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Even in the grimmest times there can be something to laugh at. Especially when the enemy is russian subhuman, whose common activity can go further than the most ridiculous comedy.

For russian slaves, their day of red rampage (as all other their UNHOLYdays) is a traditional reason to booze brains off. Being far from humanity and common sense even in rare moments of sobriety (if having any), after getting drunk with cheap vodka they can’t even distinguish their own soldiers from opponents.

Modern neo-communists have an example to follow: their own untermensch ancestors made numerous “heroic” deeds at war, from drunk skirmishes between comrades and running over the most unfortunate of them in drunk tank joyride till wandering behind frontline in epic quest “vodka is never enough”, having a POW hangover afterwards.

This is a wartime photo of German tank crew members posing with knocked-out soviet T-34.

And here is modern russian poster with an attempt to glorify bolsheviks, by using the same image.

Wartime chronicles: A German soldier is about to blow up some russian asses.

Another russian propaganda poster dedicated to veterans featuring this soldier on russian flag background.

But russian veterans as well as their younger offspring don’t care about anything when they have vodka.

Soon those bolshevist imbeciles will be mistaking Hakenkreuz for their subhuman sign of hammer and sickle.

Photos: gulag.ipvnews.org