Was there ever such time when Russia did not threaten its neighbors? That’s why armies of civilized nations have been coming to Russia to teach its population how to live in honest way, without robbing and looting. And they will come again and again, until ruskies learn. Or cease to exist.

It was completely otherwise in the Horde. Believe in what you want. Rob if you want. Just don’t forget to pay your shares.

A famous prince Alexander Nevsky was the fist to come to Tatars’ service. Despite his military heroic deeds, he was expelled by the Veche (Council) of Novgorod three times because of his greed, attempts to establish an absolute power and unworthy behavior. After his last exile, he came to the Horde, complained about his fate to Batu Khan and offered his services. Because he was the fist Russian prince to do so, he got all the benefits. Batu adopted him personally and in 1252 Nevsky was granted with yarlyk for Grand Duchy of Vladimir – then, richest of Russian lands, conquered by the Tatars.”

Here is Nevsky’s “holy” icon. I know that ancient Slavic had abbreviations, but nevertheless2

In 20th century such folks have been called “fuckin’ bitches”. Now, they’re fuckin’ “saints”.

So, another European attempt to civilize russian savages, make them live by Law and Order and admit Christian values failed – as usual. Commie scum won in 13th century. They just had another name back then.

Despite all that, heroic Teutonic Order stands proudly even now, protecting Christian values – in contrast to Russia. Like countries, like heroes. Like ruskie religion, like ruskie “saints”. Fuck…


1. English prose translation by Jerry C. Smith and William L. Urban was used for this article.

2. Marked abbreviation concedes with popular russian profanity and can indeed be interpreted as f-word. Quite indicative for Golden Horde’s bitch that Alexander Nevsky was.

The Spirit of Revolt


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This is my another translation of recent Boris Stomakhin’s piece of work, where the most important things troubling this world are being discussed. My comments are in bold.

Biden has called Putin. Again. Offered him to meet in third country (and he did that indeed).

Hague would have been a perfect meeting place.

But it would be better if he didn’t. Such calls, attempts to have interaction, conversation etc, reduce to zero all seemingly unshakeable support that the Biden and his team are showing for Ukraine (which turned out to be fake just as it was with Obommie the Resetter). Because meeting with Putin to discuss anything means admitting murderous thuggish orc chieftain Putin as equal to Biden, as well as admitting russian orcs equal to civilized people (Americans particularly).

Even before Biden took office there was a general thought that he would be bad for the U.S (with support of BLM, leftists, commies, black racists) but good for past, present and future victims of Russia. Ergo, for Ukraine. There is still no evidence that those hopes didn’t come true, but calling the butcher of entire nations, let alone offering him to meet in person is to say the least not the best strategy for the leader of civilized humankind. It was worse only with Trump, who believed Putin more than his own agencies and was the first U.S. President to feast with leader of bloody Nork regime.

This world never was an ideal place, neither it is now. Perhaps XIX century, time of civilization and progress, Victorian era was indeed the very summit of world history, undervalued at the right time? Now everything is sliding down the tubes, the humankind is sinking in global trend for dictatorship, total state control, robbery and terror, losing at quick pace all great things it once gained with great revolutions in XVII century in England and then in XVIII century in United States and France.

Europe is the first to deny its own legacy, everything that was achieved in such a hard way and was called the progress of humankind. Hysterically, rashly, bewildered, panicky, terrified, they are fumbling away from so-called “Islamic terrorists” and COVID-19 – right towards smothering embrace of Big Government, its bureaucracy and agencies. (And of course into Putin’s war on terror “friendly” hug). For the last few decades Europe is longing for fake “safety” just like KGB-brainwashed population of Russia after Putin’s bombings in 1999. Forgetting that there is no such thing as an absolute “safety”. That everyone who was born is doomed to die just because of the former. That road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The U.S. couldn’t stay away from this global rights-rollback trend and exchanging liberty for safety. However, things are still better here despite the events of 9/11 (arranged by terroRussia as well).

A little country, if only there was such one, could have a better chance to preserve Liberty and human rights, should they have a population with enough resolve that won’t give in to spooky tales of world propaganda. Big ones, let alone colossal as United States, in truly paradoxical way can’t ignore world trends which in turn depend mostly on them.

