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Just marvelous.

Nearly three hundred people are butchered by russian terrorists. (Let alone Ukrainians killed in so-called “DNR/LNR” and Crimea, but who in this “civilized” world cared about them before?) The whole Europe is about to be devoured by mad russian brute. Ukraine is desperately defending itself and BTW asses of hippie Europeans (who continue screaming about “peace”) with no nukes, mostly still Soviet army stock and catastrophic infiltration. (To be perfectly clear, they got a little help from the U.S. but this isn’t something to change the entire situation. Nevertheless, Ukrainian guys do pretty good for this one.) But some chav means to UN much more than even a solid chance for the entire world to go up in radioactive flames just because crazy ruskies with their thug dictator have another megalomaniac hysteria.

Back in Europe, when I was young and stupid, I tried to complain to UNHCR about mistreatment and multiple violations during asylum proceedings (for example, decisions on my case were made by scumbags who were either ethnic ruskies or kept their families there). And you guess what? My letter to Swedish UNHCR office was answered by another high-rank ruskie asshole (already from Sweden) who said that UNHCR has nothing to do with it and I should complain to local court. Which was in fact under command of aforementioned russian-loving scum, even “judges” there preserved their jobs since times of USSR.

Just another proof of negative need for Unbounded Nonsense the UN is. Since the very moment of its creation, usefulness was quite debatable. Back then, its founders were dumb enough to consider Stalin better than Hitler and recognize murderous commie thugs as civilized nation. Now, with libtards taking over the West, it’s getting even worse.

An ideal world according to UN looks like a Frankenstein made from Detroit gang-ridden slums, putin’s neo-Soviet Russia, African “independent” black racist states and, last but not least, Euro-castrate socialism to power the entire system. Elitist bullshitters definitely gonna have one Hell of a work here: blabbering mawkish statements, condemning resistance against brutality as “brutality”, feeding everyone with taxes pumped out of common sheeple who must sing “everything is fine” UN-approved mantra 24/7.

Many details are still unclear in this last of loud interracial encounters, now pushed into a civil war by both black and white racists, but one thing here is already known for sure. Or has been even before all that.

Those who are the loudest on gun bans/restrictive laws/rights of thugs/etc. either came right directly from street gang, or they can’t imagine a single damn thing about real life, never experiencing what means to encounter ape-like creatures who consider murder, harassment and rape “fun”.

Libtards never learn. Not so long ago, they were mourning death of “poor little 17-years-old kid” Trayvon Martin with a mile-long criminal history, who had nothing against getting on high with cheap street-made drugs, stealing and then assaulting some unfortunate man, slamming his head into sidewalk. Age means very little when crime matters. In this oh-so-civilized 21st century “innocent kids” do things that could disgust even some Wild West desperadoes.

I’ve already said what I think about self-defense, the same comes for preserving Law and Order. You mess with law-abiding people, you get expected response regardless of your ethnicity. Ideally, this rule should be enforced everywhere but in the real world, caste societies stomping on people’s Dignity are majority. Gun-grabbing UN libtards could have been satisfied with things they already have in EU but just as commies, they won’t cool it until they see the last remaining man give up his guns and bow down to them. I’m no American, but I know the difference between being armed and not. Between living in pro-gun, neutral and anti-gun countries. From my own life experience.

So here’s my personal advice to all lovers of ape rules (where big fists decide everything and criminals are “equal” to law-abiding people). Pack your stuff and go to anti-gun commie-loving politically correct Europe. And please, take your beloved chavs with you. You both are welcome here. One can run amok, break into houses, mash people, torture them, kick them to death for “fun” and get away with nothing. Especially being a… well, having a certain skin color. In the worst case (if someone messes up his victim especially nasty or decides to go Breivik), upset officials will provide a taxpayer-funded elite sanatorium (called “prison” in Europe) for continuous rest. But, there is still a little catch: nothing will be guaranteed when ruskies come. Living in hippie libtard society has its own consequences.