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A page answering to questions that I frequently encounter both in real life and virtual conversations. It’s HIGHLY recommended for newcomers to read it thoroughly before demonstrating any friendliness or hostility.



Russian morality 15: kindergarten edition


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Not all Russians are war-happy orcs and goblins. Those who read my Website regularly should already know about those few people of Russian origin who deserve respect for their will to challenge the most criminal and corrupt regime ever and what’s much harder – their own nation that takes pleasure in destroying the remnants of its own good. And there is no limits of low for what is now the majority of Russia is.

This is what happens with those kids who dare to speak out their thoughts in russian kindergarten.

“Down on your knees, I told ya! On you knees, scumbag! And kiss the ground! That feeds ya!”

Hopefully this kid will survive terroRussian upbringing to live in a better place and come back someday to give this country of sadistic commie thugs, subhumans and terrorists one Hell of thanksgiving it deserves – like that:


Mother TerroRussia


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My translation of a short piece written by an Ukrainian Canadian. A short course of non-mainstream History for those who still don’t understand why Russia has “suddenly” became so aggressive.

Hey, Mother Russia – a lowlife bitch!

I wanna ask you, for whom you ever were a brotherly nation?

Whom, which people did you ever respect or care for?

Which one of former “free republics” joined you on their own will without a bloodshed?

Your fellow feelings have always meant death for others.

In 1939 for Poland and Finland.

In 1940 for the Baltic countries.

Until June 22, 1941 you had been an ally of Nazi Germany.

Don’t attribute yourself with victory in WWII – without U.S, France, Britain and Canada you would have never saw it!

It’s you who’s the first to backstab everyone around!!!

In 1956 Hungary was your another victim, then in 1968 you plunged a knife into Czechoslovakia, and then were Afghanistan, Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine in the list.

You hadn’t forgot to “feel” for Israel as well, by bringing up and training a horde of Arab-speaking terrorists. You are their puppeteer and they are your puppets. You are constantly inciting Iran. You’ve arranged a flood of Syrian refugees in Europe. You’ve destituted Ossetia and Abkhazia, turning their blooming lands into wasteland. Thanks to your compassion, Moldova has been torn to pieces with creation of so-called Transnistrian Republic, recognized by no one. The same thing you scum have done in Ukraine, annexing the Crimea and usurping part of the Donbass just to create the similar unrecognized DNR and LNR. Who will be the next victim of your fraternal feelings? You don’t have any even for your own people, having it turned into drunk cattle. Everything that you touch turns to ashes.

You are the leprosarium populated by rotting lepers.

Away with you and be damned!

Importing Scum


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Another short post to keep the Website alive. And I just couldn’t stay away without commenting!

News from Managua, Nicaragua. Another leftist fanatic attacked a Catholic priest with acid; luckily the injures were not fatal and she-terrorist has been arrested with help of vigilant parishioners.

Since the attack was too blatant to silence, MSM outlets had to admit that the perpetrator was Russian citizen. But they still keep silenced that not so long ago, she-terrorist named Alice (Elis?) Leonidovna Gonn has been granted with a political asylum in Italy. In surprisingly short term and on the sole “fact” of her deviant (lesbian) sexual orientation – just what leftists want to become a norm everywhere while refusing protection to people in real need, deporting them for tortures and death.

Everybody knows that leftists just love radical Islam fanatics; however, few manage to understand that their perverted sympathies are not limited to bomb-making, knife-wielding crazies. Leftist policy is to import and promote scum of EVERY kind that exists on the face of the Earth, no matter from East or West.



A Premature Detonation


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This gallery contains 15 photos.

The recent shooting in Crimean college was quite a shock both for common ruskies (who were until recently proud with …

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Self-destroying subhuman #2: armor test edition (18+!)


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If you are one of my long-term followers, you should remember Comrade Brickhead (if not, you should definitely see him).

Now there’s another Darwin award winner from the land of eternal commie scum – a Donbass terrorist who tried to make some drunk ballistic experiments with his new goodies from Putin’s “humanitarian aid”. And so the world has another terrorist less, and Donbass terrorists another example to follow.

Shearing Russian Sheeple


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My translation of short article by Alexandr Holz, explaining the essence of pension reform in terroRussia – and its thuggish “democracy” in general.