Finishing the circle (a kind of time loop), we’re back at square one now. Instead of living watchmen there’s 24/7 video surveillance, and our rights are again less significant than something other, back then privileges of nobility, now it’s some fake “public safety”.

The system is now working for itself. It has no need anymore to pretend working for people’s good. It needs to control everything, and it does just that. Got an ID? Submit a selfie. Rat yourself out to ease police work.

No banking without ID. No transportation without ID. Money transfers are strictly limited and require ID as well. Cameras are everywhere, now with facial recognition. No traveling without COVID test (which you must do for your own money). Lockdowns and curfews somewhere – that’s quite a peacetime. Vehicles must be registered. Weapons must be registered. Alcohol and tobacco sales are strictly regulated. Smoking is prohibited everywhere except your own restroom. Drugs are banned (almost). Sexual relationships are under strict government control.

This is called: they got us everywhere. Bans, bans and bans again.

It happens not only in Russia. And not only in China, where right now, as you’re reading those lines, Uighurs are being “re-educated” in concentration camps right in their homeland, East Turkistan.

This is happening in Western countries too. In the very Europe that once was a cradle of human liberty, for which it was slaughtering its own kings…

China and Russia are just a top of this non-freedom iceberg. An electronic, digital GULAG. Cause this newest trend of non-freedom, hypocrisy and total control is a worldwide one. A global one.

What can be done with it? What can help to change this trend (though it needs to be smashed to pieces instead)?

Only the spirit of revolt, like Bakunin said. That he called one of three main components of a human being, along with feral essence and reasonable thought.

Once an ape took a stick to knock down coconuts from a tree. Finally, it turned an ape into human being. Now a human being must take a stick to smash a surveillance camera on the next lamppost. And only that will give a chance to turn from Big Government’s serf into free personality.

Yes, it’s very hard to stop using bank accounts and credit cards. Impossible for someone. Alas, those accounts are used to charge fines automatically (and track down purchases, earnings and spendings as well). That’s why keeping only bare minimum there is a must-do, as well as returning to good old cash. Perhaps virtual currency in the future, still not controlled by governments.

The state is evil just by the fact. The main one and the first and only violator of human rights. Everywhere, not only in Russia and China. East and West alike, just a bit softer in latter case thanks to traditions of public control. And even smallest things matter here, when the balance of liberty and slavery is measured. Its high-precision balance scale can be tilted towards any side by a mere grain of sand. Let alone Biden’s decision to call the leader of criminal blood-smeared country, which automatically empowers slavery, totalitarianism and obscurantism in our entire world…

By normal human logic, people of the West should have started the riot already, taking all that can be used as weapon from baseball bats to hunting rifles to tear down the damned System which keeps them all tangled in every possible limitations, bans and total control. Just go en masse, decisively – and raze to the ground any nearest establishment of the System, whether it’s police station, prison, court, prosecutor’s office, revenue service building, etc. To tear it down – and move to the next one without stopping. This is where the spirit of revolt is needed.

But no, nothing like that in real life. Cowardice, conformism, submission and trust in propaganda triumph over the free world just like in russian serf empire and it’s killing all hope for mankind’s future… There are some protests against infinite lockdowns in Europe but they’re insufficient, not large and not organized enough to bring the System down. Let alone lack of understanding that Ukraine is not somewhere on the edge of the universe, but right here, very close, and allowing Russian nuke-clawed brute to devour it means that Europeans will be next. Even their leaders don’t get it. Even facing a new threat of another military aggression, they don’t do a necessary minimum.

Dictators are celebrating their revenge. Western governments and ruling elites cant’s resist the temptation to have a “deal” by giving them some third countries and nations, like Ukraine. And they don’t think or just don’t give a damn that they are giving away their own people in the end…

Away with apathy and conformism. There is no other way out. People must choose their own fate themselves, without pathetic, cowardly, brainless “ruling elites” and governments which fraternize with dictatorships, spying on their own citizens.

Rebellion is righteous!


Only the most foolish can’t notice that something very wrong is indeed happening those days. Whether the problem is russian world-scale thuggery or Chicom genocidal bioweapon experiments, authorities of the “civilized” world fail miserably, trying to preserve both good relations with thug countries and fake picture of stability, getting none of either.

