Redefining Turpitude


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“There is no limit for turpitude”. Those words, said by Countess Evfrosiniya Kersnovskaya 50 years ago after KGB-ordered “court proceedings”, …

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A Liberal’s Success


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It’s impossible to explain the most simple things to libtards. Like fact that one-way friendship with thugs has a common simple name “A Very Stupid Way To Be Whacked”. I doubt that the following video of russian kids training to say their thanks to Obama will CHANGE anything, but at least it can provide some entertainment. “Liberal vs. harsh truth” is an amusing performance indeed!

That little brat at 0:16 did a really impressive attempt. I almost see him protecting mother Russia at the battlefield, aflare in a blaze of glory from RGD-5 that went off in his pants.

Why so shy, Great Wise Reset worshipers? I remember you getting all apeshit about my “Nazi russophobic” Website. Don’t want to get traditional russian gratitude for kissing their commie ass, do you?

Rabid Under The Rainbow


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The first post in this new category will be everyone’s biggest unfavorite for today: homosexual mock family unions.

Yes, homosexual mock family unions, cause one must call things with their true names no matter how mad it will make some always-offended activists. If someone wants everybody to abandon everything and play by rules invented in last few years by bunch of loudmouths with a mindset of spoiled tantrum-happy brat, they couldn’t bring a better reason for every reasonable man to do otherwise. Especially when those newly invented rules violate Ten Commandments, my family traditions and Natural law that I place above any mortal laws of this world.

Last Friday, I logged into my WP admin panel just to see jolly “LGBT” rainbow over stats page. Like this.

WTFThen I checked the news and reasons of WTF became clear. That was it. I don’t know would I write all this rant if they didn’t do that, but I know for sure it was a last drop. Not actually making homosexual unions equal to marriage on paper, but acting like everyone must be fucking happy about that.

I won’t say much about common sense and reason regarding homosexual unions, cause there are enough of reasonable people who said all that already. Lies may come in numbers of brand new ideologies but the truth is always single and persistent – that’s why it seems so weak those days when social network rule and everyone is oh-so-smart blasted writer. Instead, I’ll say again, what’s the fuck WordPress? Why should I participate in celebration of event that didn’t even take place in the country of my current residence? That is NOT a national holiday in ANY country? And why under the wild blue yonder should that non-official jolly party be shoved under everyone’s nose all over the world?

Unfortunately, things like that seem to be much more serious than WordPress or someone’s else personal affection. I doubt that folks in WP headquarters who came out with such a bright idea or compilers of tearful “must-read” stories about persecution of poor homosexuals by monstrous FBI are homosexuals (or at least bisexuals) themselves. Indeed, looking at cheering crowds and what’s more important, those who make those crowds cheer by fulfilling their lowest desires, one can see a very strange thing. The first impression is that something went wrong and homosexuality epidemic is spreading. Not true, cause homosexuality is a very rare non-infective congenital deviation regardless of what politician windbags and corrupt scientists say. One can turn to sodomy because of getting bored from common promiscuity but this is not a nationwide trend either (at least for now).

But if you take any politician that expresses his/her fierce support for “LGBT”, you’ll see happily married (or once happily married) straight with several straight children as a genuine proof of his/her own sexual orientation. Most of “LGBT” lobbyists fit the same category. Isn’t clinging to obsolete traditional family while donning such a progressive agenda a bit out of party line? Isn’t this a bit out of being sincere?

Of course indignant liberals will scream “support” the “LGBT” needs to fight back “gay bashing” and “intolerance”. Some unique genuinely “civilized” one, which means thousands of jolly blogs likely written by a single person, gazillion of Facebook posts erupted in full-auto, mawkish slogans and love-equality-tolerance mantras that everyone must sing 24/7. Well, there is a nasty truth: if ape-like scumbag with huge fists who considers it “fun” to bash someone won’t find a homosexual victim, he’ll come out looking for a heterosexual one. Of course that won’t matter to liberals already as “straight bashing” isn’t a “hate crime” that spoils liberal statistics, but for a reasonable person (regardless of his/her sexual orientation) crime is always crime. And the way to deal with it is one and only. Whether you are “straight” or “gay”, you won’t be able to deny that legitimate self-defense is the best protection for your dignity and life. Not a thing that liberal ban-happy leaders are eager to support, is it?

