Undeniable Reality


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It’s hard to find someone who studies Russia and doesn’t know about russian poet Nikolay Nekrasov. Considered a patriotic advocate of poor oppressed peasantry, he was very favored both in Soviet and modern russian education program (as a graduate of russian public education school, I remember a whole friggin’ year of studying his yokel-praising poems).

Well, Nekrasov really had a soft spot for unwashed russian serfs. Maybe he indeed sincerely believed that one day those goblinoids somehow would turn into enlightened, highly-spirited and free elves. However, even he couldn’t deny the undeniable, especially after comparing Russia with Europe. In one of letters to his friend Mikhail Longinov, Nekrasov wrote a short verse about Russia, existence of which is unknown to most of his fans.

This is a translation from article by Thomas Newlin, published in Russian Review magazine in 1996.

Homeward bound from Konigsberg
I approached at last that land
Where they don’t approve of Guttenberg
And find that shit’s quite grand;
I had a swig of Russian swill,
I heard a “f#ck your Mum,”
And Russian mugs, off at full tilt,
Slouched by me one by one.

Anything changed since those days?

I think such poetry represents Russia in much more convenient way than “Who is Happy in Russia” and “The Railway” taken together. Pity it’s not gonna show up in educational textbooks…

P.S. And here is my humble poetic translation of the same verse, done before I knew about Mr. Newlin’s publication.

So I left the German cities
To approach such a land
Where folks just like shit-eating,
And enlightenment they can’t stand.
I had some russian stinkin’ beverage,
Heard their speech, soiled and profane,
And then ruskie ugly visages
Went hopping round like insane.

10 Facts to Know About Russia: Intro


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A new category: 10 facts to know about TerroRussia.

There’s just a paradoxical situation in modern MSM: it can render loads of criticism on Russia without actually saying meaningful things. Everybody knows that Russia has no special rights for sexual minorities, Putin is dictator, political protesters are abused by the police and ruskies drink plenty of vodka to cope with those hardships (that’s why russian engineering is so infamous). But it’s far from enough to create a picture at least like a Cold War-era image of Evil Empire, perhaps cartoonish and overacted, plagued with ushanka-bear-balalaika stereotypes yet nevertheless much more real than contemporary MSM junkie’s imaginary world; to explain why actually Russia is such a hellhole.

A graffiti in typical Russian apartment block neighborhood, saying “Nothing to be straightened out here. Oh God, just burn it all!”

Some individuals manage to do it right but they’re far from professional journalism, being just those few people who were unfortunate enough to live in Russia with a conscience, common sense and also fluency in English – a rare combination indeed. (BTW, I recommend you other articles of Mr. Sunderland to understand russian mindset better).

The concept used by Mr. Sunderland is not something brand new to tell things in quick and convenient way. Unfortunately, modern journalism seemingly abandoned its very purpose because of either politically correct self-censorship and fear to hurt someome’s feelings or donations in bloody roubles coming straight from Kremlin.

So I’ve decided to use similar approach to slay some ruskie sacred cows. In contrast to traditional revelation and exposure, there will be top 10’s (or better to say, bottom 10’s) of not-so-favorable facts not denied even by Kremlin propaganda machine, however, deliberately ignored by Western MSM, let alone Putin’s fans from modern “conservative” scene (which is as “conservative” as USSR-loving leftist scum was “peaceful”). Of course there is much more reasons why Russia sucks; topics to be reviewed here are chosen according to my personal political stance as the most important ones to evaluate worthiness of ANY country.

Russian morality 16: empathy edition


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Russian journalist Irina Slavina has committed suicide by self-immolation. As always, Western MSM was short on details and eager to provide both versions of the story, including Kremlin’s bullshit.

Here’s surveillance camera footage (WARNING, 18+ ONLY!!!)

Burning alive is definitely one of the most horrible deaths, but probably Slavina suffered things much worse that forced her to such a hard way out. GULAG traditions prevail in Russia, regardless of its flag and COA. And “search” by Putin’s uniformed chaindogs can mean anything.

Here’s what ruskies (that adore to paint themselves as “kind” and “spiritual”) are saying about that.

“Well done, relatives even shouldn’t bother with cremation, she cared about everything and everyone”

“Turns out there’s something to praise [her] for ) – saving funeral money”

“Egoistical insect, what can I say. Who are you for this world to change something with your death?”

“Any suicide is schizo regardless of its name. Why we should even discuss schizophrenics?”