What do you think about that? Is the state itself the culprit and anarchy is the answer? And facing the choice between anarchy and total control, what would you pick?

Cancel Your Comrade Culture


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Stupidity of modern humankind never ceases to amaze. Now it’s another epic showdown over moldy old cartoons that some ban-happy libtard found “offensive” (and conservatives immediately declared their author a hero).

Few people are reasonable enough to think who actually caused such an uproar. And if you’re amongst them, after some investigation about non-mainstream History, “cancel culture” begins to look not so brand new.

So-called Dr. Seuss was a leftist, and it might seem strange at first that his contemporary comrades ban their own legacy. But not for those who know the ways and lifestyle of USSR – a cradle of all modern oh-so-indignant, always-offended SJWs.

Like it was said in little-known (but must-see) movie made during short era of post-Soviet freedom, Chekist:

“A Chekist who executed 50 deserves to be executed as 51st in the row.”

And they did that indeed – of course, not forgetting about butchering as many innocents as possible.

First there was Lenin’s bunch which eliminated “rival” leftist factions (their former allies in 1917 revolution – mensheviks, socialist revolutionaries, etc). Then Stalin’s bunch which eliminated Lenin’s staff as “enemies of the people” in even greater “purge”. Then Khrushchev’s bunch which negated Stalin’s “cult of personality” legacy. Quite a tradition of wastin’ your own comrades. Rewriting History, destroying memories, banning books, blowing up monuments – doing just what is called “cancel culture” now, russian style.

Dr. Seuss, regardless of his honorary degrees and writing skills, was a typical pampered filthy pro-soviet leftist who kissed Stalin’s ass while enjoying luxuries and liberties of the West, promoting friendship with nation of GULAG and genocide. A hypocrite who claimed to stand up to evil but supported a bigger evil instead. Commie cocksucker Seuss died in peace of his own home in sunny California, while millions of people enslaved by his beloved russian swine-empire perished in Siberian unmarked mass graves and entire nations were butchered by rabid commie dogs even after WW2 (while “civilized” world preferred to kick dead horse of Nazism). However, Seuss’ merits for Kremlin finally got him even in death. A suitable fate for commie-loving scumbag indeed – to be banned by his ideological leftist successors in truly bolshevist way!

And Still No Trust


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The entire democratic community is concerned to the point of mass hysteria – their idol Navalny is in jail. Oh how could that happen, oh bad evil Putin! #FreeNavalny in the name of democracy! And doesn’t matter what was happening for all those years in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Ukraine and Russia itself. Challenging Russia for its war crimes and acts of terrorism, even committed against their own citizens is considered “Nazi”, “russophobic” and “politically incorrect”. But fire-farting in support for their fake leaders of fake opposition is apparently considered good, civilized and progressive.

How about recalling Navalny’s civilized and democratic speeches from times of 2008 russo-Georgian war?

The following screenshots are taken from Navalny’s old LiveJournal blog, his primary Web resource at this time.

“Russia should make the following steps (as minimum):

1. Provide serious military and financial support to South Ossetia and Abkhazia (in a scale according to Abkhazia’s readiness to fight in South Ossetia)

2. Declare South Ossetia a no-fly zone and immediately shoot down all aircraft that enters this zone. (Reminds you of something?)

3. Declare a full blockade of Georgia. Stop all connections with it.

4. Deport out of Russia all Georgian citizens that are located on our territory.

In the future, we should act according to situation, realizing that of course we want to nuke rodents’ HQ very much, but the rodents are just waiting for it.

“And somebody, write it down so we won’t forget: after bombing Georgia to smithereens, we should deal with Costa Rica. An impudent, yellow coat-wearing gramps erupted in an entire lecture of morals: don’t you dare to use words “genocide” and ethnic cleansing”. The main thing for our General Staff is to find it on the map and don’t miss, hitting Panama instead. There are our people in Panama.

“I wonder, if I come outside, find a Georgian and whack him in the forehead, will it be considered a performance in support of Russia?”