In this entire pension reform theme, the motive of “innocently affected” people seems a little out of place.

The concept of “people” in the Russian tradition has always been surrounded by some halo of holiness. Those “people” always were the bearer of all kinds of simple verity and yokel’s truth. The idea of “rightness of the majority” is a typically Russian one, the result of communal, “conciliar” mindset. And in Soviet Union, glorification of so-called “Soviet people” was in complete harmony with its megalomania, hanging from all roofs into our daily life. In this myth, “people” are some sacred concept, and not at all the subject of social reality, responsibility and history as a whole.

But just like any human subject, “people” can be immoral or mendacious (during some stage of historical life), aggressive, servile, cowardly and short-sighted in their actions. Not necessarily virtuous at all. And somehow, the Russian people (strangely enough) are always “heroes” and “bearers of truth.” Once (in their own eyes) they were a “God-bearing nation”, now – innocent victims of some “stuck-up elite” that takes the last roubles out of the people’s pockets. Yeah, indeed…

However, there are two participants in those actions. And if you (together with all that “stuck-up elite”) were tearing into foreign territories, applauding international looting for years – then tell me, why the “elite” should stop on neighbor’s pockets and not touch yours?

You approved it – with cheers and applause. So get the result.

When robbery becomes a national policy, based on the will of “people’s majority”, there is no point in resenting and crying over turned-out pockets. That is your own policy, which you gave the green light to. It’s quite surprising to see such change of tune when people who snatched a piece of neighbor’s land, all wrapped in “victorous” ribbons suddenly try to play the victim, a plaintive, sad meek crowd asking “Why?!” with look of an innocent sufferer.

Quite funny shift from triumphant boorishness to tears of offended innocence. Steep turns of Russian national consciousness…

Leonid Gozman said: “There will be no riot, but in my opinion, the line in the relations of government and people has been crossed. The government is cowardly, hypocritical and hostile to the population…”

Yes, it is. But what about the population? Isn’t it “cowardly, hypocritical and hostile” to the interests of the country?

Personally I don’t notice any “line” between russian government and russian people. Therefore (most likely) there will be no riot – they share too many common values and connections. Pushkin, as always, had expressed this troubled historical plot in several lines:For what to herds are the gifts of freedom? They need to be slaughtered or shorn”.

If you are all happy about shearing and slaughter of other people’s flocks, there is no reason to cry baa baa when shearers finally get their hands on your own fleece.

Original text in Russian



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Each time when it seems absolutely impossible for russian ass-kissers to go any lower anymore they somehow manage to hit a new low.

This time, it’s Burger King trying to launch a russian version of Lebensborn-esque campaign with a purpose to breed a whole new generation of russian football players.

Well, I’ve got to disappoint Burger King idiots (whose burgers suck big time BTW): it’s TRAINING and COMMITMENT that make a good football player first of all, and only then – maybe – genetic background. And ruskies (especially those who are proud of their origin) definitely have a big problem with both, so either way you are screwed – just like anyone foolish enough to invest in lowlife commie thugs.

Leftist Traditions


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The story of Clinton-Obama’s Kremlin endless “flexibility” and their sudden subsequent hysteria about Trump being “a Kremlin agent” barely needs any more comments; however, its not-so-known spin-off in EU definitely needs some.

Polish ex-prime minister Donald Tusk has made a “statement” about Law and Justice Party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość), calling it a Moscow’s “twin” “playing into the hands of Russia”. The reason? Law and Justice are conservatives that refuse to kiss EU’s big fat ass. And what’s much more important, many of them refuse to believe that 2010 Presidential Tu-154 crash was just an “accident” (See the re-investigation committee’s recent REPORT for technical details.)

Just like his libtard comrades from Obommie’s bunch, Euro-leftie Tusk is now very shy about his own relationship with Putin – clearly demonstrated by this photo, made right after the murder of President Lech Kaczynski and his Government by Putin’s thugs.

It’s hard to miss a happy look on both faces of b#tch Tusk and his terroRussian master. That day, murderous KGB pervert realized that he can have such “fun” again anytime – and so he did in 2014

East or West, leftists are just the same. The lowest b#tches of commie thugs are the loudest outraged seekers of “Kremlin agents”.