“It’s like treating alcoholics with pills. If a human being won’t deal with oneself, what from the past (probably from early childhood) pushes him to inebriate own brain with spirits, he’s gonna ruin oneself.

“She was an unhappy mentally ill woman. Moreover, from the same moment when country’s political system began to interest her more than own family. It’s not normal.”

“She had nothing to nail, so…” (here, ruskie scum obviously means Pavlensky)


“An epic puff!”

“I think she was suffering shizophrenia or something like that. And instead of taking pills, brought herself to suicide.”

“Exalted poor woman…”

“She’s just went cuckoo) ”

“Agreed. A poor copycat, Jeanne D’Arc wannabe”

“Another, military operation to neutralize criminals. Even without Shoigu and mega-mach rockets. Why so much disgust?! =))”

“Perharps Slavina was waiting for Shoigu when he comes with a tank division but he did not so it made her sad. =))”

Though the comments were taken from obviously pro-Kremlin blog ran by Putin’s bitch (which does not deserve promotion by giving links), it reflects overall attitude of a typical ruskie and “runet” (russian Internet) in general. “Ya don’t like Putin, shit and thuggery? Ya crazy enemy of the people!”

To make it worse, the majority of those commenters are female. Which reproduce and bring up children (just like that). So isn’t this obvious why terroRussia has plenty of willing cannon fodder for invasion wars all over the world, let alone “police” chaindogs to guard Putin’s mafia “vertical of power”? And why all that fancy-schmancy democracy stuff didn’t work as planned?

In the country of those lowborn congenital serfs, thugs and terrorists, there are still few decent people often used as false exemplification of russians, like Irina Slavina and other true dissidents. But genuine russian nature is in filth burped out by Putin’s horde, and particularly in hatred towards their few own countrymen who try in vain to make despicable, serfish existence of ruskies at least slightly better.

Russian Swine


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This is my poetic translation of a verse, written by Boris Stomakhin in 2006. It matches my own opinion entirely, as well as the following cartoon from good old times when the world wasn’t infested by politically correct sissies and Kremlin’s lackeys.


“Russian swine” isn’t just some image.
Now, at last it’s finally the time
To say it loud, without any cringing:
The entire Russia is a swine!

Hateful, ugly, dirty hairy creature
Grunting proudly in pool of sticky mud.
Its unique and genuine (and only) features –
Vodka, boorishness and filthy russian mat.

Stinking, evil monstrous russian cattle,
Desecrating all in its vile sight:
Half of Europe, deep blue Baltic waters,
And Caucasus’ peaks, once pure and white.

Under yoke it holds entire nations,
Splattered in blood its ugly face,
And swine-empire’s hellish foundation
Stands on countless souls that it erased.

Without shame, conscience and honor,
Russian swine impertinently grunts
Of “morality”, full of dumb drunk hauteur
And paints itself as everybody’s friend.

Enslaving and trampling people down,
Throughout East and West, mountains and plains,
Saggy-assed swine brings Hell about,
And world’s throne is this creature’s claim.

In its dreams – the world’s tzar and preacher,
Russian swine burps out rotten lies.
Only one thing can stop this creature –
That’s a bullet right between its eyes!


To Understand TerroRussia


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This gallery contains 15 photos.

WARNING! The following material contains scenes of extreme violence and gore. The more time passes since events of WW2, the …

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Liberty Uncensored


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This is my translation of another noteworthy article by Boris Stomakhin, his unpublished interview to the Italian magazine Il Borghese.

One can disagree with Stomakhin in particular matters but no reasonable man can deny his courage and unshakable will for Freedom, which couldn’t have been destroyed even by Putin’s GULAG.

1) Journalist’s experience in the world without freedom.

My personal experience is 12 years of Putin’s prisons and camps only because of articles, which were my personal opinion about events happening in Russia and the world. Also – a ban on journalistic activity after each release: first time it was for three years, then five. Of course I ignored those bans and continued to write and publish texts even from prison. So I wrote three books during my last 7-year term.

Putin’s regime has a panic fear of free speech and spreading of information which it can’t control. Russian Ministry of Justice can include any publication or video in their so-called “list of extremist materials” with blunt explanation: “the information forbidden for spreading in the Russian Federation”. They are afraid of any non-controlled information, capable of shaking their authority even at minimum. As in Middle Ages, books are forbidden and their authors are imprisoned. They’re trying to shut every mouth, crush the slightest word of criticism and just free thought; they initiate criminal cases for likes and reblogging in the Internet. And only technical inability to completely block modern digital channels and ways of communication doesn’t allow the situation with freedom of speech in Russia to finally become the same as under Stalin.

