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The more brutal russian horde becomes, the less manhood remains in those who must defend the Freedom but chose the trend instead, being afraid to appear as “old-fashioned bigoted russophobes”.

But at the background of brute worshipping, red infest and worldwide mawkish russophilia, there are still a few uncommon people, scattered throughout the world but nevertheless daring to stand up for the true Justice. The words of those individuals are as worthy as fire and lead of non-conforming insurgents who fight against russian orcs despite everything – because the free Soul knows no other way.

One of those people is the libertarian Boris Stomakhin.

StomakhinIn 2006, he was thrown in russian Gulag where he remained imprisoned until 2011 and was returned in 2012 after short time of “freedom”. Now, russian criminals in uniforms and cloaks prepared a new prison sentence even more brutal than before – again, just for having a conscience and a man’s spirit much larger than of 140 millions of russian untermensch cattle slaves.

Fiery words and rebel calls of Mr. Stomakhin who was awarded by honorable Ichkerian citizenship can be accepted or argued with – but ignoring his desperate call of bleeding conscience is the direct help to criminal neo-soviet regime that has no legal or moral boundaries and won’t stop on its way towards world domination butchering, torturing and murdering in the nightmare carousing of impunity.

With the efforts of the bunch of crooked politicians and sold-out henchmen, Western people are forced to repeat their stupid mantras about “evil Chechen terrorists”  or “poor russians, oppressed by the government”. The second fake idea is a covert and convenient one for “human rights” activists who consider it possible to banish the bloody KGB dictator and resurrect the russian conscience with “sandbox war” tactics (RESULTS are quite predictable) instead of using own brains. With the other neo-socialist mantra “good ones are always weak and unarmed” this is going on especially profitably. Eternal reds can’t have a better gift than your indifference and weakness.

This time is the trial of everybody’s principles. I mean not Russia here – red orcs have none and kept proving that for more than 20 years, building up a state of new red terror out of Soviet ruins, with never-ending genocide, war, crime and invasions.

The duty of everyone who considers him- or herself an owner of conscience is to help the Boris Stomakhin in ANY way – with actions, words or wealth. As well as to finally STOP feeding the russian untermensch horde with the silent tolerance for its endless gruesome crimes.

Any call for Justice in the country of eternal red slaves with no human essence is doomed to submerge in the abyss of congenital serfdom, hypocrisy, crime and hatred towards every slightest vision of human essence. The fate of Mr. Stomakhin now depends only on the behavior of international community what means each of YOU – those who consider yourselves the people of civilized world.