“Arrived at the office at 0655. Happened that way. On neighboring site they construct some administrative building. I can see it perfectly from my window. At 0700 chuchmeks* start hellish rumble, beating some metal with some sledgehammers. Giving my tea circles. I can imagine what sweet dreams people from the near blocks have. And by the way, all chuchmeks are without helmets. And we wonder why Tajiks with heads busted in are regularly found under the bushes. Like, “another skinhead attack”.

Scumbag didn’t even try to wipe this evidence. Indeed, why bother when democratic dummies would praise him no matter what, just because they were told so?

Boris Stomakhin has said it all in his last post about Navalny and it looks like Lubyanka is paying attention to Stomakhin’s words. Novichok survival story was a travesty indeed – so they decided to correct the “legend” a bit, giving their pet Navalny some “red zone**” time to rest and another showoff for this dumbed-down world that apparently got used to chewing on bullshit.

And since Putin’s henchmen are hanging around, here’s a message for their masters.

Hey ya Putin’s bitches! You can fool democratic dummies who believe everything said by sissified, self-censoring MSM. You can fool conservative dummies who believe everything said by your “alternative” puppet media. But like it was said long ago, you can’t fool all the people all the time.

No matter how hard you’re trying to make Navalny look like noble paladin of democracy, imprisoned for his heroic resistance, and no matter how much this bullshit is repeated by MSM, I don’t believe a single world of your cheap, phoney-baloney buffoonery. Navalny is just one of your KGBitches, like GULAG stukach, ruskie chauvinist Solzhenitsyn, another stukach and commie spawn Venediktov, old Putin’s serf Alexeyeva, and all your so-called “opposition”.


*A popular russian ethnic slur, used for people of Asia and Caucasus. Its English translation is unknown.

**In russian/soviet prison slang, “red zone” is a jail or its part controlled by authorities (in contrast to “black zone”, controlled by “thieves’ law”). Its main purpose is keeping convicted representatives of the regime (former policemen, judges, military staff etc.) and its collaborators (“stukach”) locked away for showoff imitation of punishment, in safety from hardships of prison life and possible vigilantism. Often, conditions of “red zone” resemble a resort hotel more than penitentiary. One of the most notorious inhabitants of russian “red zone” was a war criminal, rapist and murderer Yuri Budanov. Also, “red zone” is used for torturing and elimination of inmates “inappropriate” to the regime.

Digital GULAG


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Do you remember how this all that social networking thing started?

Personally I do, being old enough to recall times when computers were used mostly for practical tasks and cell phones had two primary abilities: calling and texting. BTW they did it MUCH better than modern all-in-one, oh-so-super-duper-smart phones.

And when social media came around it was quite a novelty. However, instead of becoming big, happy, everybody-loves-everybody, kumbaya-singing communities as it was planned, typical social network those days is a cesspit of cheap showoff, fake news, bullshit and trolls. With a mandatory censorship enforced by small-time tzars who think their opinion (or better to say, their masters’ opinion) is the only one righteous. Commie China and putinist Russia just couldn’t stay away from this leftist dystopia, adding a taste of their own GULAG with government-paid brigades of trolls and stukaches.

In my opinion, modern social networking is absolutely not worth the effort and time of a truly free personality. You spend loads of time trying to get disposable, cheap, momentary hype, can’t do anything for more than 5 minutes without interruption (otherwise social networking loses its primary purpose) and can be banned, or in case of Russia and China, jailed for saying something “offensive”.

And just to make ban-happy social media watchdogs meltdown, here’s 10 facts that would get any social network account banned. You are free to re-post it anywhere if you have whatever it takes to challenge the modern mainstream.

  1. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

  2. Homosexuality is neither normal, nor it is healthy.

  3. There are only two sexes of human beings: male and female.

  4. Obesity is an ugly and unhealthy thing.

  5. More guns means less crime.

  6. The smaller government is, the better it performs.

  7. COVID-19 is a bioweapon made in China. And BTW, Taiwan is an independent country.

  8. Crimea is Ukrainian territory annexed by Russia.

  9. Putin is a terrorist and pedophile.

  10. Those who would ban people for saying any of that must be banned themselves.

No Trust for Navalny


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This is my another translation of most recent Boris Stomakhin’s work. Though a lengthy and enigmatic one, it definitely deserves attention as one of the few worthy alternative opinions on poisoning of Navalny and russian politics in general.