Speaking of habitual difference between liberal’s words and deeds, it’s not hard to remember who were the fiercest russophiles and biggest friends of KGB thug Putin until recent events in Ukraine. Not actually the Maidan that was an eyesore for a cozy elitist party named “let’s lick russian ass”, neither even the subsequent invasion war but butchering of European and Malaysian civilians that was already too much to be silenced. Considering some little-known facts about more-then-friendly relations of “peace-loving progressives” and thug Putin, let alone communist manifesto, particularly goal No. 26 and Putin’s attempts to eliminate everyone who speaks about his illicit love to little boys, the relations between “politically correct West” and “conservative Russia” seem to be a bit more complicated than mainstream tries to show… Of course jolly herd under rainbow flags barely gives a damn while there is so much fun to have and war is something from the distant past. Too bad that ruskies think otherwise about the latter and mostly everything – except for comrade’s ass.

The fact is, modern official “LGBT” movement, turned into promotion of personal “cuz-I-said-so” agenda, has absolutely nothing to do with true Liberty, let alone Justice it claims to protect so fiercely. Just like political correctness proved to have nothing to do with good interracial relations. But it has a lot to do with fanning little flames until they become a raging inferno. Ferguson, Baltimore, McKinney and Hell knows where else the shithouse will go up in flames next time when politically correct junkies bring their gasoline-filled extinguisher media to help out.

Trying to achieve equality by enforcing laws that impose special caste privileges is something very similar to making everyone equally rich by “redistribution” of wealth. Last time someone named Vladimir Lenin tried it, new things like communism, Holodomor, GULAG and Red Terror became known to the world. And just like liberals of today, he claimed to protect “oppressed” classes of society. And what a coincidence, all progressive educated youth welcomed him as “reformist” only to end up like everyone else. Indeed, fraternal rotting in unnamed mass graves of GULAG was an ultimate achievement of equality for the former oppressors and oppressed ones. Running amok, sharing free stuff and stomping on traditions may be fun, but like I already said before, it always has consequences.

Unpopular Thoughts: Intro


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One may wonder why in the world I gave such a name to my own work while everything published in the Web is supposed to become hot and famous. The answer is, because things here are completely opposite to “popular” mainstream. Not something uncommon to do for a Goth veteran like myself, but the catch is, the statements that make me so infamous have nothing in common with the Dark Scene.

The main feature of mainstream those days seems to be a fierce denial of common sense, which can take any form, from small-time trolling to mass hysteria that involves entire governments. The more common sense some action or rule has, the more “evil” and “baneful” it is being labeled by tantrum-happy “progressive” activists, whose urge to start an epic hunt for “Nazi anti-gay barbarians (male chauvinists, moldy warmongers, Evil Global Warming deniers etc)” could make witch-hunters of the past cry in envy.

The worst thing here is that in contrast to Middle Ages when it really didn’t matter in any practical way if the Earth is round or flat (cause one rarely ever traveled to distant towns, let alone another country), modern obscurantism is all about intrusion into one’s daily life. Things like food, transportation, housing are all subjects of totalitarian control in liberal dystopia. And the fact of its existence in “age of science and technology” doesn’t speak very good of smartphone-wielding hipsters who worship Great Wise Leader in a way little different from peasant’s admiration. As time is passing by, more and more fancy-schmancy theories supposed to bring about love of everybody for everybody are invented and if they do not work the reason is of course anyone but its Great Wise Authors.

Nevertheless, the life taught me that unpopularity is MUCH better than sheeple’s existence. Being a PERSONALITY is already worth all the hardships. And more often than not, unpopular statements turn out to be closer to truth than mawkish mainstream whose popular fake stereotypes and blatant lies are always debunked the hard way in the end. So if you aren’t afraid to become unpopular for being yourself despite all crazy changes of political trend – be my guest.