2) Who actually is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin is the criminal, the mass murderer, the organizer of a genocide, political assassinations all over the world, aggressive wars and annexations of foreign territories, to speak it shortly. The supreme head of the criminal, terrorist organization named “Russian Federation” which should be forbidden in the entire world.

First of all, he is a lieutenant colonel of KGB – and his mentality exactly corresponds to his former job. The first victims of his quest for power were residents of two apartment blocks on the outskirts of Moscow, blown up in the early morning: it was necessary to frame Chechens, to raise panic in the society, to unwind mass hysteria using Kremlin-controlled media and to create a pretext for another attack on Chechnya. Then there was genocide of the Chechen people, carpet bombing of villages and cities, artillery shelling of residential areas, barbaric “mop-ups” of the civilian population… Attack on Georgia in 2008. Bombing of Polish President Kaczynski’s plane near the Smolensk airfield, where 96 people, virtually the entire political elite of Poland, have perished, in April 2010. Annexation of Crimea, made during unrest in Kiev due to just-happened revolution, and a little later – military aggression in the Donbass which continues to this day, and establishing of Moscow-controlled thug enclaves in 2014. Shooting down Malaysian Boeing in Eastern Ukraine in July 2014. Piracy in the Kerch Strait and seizure of three Ukrainian ships in November 2018. Political assassinations around the world: Zelimkhan Yandarbiev in 2004, Alexander Litvinenko and Boris Berezovsky in London in 2006, 2013, Denis Voronenkov in Kiev in 2017, Zelimkhan Hangoshvili in Berlin in 2019; attempted assassinations of Ukrainian presidential candidate Yushchenko in 2004 and Skripal family in London in 2018. Those are only the most noticeable crimes for which Putin is responsible, but far not all of them.

At the same time, for the last 20 years Putin has been the initiator of constant, planned, systematic destruction of human rights and freedoms in Russia, legislation of countless totalitarian laws allowing total control and intervention of the state in citizens’ private life, in their business, science, culture, education, religious and sexual areas etc. Putin’s state wants to control every step of every citizen exactly by Stalin’s standards – and unfortunately, thanks to modern digital technologies, has achieved a considerable success there. Only the same technologies, used by some citizens, don’t allow the regime to make this control absolute yet.

At the same time we must understand that Putin is not just some random figure. On the one hand, he comes from a special “corporation”, the Soviet KGB. His election as president was the crowning glory of this corporation’s long-standing efforts to seize the power first in the USSR, where they secretly dreamed to push the decrepit Communist Party off the ruling seat, and then in Yeltsin’s Russia. He is the subsidiary of entire widely-branched KGB mafia network, which, with the help of money, bribes, blackmailing and murders has its tentacles long and deeply in all countries of the Western world. This is the mafia exactly by structure and methods; also, it has huge POLITICAL ambitions with claims not just to enrich itself, but – no less and no more – to rule the world, to dictate its terms, dominate and impose its totalitarian and archaic values upon free people. Under Putin, they actually achieved this by buying up and bribing most of the Western elites.

On the other hand, Putin is an average representative of tastes, requests and preferences of the Russian population. Kinda product of collective Russian non-conscience, the monster produced by sleep of reason of 140 million two-legged creatures, which look like human beings only outwardly. Cause the Russians are applauding Putin’s crimes, they are sincerely proud of the seizure of foreign lands and murders of “enemies of Russia” on all continents by hands of FSB and GRU killers. And Putin, knowing tastes and preferences of his population well, has been deliberately committing those crimes since his first days in office, whether it was “pacification” of Chechnya, attack on Georgia and Ukraine, annexation of Crimea or even such an indicative gesture as restoration of Stalin’s USSR national anthem.

Neither he, nor his gang, nor those still called “oligarchs” by force of habit have a need for all this anthem and Crimea-is-ours stuff. It was the best way to satisfy the darkest, lowest instincts of tens and hundreds of millions of population – to gain and bolster up the popularity amongst them. For the same reason, for 20 years Putin and his bunch have been opposing to give LGBT the same rights that straight people have. By applause which comes as response to Putin’s atrocities, we can understand WHO actually Russians are…

3) Prospects of another future.