So, Navalny has made another new “investigation” with all names (real and false) of FSB agents which ostensibly were trailing him during all his trips across Russia with a purpose to poison him. Has named all FSB internal structures (like Main Center for Special Technologies) which in the regular order authorities of people are engaged in poisonings objectionable.

It looks like more than serious as for the most part as media says, was conducted by Bellingcat group with participation of The Insider, CNN, Der Spiegel and El Pais. It looks very solid. But…

As it says, Alexandrov “accidentally turned on his real phone while on his operation” which “revealed his locations in Novosibirsk and Tomsk”.

Think what you want, but it’s just like in Arthur Hailey’s ‘Evening News’, when one of Crawford Sloane’s family kidnappers turns his phone on just once, violating an order of his boss, which helps the protagonist to find their entire den…

But such bookish coincidences still could do. There’s something more important, more essential, that doesn’t allow to believe Navalny’s revelations.


The same as before. Total absence of any. For the motive of this attempted assassination is absolutely unclear.

Navalny’s 2016 attempt to run for president is not a reason at all: in 2012 Limonov was forced out of elections simply by Putin’s pigs, without any poisonings. At first it was OMON-guarded “renovation” in hotel rented for petition gathering, then rejection of those petitions by

Central Election Commission as “gathered not at officially registered address”, and then approval of CEC decision in all courts.

That’s it, no need for poison.

And besides Limonov, there was more than enough characters, rather famous, who tried to run for Russian presidency. Leonid Ivashov, for example. The Colonel General that once was in command of CIS military cooperation headquarters (russian chauvinist, imperialistic revanchist and obscurantist) is definitely not some hillbilly trash. (Even not Navalny whose only status was a lawyer, and he was deprived even of this one) Tried in 2011 too. There was a silent denial, no poisonings, no murders. And not only him alone. Russian police-bureaucratic machine worked perfectly in 2011, and in 2012, and in 2016, and it stays that way. They find falsified signatures when it’s needed, courts would always support the state by default (even if the plaintiff is a Colonel General) and if protesters will try to make trouble as was in 2019 in Moscow, jackboots will be summoned. Then it was OMON, now – Putin’s “dogguard”, very effective against troublemakers armed only with paper cups. And no need for secret poisonings.

Navalny was allowed to run for mayor of Moscow in 2013 to create at least some intrigue on these sorry “elections” and no poisonings were necessary. Not even with frail percent of votes he received. Somehow, there was no need to eliminate such a dangerous competitor of Sobyanin. And in fact mayor of capital city is not some pissant. In any country, it is a noticeable political character, quite often with actual presidential ambitions (as Luzhkov was). Which sometimes become satisfied (Jacque Chirac, for example).


So the plot of this story with already TWO :))) poisonings supposes by default that Navalny is a REAL dissident that poses a REAL threat to the system. While it’s not like that, to say the least. From the very beginning. Cause after all those bombshell revelations, in the end of his current investigation Navalny offers “smart voting” as a primary mean to fight against Putin’s regime!!! :))))) Perhaps he’s really an idiot, huh? Well, if not, it’s just impossible to believe that Putin would deliberately murder his own, such valuable henchmen like Nemtsov and Navalny who mastered the skill of blowing off all protests’ steam into whistle.

Not to mention that all those facts, names, dates and so on, provided by Navalny, are absolutely uncheckable for an average reader who doesn’t have access to illegally obtained databases. Turns out that the average reader should just take Navalny’s word for it, though he has an interest here. Because the average reader, especially living not in Russia, will never obtain all this info of tickets purchase, flights, cell phone billing and so on secretly, by friendship or for monetary compensation as Navalny did (according to his version). Also it’s hard to miss how handy corruption turned out to be for him. The very corruption he claimed to fight against for all those years, risking his own hide. Because to sell (or even give for free) service databases and classified information not intended for publication is nothing but corruption.

KGB for sure knows how to kill and poison. There is no doubt in its murderous capabilities and lack of sentimentalism. Litvinenko has exposed Development of Criminal Organizations Directorate, an internal organization inside FSB in which he served under command of general Hoholkov. Besides its own organized crime, it was actively engaged in “development” which meant political murders of personalities dangerous to the regime. Particularly Dzhokhar Dudaev, for this murder Hoholkov himself was awarded.