Russian morality 7: tribute of honor edition


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70th anniversary is always something solemn. Except when it’s anniversary of something russian.

As the “real” veteran thing started to look played out and suspicious (even for politically correct dummies) with peppy 60-year-olds running around wearing vests of WW2 decorations, ruskies decided to stage an event named “Immortal regiment” – a meeting with participants carrying portraits of their deceased veteran ancestors.

As ruskies usually remember their ancestry no more than 2 generations back, they were provided with a stock of veterans prepared in advance.

2171Rank-and-file, anyone? Hey people, come on, we have a plan to follow and no more officers!

21742170Everything is as usual. Where top dog goes, his serfs will go.

2172The meeting is over, no more need for veterans.

2173Ribbons may follow as well.


Abomination Through Ages


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“Could we tell anyone how they (russians) were slaying entire families and burning villages down? How one evening drunk soldiers came to take three girls and threw them out at dawn – all battered, tormented and raped. Or how they humiliated our elderly people, mocked them, spat at them, kicked them. Always with russian mat. How they were shooting our men and boys just riding by on their tanks.

How people went missing for us to find battered corpses or just limbs all around. How they came into our homes to rip off carpets, take gold stuff and tableware and go away with it on their tanks. With laughter, yelling, filthy profanities. All drunk and dirty. And how they mowed down our fruit gardens by tanks just for fun. I’ll never forget that laughter.

Why are they doing it? Because they live as chain dogs. Poor, covered in parasites, humiliated, intimidated, hungry cowardly creatures… a special upbringing to make them even more stupid. And evil. Soul has gone from Russia long ago and God has turned away from it. All they are rich with is hatred, anger, cruelty. So they boast with their wealth. Give those dogs an order to kill – and they’ll come at once! They’ll run! Or more likely, fly to kill, slay, hate and bring down revenge upon everyone, for they need someone to anguish because of their misfortune, forsaken life and rotten souls.

They have fever literally from seeing beautiful and good things. They can’t walk even a flower by without crushing it under their boots. They would smear the sun and drag everyone to their shit, if they only could – to become kings and rulers in this shit.”

Do you think it’s painful memories of some German survivor? No, those are actually words of Chechen refugee woman recorded by russian-speaking dissident Yelena Bosova.

Unlike for Nazis and Germans, there is a very little, mostly cosmetic difference between bolshevist thugs and ruskies – the unique abomiNation that not only glorifies crimes of the past but takes them to new level with each new generation, where they mutate into non-imaginable forms of insane congenital thuggery. And it will out inevitably, like murderer’s face beneath the mawkish mask. After boasting with crimes, non-existent trophies, fake veterans now come non-moveable and self-destructive vehicles, backed by true pervert’s dream. And above all that, victory banner burnt to ashes in failed spacecraft. Consecutive, isn’t it?

A plan, originally supposed to represent ruskies as “saviors” and “liberators”, tends to backfire more and more with each new day. Especially when they celebrate so-called “victory” – another big fake covering mountain of shit, just like everything about russian “history”.

Russian morality 6: feast edition


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Ruskies are happy nation indeed. The enormous boost of happiness caused by thuggery in Crimea grows even more as russian asshole leader continues to please his serfs. Who still need to eat something, especially having a new shithouse in size of Crimea.

The best thing to do being low on food stock and high on morale is traditional russian feast – of course, organized by wise and generous administration. Like shovel pancakes.

BTW, the event was named “russian dignity”.

Free stuff is never free enough without crushing each other. Survivors can boast how spiritual they are, for eating a piece of free Easter cake.

To make Easter feast even more cheerful, russian priests have implemented a new tradition. Egg smacked right in the face is a true blessing for every genuine ruskie!

Some untermensch desserts:

Any difference?

10 Signs Of Tyranny


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10 signs if someone is about to take your Freedom away.