Speaking of Russia, its only and inevitable prospect is disintegration in the near future and the end of its existence as a single country. Russia is an entirely artificial entity, a colonial empire sewn together with a bayonet, existing only on state violence, persecutions, efforts of its punitive apparatus. And if punishers’ efforts, the grip of empire’s center weaken, the empire naturally and inevitably begins to disintegrate. Suffice it to say that only in 20th century Russia did that twice, and what happened there during WW2 can also be called “russian half-life”… It’s unknown whether it will be possible to have a normal life in countries formed on the site of former Russia (ALL of them can’t succeed, as well as not all of the former Soviet republics made it), but there is no other way in any case. In my opinion, they could’ve started their lives from scratch, having their imperial past erased, those pages torn out from their history. To live freely, not allowing predominance of the state, its bureaucracy and special agencies, over the personality anymore. All totalitarian bans, all possibilities of state intervention in the privacy of citizens must be destroyed. It’s necessary to ensure genuine, 100% freedom of speech, press, parties and unions, rallies and meetings, religious freedom for all churches and beliefs. To abolish all taboos, all prohibitions dictated by fake “safety” or “morality” such as bans on the free purchase and carrying of weapons, drugs; age and place-restricted sale of alcohol and cigarettes; bans on prostitution, pornography and in general any images; bans on same-sex marriage and adoption of children by same-sex couples, on human cloning, euthanasia, etc, etc. Only then, having both political and personal rights guaranteed it will be possible to say that people in at least some of the states of former Russia have become really free.

4) Can the young still dream of something else?

That depends on where exactly. Speaking of Russia, I’ve just told what its young people should dream about, where they should move. Alas, they still have a totalitarian regime which reduces all dreams of young and conscious people to something much worse than in 1990s when everyone was thinking how to get money to feed a family. Now – it’s how not to get a huge prison term for nothing, just because of your religion like hundreds of Muslims of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Crimea, Jehovah’s Witnesses all over the country, or because you like airsoft shooting in the woods with your friends as it happened with participants of so-called “Network case”. And not to be tortured with electrocution, strangulation, severe beatings, etc during arrest and investigation, as it happened with all people mentioned above.

However, ruskies are masochists by their nature. Historically they always loved those rulers who destroyed them in the most brutal way, enforcing the most ferocious regimes. Therefore, a huge part of the Russians, including the young, really, without kidding, wants to capture someone, rolling on their tanks – sometimes it’s just Ukraine, sometimes entire Europe. Sometimes they dream to nuke America (this happens especially frequently) and 20 years ago, during the war in the Caucasus and genocide of the Chechen people, they were united by the dream to nuke Chechnya, giving Putin the very advice…

Speaking of young people of free countries, I would advise them to dream at least a little about strengthening and expanding the territory of freedom in the world. About destruction of Putin’s regime in Russia by joint efforts, its neutralization, confiscation of all nuclear missiles and warheads from its uniformed and plain-clothed belligerent maniacs. Also it wouldn’t be bad to remember about the torment of the Uyghurs in totalitarian China – and imagine how a progressive part of humankind could’ve saved them from “re-education” in concentration camps. It would be nice to dream about minimization of role played by state bureaucracy, police, government agencies, and then its total abolition in the West. About living without Big Brother, without cameras hanging everywhere on the streets and in transport; about having financial transactions not tracked by government structures with their demands of explanations and greed for your money; about legalization of all drugs, not just marijuana; about abolition of all disgraceful laws which punish you just for words, whether it’s laws on “hate speech” imposed by the EU on all European countries or “apology for terrorism” in France, or “Holocaust denial” in Germany, or Armenian genocide denial law in France again, etc, etc. Just abolish them all forever!

To make a human being completely independent from the state, its bureaucracy, the police and special agencies which use pretexts like “fighting terrorism” to control and intervene into private life; to reduce role of the state to an absolute minimum minimorum; to not have a person for the state – but a state for the person, if the state can’t simply be canceled in the foreseeable future.

Why not to dream about all this?…

February 2020



Bonuses Included


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With this post, I’m proud to announce my first colored cartoon and a separate category. Don’t expect anything to be politically correct here!

The word on everyone’s lips these days seems to be “coronavirus.” And just as always, some political factions try to abuse the situation for their own profit, mostly by blaming their opponents. However, in my opinion there were much more trivial and generic reasons for this epidemic to happen.

Once the West chose an alliance with Stalin’s USSR – and now it has another incarnation of Evil Empire, a nuke-wielding terrorist state.