But Dudaev was really and actually dangerous for Kremlin! Unlike Navalny.

The latter won’t mobilize anybody for real actions. All he can do is lead some bare-handed schoolkids, unarmed and defenseless, under police batons. And call his fans of all ages to participate in another Putin’s bloody farce, so-called “elections”. Which, as he tries to convince his dupes over and over again, can be won in a smart way, therefore, it’s just mandatory to come and vote. Again, Navalny calls dupes to take ballots from hands of Putin’s regime, stained by blood of Chechens, Georgians, Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars and sign them with submissive loyalty. (However, by new rules anybody can take a ballot – neither a passport, nor a signature at receiving are necessary anymore.)

That is, regardless of a winning candidate, an additional support from Navalny to make the travesty of Putin’s “elections” look more legitimate. Propaganda is bent in such a way as it’s not a shameful farce with results known in advance, but real elections which can change something if voted as Navalny says…

And what all these “investigations”, all these revelations of corruption mean, for which Navalny has become famous after he changed his tunes from “russian nationalist” to “liberal” and “professional corruption fighter”???

In fact to fight against corruption in Russia, rescuing its funds from plundering by thievish officials, means by default to consider the state which resources you rescue YOUR OWN ONE. Your own, native, habitual beyond any questions. Navalny is flesh of flesh of Russia, he was born from its soil and nourished by the same “traditional values” (slavery, serfdom, autocracy, totalitarianism, imperialism and so forth) as all other natives of this land. The same values that dominate in heads of authorities, “elites” (actors, writers, sportsmen etc), as well as common population, “deep people” as they were named by Surkov. And of course a myth of bad authority (Putin and his gang) and good people “deceived” by bad, malicious and thievish Putin’s officials. Navalny and Putin share the same common, basic fundamental values and the same electorate – lowlife scum longing for “great country”, “social justice”, the USSR, a full set of populist platitudes. From there Navalny starts his strategic line of protection and rescue of everything that should be destroyed and scrapped without mercy.

Navalny was never hiding that he wants to become the president instead of Putin. And what russian president would want to have his state weak, ailing, tied by hands and legs by some human rights, personal inviolability, private property and so on? No way. Is Navalny worse than Putin to limit his own power? Here, his diehard Big Government, imperialistic “opposition” agenda becomes absolutely clear. Though the only way to eliminate corruption is the abolition of government control over economy, business and in general all areas of life, reduction and whenever possible elimination of bureaucracy carrying out this control, letting loose all processes previously regulated by bureaucracy, you won’t hear a word about that from Navalny. Indeed! That would lead to weakening of the state, decrease of its power over an individual and perhaps destruction of the very state, president of which he plans to become…

Therefore, Navalny is an enemy of freedom. For he helps to keep what must be ruthlessly destroyed: the state named Russian Federation as it is. Doesn’t matter if governed by Putin or Navalny. It doesn’t give in to any reforms, but on the contrary alters, “re-educates” any authority that initially does not adhere to its immemorial serfish traditions. Forces such an authority to mutate, to change towards “traditional values” of this Moscow Horde, a direct successor of Golden one. That’s why considering the outcome of all numerous attempts to reform Russia (it was tried no less than 18 times, and the last of them, the most dramatic and far-reaching took place between 1987 and 2000 – failing literally before our eyes) another reformation of Putin’s shameful Russia to some “Wonderful Russia of the Future” is out of question. Only its full and unconditional termination, dissolution, disintegration, disappearance from History, erasing it from the world map permanently.

The historical experience keeps proving unceasingly that Russia is irreformable. It instead devours all its reformers, forces them to turn into imperialists and totalitarianists, sucks in all attempts together with their instigators as Grimpen Mire, not changing at all itself. It is incorrigible and hopeless. As in old Soviet dark joke, “the doctor has told are fit only for the morgue so you are going there”. The only revolutionary slogan and proper recipe for Russia. Regardless of ideology, any “oppositionist” who carries out his politicial activities with prospect of conservation of Russia in its present borders as subject of international law and next repainting of its facade to some “Wonderful Russia of the Future” is a collaborator and direct supporter of Putin’s regime. Because Putin’s Russia of 2020 with all its uncountable crimes of last 20 years is just that very “Wonderful Russia of the Future” of which quixotic democrats and perestroika supporters were dreaming in 1990s. And there won’t be any other Russia as long as it exists, not even in the most distant future. It simply will pass through short repeating “thaws” in circles just to come back to its original condition – a furious cannibalistic dictatorship with mass political repressions inside and military aggressions outside. In which it exists now and existed before, in the end of Soviet era, in its beginning, during Tsarist times, and all its history. For such is its nature.