  1. Appeal to emotions, hatred towards logic, abuse of facts. All made for fallacy conclusions ending with words “for your own good/safety”.

  1. Narcissism. How dare you to call the Great Wise Leader incompetent when he is such a cutie?

  2. Highjacking of ideas existing for centuries as “smart” and “new” thinking, invented by Enlightened followers of Wise Great Leader.

  3. Oppressed minority in need for everyone’s help and special privileges, like exemption from criminal and/or international Justice.

  1. Scary Evil Something to fight against. Of course such a fight requires personal sacrifices from everyone. Money won’t do – to defeat Scary Evil Something, you’ll need to make a personal sacrifice, as inconvenient as possible.

  2. Intolerance towards existence of other opinion or lifestyle. It’s never enough to renounce everything condemned by Great Wise Leader; anyone still daring to use it commits a grave offense. The punishment for non-compliance can vary from name-calling to death.

  3. Collectivism. It’s always fun to do something as part of crowd that has no personal responsibility and no brains.

  4. Low standards. So low anyone can join the followers without leaving the couch… except for those who have something more to do than warming the couch.

  5. Change for change. Doesn’t matter if something works perfectly, if it’s outdated (as defined by Great Wise Leader) it must be changed!

  6. Promises of highest bliss in the future. No comments here.

Decrypting RTBS


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One and only true RTBS-English dictionary. No political correctness, no mainstream, no censorship or popular restrictions. With it, you will never feel lost even in a crowd of brainwashed RTBS junkies!

Alternative (viewpoint, opinion, etc.)

Calling duck a pig and hopping mad when someone says that pigs can’t fly.


The same as “Nazi thug” but of Ukrainian origin.


One-way war executed by Russia.

Decadent West/Extremist East

Any country a bit cleaner than russian shithole.


Cheating, boorishness, mockery.


Any russian citizen who doesn’t lick Putin’s ass.


see “Nazi”


Complete denial of any human morality or law standards.

Great Patriotic War

Part of WW2, where bigger evil named communism devoured lesser evil named Nazism.


Fiction written by bolshevist lackeys.

Humanitarian aid

Military assistance for russian terrorists, disguised as humanitarian cargo.


Annexation made by Russia.


Any government planning national defense against russian invasion.


Backed by Russia.

National traitor

Any russian citizen who doesn’t want KGB thug Putin in office.


Anyone who opposes Russia.

Nazi thug

Anyone able to fight against russian invasion.


Russian variant of ISIS.

Opposition (inside Russia)

Kremlin-approved jesters who regularly lead dumb russian herd under police batons.

Orthodox religion

Worshiping KGB and lowlife scumbags dressed as priests.


Agreement with some dumb Western politicians who end up like anyone trusting a thug – beaten, robbed and mocked.


Will to catch a bullet and be buried like a dog for own slavery and kingpin’s luxury existence. Or lose some limbs, return home and beg for change to buy vodka.


Invasion war won by Russia.

Protection of children (against homosexuals)

Exclusive right of native russian perverts to molest and abuse russian children.

Protection of russian-speaking population

Reasonless invasion war, genocide of all non-putinists (including russians) by terrorism and thuggery.


Voting at the wrong end of AK barrel.

Russian world

GULAG lifestyle extended to entire society.

Russian spring

Attempt to enforce “russian world” somewhere.

Russian language

A non-translatable mix of swine grunting, ape screams, prison slang diluted with profanities.


Persistence of “russian world” and personal safety of KGB asses.


Anyone who fights a guerrilla war against russian invaders.


Common russian activities (drinking cheap booze, whacking each other, sleeping in own drunken vomit and mating with drunk Natasha or drunk Emelya when there is no natasha available).


Anything approved by Putin’s dogs.


Actions against thuggery.

War crimes

1. Consequences of russian invasion. 2. Imaginary events existing within russian mind exclusively (crucified boy, butchered bullfinches, Banderovite tortures, etc).


Any reasonable Western politician who considers russian commie thuggery inappropriate and tries to call for REAL resistance.


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