Now both former Eastern and Western blocs chose to become totally dependent on communist China, where concentration camps and genocide are everyday reality. Entire industries and century-old brands ceased to exist just to be replaced by cheap disposable Chinese crap, which becomes worse and worse with each new production year. As a person closely related to manufacturing, I’ve witnessed all that with disgust. Being carried out under mawkish environmentalist slogans, deindustrialization has paved the way for financial crisis, moral decay, social unrest and chaos. While worthy people who have brains to think and hands to work are forced out of this life, libtard good-for-nothing parasites are feasting on taxpayers’ money, pretending they are the smartest ones. Pollution has become a disaster, cause no one cares how Chicoms recycle their waste. Or better to say, how they dump it into the world ocean and atmosphere.

And here comes the expected result, another kinda undocumented “bonus” of living in the world of things made in China – a deadly epidemics made in China.

Nothing good can come out of friendship with tyrannical state that abuses their own citizens. People, let alone different nations and countries, are NOT equal. It has been told long ago, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And vise verse, I should add.

The COVID-19 leakage seems to be a consequence of another commie bioweapon experiment. Perhaps a sample was intended for delivery to some Western country but some drunk Chicom smashed the package. Or perhaps it was a plan to start the entire mess in Wuhan. It will be never known.

What is known for sure here is that countries like China, Russia, North Korea etc. can afford themselves to lose several millions of population just while playing with their tyrants’ deadly toys, let alone in wars for world domination. Russia has nuked their own soldiers and citizens during Totskoye range exercises; the policy of their leaders has been openly declared by bloody commie thug Zhukov: “We shouldn’t pity our soldiers, women gonna give birth to more!” And do you seriously think that modern ruskies who praise Zhukov and Stalin, let alone Chicoms with about 1.500 millions of traditionally-expendable population have better respect for human life?

What’s next? A chemical plant failure, nuclear facility meltdown, or maybe nuke test gone bad with a big kaboom? Ruskies had just one recently, and it’s only matter of time when it happens again in Putin’s or Jingping’s commieland. And the West has become toothless and sissified, bending to insane will of both domestic and foreign tyrants, too dependent on disposable fun produced by filthy, murderous system and corrupt connections of uncontrolled globalization.

The time has come to overlook many things that have been falsely considered appropriate for years. It’s time to bring industries back home. It’s time to stop being dependent on authoritarian, thuggish countries. It’s time to show them where they really belong. It’s time to call things with their true names, regardless of how loud leftists and Kremlin/Chicom trolls are crying.

From TerroRussia With Subversion


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Another “white nationalist” group of wannabe terrorists turned out to be a bunch of Kremlin’s b#tches. Just like Breivik who was trained by ruskies, Tarrant with his obviously pro-Russian attitude or their more peaceful “euro-sceptic” colleagues who regularly come to occupied Crimea and terrorist-ruled Donbass to kiss Putin’s KGB ass. Of course such cases are used by MSM to show how noble and honest leftist leaders are – while things like Clinton’s uranium deal, Obommie the Commie’s career, Merkel’s lackey escapades, BLM-Russia cooperation, Russian support for leftist riots in Chile and countless other examples of leftists at Kremlin’s service are being silently swept under the rug. (One of the most interesting links in aforementioned publications, a report by Peter Kreko “Comrades for peace, equality and neutrality: pro-Russian far-left parties in Europe”, is dead so I’ve uploaded its copy right HERE.)

Where is the real Russia collusion?

The way to answer that has been known since long ago, yet the West still fails to understand it for the most part.

There is no official communist ideology in Russia anymore but there are world domination plans which were never abandoned by its government of crooks, elected by nation of congenital serfs. And they indeed evolved with its showoff embrace of democracy. Now, Kremlin thugs do not support only either commie or Nazi fanatics, EU lovers or haters, Christians or Muslims, Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives etc. Their persistent, KGB-made subversion plan is to recruit as many treacherous scumbags as possible to take control over ALL opposing groups, to inflate existing contradictions up to the stage of full-scale civil war, then finally roll in on their tanks to “normalize” the situation. Such is the nature of terroRussian politics and currently, no faction or religion is immune to it.

Another Short Note


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Finally, after weeks of silence and mawkish statements UN windbags have managed to admit there’s a roaring inferno under their asses. Seriously, I wonder when the “civilized” humankind would realize two simple, evident things:

1) Life wouldn’t become worse without a wannabe world government of stuck-up, taxpayers-money-guzzling libtard everything-is-fine dummies a.k.a UN;

2) It was very stupid to play buddy-buddy games with (let alone move entire industries to) barbaric, authoritarian country where a single human being’s life traditionally has always been valued as zero?