Survival of REPEATED poisoning with the most dangerous “Novichok” substance, subsequent quick recovery and return to normal life, sports and social networks, plus an unprecedented heap of political profits, reputation boost on a global scale, and so on and like that – no, it just can’t be that way! Any adult with even a slightest life experience simply won’t believe such fairy tales with happy ending.

Navalny’s fans, for a long time competing with Putin’s ones in aggression, usually attack any critics of their idol, coming in rabid packs screaming “Ya just envious!!!” :)) If we believe their poisoning story it was unclear until now, what’s to envy here? That he was poisoned and went into coma? But now, when The Times tells us about second poisoning, then yes, there is something to be envious about. Is Navalny some kind of ghoul? Or Duncan McLeod? They keep trying but he survives again and again. Immunity to Novichok is a very rare feature, a reason for envy indeed.

Seriously, Skripal was a genuine “traitor”. There was reason in his Novichok poisoning, especially abroad, such is their KGB tradition. But for Yandarbiev, their REAL enemy, they chose a bomb. Rokhlin, rumored to plan a military coup, was also killed in rather simple way without any poisons. Navalny doesn’t give the slightest reason to poison him, especially with Novichok, and especially within Russia. It sounds delirious and doesn’t match any common sense at all. Especially taking into consideration his strangely fast recovery, his speeches in EU Pairlament with propositions to impose sanctions not on Russia, and not even Putin’s administration but on some petty “oligarch” like Usmanov (which is neither oligarch, nor he has any real power in Russia, however, russian boors will be pleased that the rich will have such a problem), plus his “smart voting” idea which he has not outgrown, plus world-scale PR campaign, skyrocketing glory in all western MSM, patronage of German chancellor and so on and like that, like the Fate herself has made Navalny an indisputable king of “opposition” whom nobody would dare to question. No, all that doesn’t come together, doesn’t form this fine version which the world MSM together with Navalny want to impose us…

And don’t start throwing “conspiracy theory” accusations favored by Navalny’s fans. On the contrary, Navalny’s version looks like conspiracy much more. Dumb FSB tries its best and fails to poison one single Navalny, an idol of the masses, the hero, the leader and beacon for all progressive humankind, One And Only No-Alternative Leader of Opposition in Russia. A version that doesn’t converge with the facts and has no obvious motives. Try to poison him with Novichok twice not clearly for the sake of what, let him survive in the end and then arrange world-scale PR campaign – really, it’s hard to think up a bigger conspiracy theory….

And by the way, how and why unfinished Navalny was allowed to go abroad while they could hold him for days and even weeks is a separate interesting question :))) In Russia, all foreign trips in any situation are under control of Kremlin’s FSB border guards.

Actually, the enchanting delirium supposed obviously and only for PR is the POISONING as method. Of all their enemies who were a real trouble for KGB-FSB, they have poisoned Ibn al-Khattab in 2002, who was unreachable in the mountains of the Chechen Republic. Also Sobchak in 2000 – successfully and silently. For Sobchak incarceration was out of options, he would have been dangerous even in prison, remembering everything that he knew about Putin. Besides Litvinenko and Skripal, “traitors” from KGB-FSB, which has such a tradition…

All others who represented even the slightest, even symbolic threat to this regime in Russia were simply jailed, not poisoned. Like Airat Dilmukhametov and Rafis Kashapov. Lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin who revealed FSB apartment bombings of 1999 has served his 4-year term. And here out of the blue comes the version that Navalny, absolutely harmless to KGB, was poisoned by Novichok twice but survived… :))))))))))))))))))

But “harmless” is still a soft definition. The motive of those suspected poisonings is absolutely unclear! Moreover, for FSB it would have been absolutely counterproductive to kill its own agent, whose promotion cost them much money and time, which they needed as completely controllable “leader of opposition” in Russia. There’s enough that Konstantin Borovoy called Navalny like that. The person knowing The System from within, to put it short.

And people from the same organization who were flying with him all across Russia (and somehow he strangely didn’t notice their mugs) were simply his security, plainclothes companions. Doesn’t such an important agent like Navalny need bodyguards according to his status??!.. However, bodyguards are always protection on the one hand, and on the other they can have their own superiors… If you remember, Indira Gandhi has been assassinated by her own Sikh guards in 1984. And Stalin in his last years most of all was afraid of his own MGB security guards. So they were trailing Navalny covering such a valuable agent privately, and now (after a permission of his superiors, of course) he ditched them. Now they are declared unlucky poisoners…

Let alone that super-duper-megacool “leader of opposition” in such a totalitarian, fascist state which Putin’s Russia is, could never repeatedly get away with administrative arrest not exceeding 30 days as punishment for politicial activity, and have TWO subsequent probation terms IN A ROW. It just can’t be, anyone who was in grinder of Russian “justice” can confirm. Second “court” would have counted the first probation term as aggravating circumstances and sentenced him to a real jail-time. But it did not, Navalny is beyond the rigor of Russian “justice”. Unlike his brother, who got all the trouble cause he has no FSB-imposed immunity. All that was happening with Navalny for all those years, from Kirovles case till second poisoning aboard the plane (according to Times’ version) is called “legend creation”. Which means making a convincing story of “victim of regime” to make dupes believe and follow him… to be perfectly clear, keep running in circle of useless “elections” and rallies like hamsters in a wheel.

A release valve that blows off all protesters’ steam into harmless whistle, redirects people’s efforts to infinite, toothless, useless meetings and similarly, obviously losing “elections” game on all levels – that’s what Navalny is. So-called “leader of opposition” under full control of authority that dexterously flushes all the protests, allowing Putin’s KGB to control everything that demonstrates even a slightest potential for protest in Russia. If the motive of his supposed poisonings is absolutely unclear, the motive of all that KGB-arranged worldwide PR campaign of “a victim of unsuccessful KGB poisoning” is clear-cut. After that “poisoning”, his repute amongst Russian “opposition” gonna skyrocket and become absolutely unquestionable. And with such a honorable leader there will be more control upon “opposition” scene. As a matter of fact the same story that was with Evno Azef and Georgy Gapon, whose reputation used to be unquestionable too.

And finally, for those who think that “Navalny at least does something, unlike you”. An idol for millions of ruskies, Joseph Stalin, told in 1927 about his bunch: “This staff can be removed only by civil war”. And he was absolutely right here. That’s the real price to pay for removal of Stalin, his staff, and all their legacy that prevails in Russia now.


My comment:

Maybe Mr. Stomakhin’s version of events is not the ultimate truth. Maybe Navalny was poisoned, like Kavkaz Center staff supposed, by some rogue KGB faction. In my opinion that could be a group of fanatics who sincerely believed in official story and considered their comrade Navalny a genuine “enemy of the people”. And where they had enthusiasm in spades, they lacked in skills and proper poison that would have done the trick. Then, Putin’s buddies (both in Russia and in Germany) seized an opportunity to show this dumbed-down world a “miracle” of Navalny’s survival and his “genuine” democratic agenda.

Which in its essence is indeed nothing but rabid chauvinist warmongering imperialist obscurantism. Not so long ago, during another russian encroaching upon foreign land, Navalny had a typical ruskie chauvinist fire-farting hysteria openly expressing his desire “to launch a cruise missile on rodents’ HQ”.

Such is the nature of russian democracy, and such are the leaders ruskies gonna elect despite all efforts of Western democracy dummies.

One thing is certain in all that poisoning story: one should NOT, under any circumstances, believe ruskies regardless of their slogans. Russia is not only a country of serfdom and chauvinism, it’s also a country of bullshit and fake. As it was said long ago on some political message board, if ruskie tells you two times two equals four, you would wanna check it with a calculator. Like country, like “opposition” , which again and again turns out to be KGB b#tches. Or better to say, KGBitches.